Robot Warfare MOD APK 0.4.1 (Unlimited Ammo)

Robot Warfare MOD APK 0.4.1 (Unlimited Ammo)

December 17, 2022


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Azur Interactive Games Limited
633 MB
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Unlimited Ammo

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You may have played and enjoyed a diversity of game categories, such as actions, farming, puzzles, fashion, etc. But have you ever joined a battle full of powerful and enormous robots? In this article, I want to introduce to everyone a game title called “Robot Warfare: Mech Battle 3D PvP FPS”.

“Robot Warfare” is an Android game, which was released in 2017 by Azur Interactive Games Limited. This action multiplayer online shooter has a great variety of features that are ready for players to experience. In this game, you will assemble your own garage of robots with distinctive abilities and weapons. Does it sound fun? Are you curious? Let’s find out more information about “Robot Warfare”!


In Robot Warfare, players will join hundreds of intriguing battles with other robots to earn the victory and various other prizes. When you first enter the game, you are introduced to a very detailed tutorial with steps. Through this, players can learn how to control the robots, the weapons, and other features in the game.

Robot Warfare resembles War Robots in some ways; however, it still gives players unique moments. In order to control the character, players will press the left joystick and swipe it in the desired directions to move. The aiming button, as well as the keys for using the main and secondary weapons, are located in the lower right corner. Players can also apply the skills of their chosen robots.  Another important button is the car height control button, which is located on the right panel. This helps the robots to jump and fire at the same time.

It is easily seen that this feature is not applied in some games. For instance, when an enemy is attacking you, you can click on the screen to jump up and avoid the fire. This vertical movement will help you quickly change your location, occupy the tactical heights, and jump over the obstacles. In addition, the jump button needs 2 to 3 seconds to be able to use again.

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Uncomplicated and fascinating gameplay

In any type of game, interesting gameplay is vastly important. Robot Warfare is no exception. In this game, players will experience intriguing gameplay with a diversity of absorbing content that they have never seen before. The only mission is to defeat enemies from the opposite side in any match you participate in and gain victory. The more you kill, the more you will earn, it is as simple as that.

At the beginning of the game, all players will receive free stuff such as robots, coins, etc., so that they can practice and understand more about the game. Even though they are surely not as strong as the stuff that you have to work for, they are suitable to train at first. With each subsequent level, you can unlock new robots with more health, strength, weapon slots, and they are undoubtedly more interesting than the previous ones.

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Robot system

In Robot Warfare, players are provided with robots that have unique abilities. Each has certain and different skills and specialties, such as infiltrating enemy lines in full invisibility or jumping over buildings. First, you will be given a free robot, so that you can enter the battle and start your journey. It is obvious that this robot cannot be compared to the after ones, but it will help you learn the basic controls and information about the game.

Moreover, for each time you level up, you will get a free robot. Some are weak, but there are quite powerful ones. All of them can be equipped with a variety of light or heavy weapons. Each of them is designed beautifully, and with high quality, it is so pleasant to operate.

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Parts and upgrades

Robot Warfare provides players a wide range of robot upgrades: armor, speed, impact power, jump height, characteristics of weapons, equipment modification, and the number of health points. Players can upgrade these features with in-game coins. The higher the level of skill, the more powerful your robot will be.

Combat modes

There are in total five combat modes.

  • Battle with bots: in this mode, players can practice before entering the real battle. All of the enemies in this mode are robots controlled by artificial intelligence. They can upgrade themselves to become smarter and stronger. In addition, players can test new robots or cars before buying.
  • Team battles: there are two teams, and each has five members. You can choose your own team members by inviting friends or collecting them through automatic search before a match.
  • Mortal Kombat: this mode allows you to fight other players without allies.
  • Capturing points: this mode also has two teams. The mission is to capture and hold as many points on the map as possible for a certain time. The winner group capturing the most points will be awarded fascinating prizes.
  • Own game: if you want to play only with your friends, use this mode and have fun with them. No stranger can enter it, only you and your friends.

Each game only takes three to five minutes to end so players can feel comfortable with the game. Robot Warfare does not force you to sit long and fight with others while you have so many things else to do. In 20 to 30 minutes, you can complete a required number of daily missions, for which you will be given in-game money.

It is recommended that when you enter the game, the first thing you should do is hide behind the cover. This way you can live longer and collect more money. And if a player is quickly running towards you, you should immediately attack them because their guard is down. In addition, players should choose a suitable robot for each map, for example, a mobile car for a map with a lot of shelters.

Robot Warfare screen 3

God Mode/Radar Mod/Infinite Ammo & More

Since there are so many features to unlock in this game, Robot Warfare Mod APK has given players some free content to use and enjoy. Shoot your enemy without feeling worried that it will be out of ammo.


Robot Warfare has a breathtaking design with harmonious colors and stunning details. The frame rate is steady, and no bug is found. The game is always frequently updated with brand-new features. Each map is designed carefully with 3D and high-resolution backgrounds such as a town, battlefield, factory, etc.

For the sound system, the music and sound effects are incredible. It makes players feel energized and focused on these intensive battles.


In closing, Robot Warfare is worth playing for its addictive gameplay and features. Since it is an online action game, players can enjoy it with their friends or their family in the free time.

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