Demolition Derby 3 MOD APK v1.1.117 (Unlimited Money)

Demolition Derby 3 MOD APK v1.1.117 (Unlimited Money)

February 8, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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Whether you are into a racing event or not, I believe that you have heard of “Demolition derby” once or twice. It is a motor event presented at county fairs or festivals, consisting of more than five cars crashing into each other. The last one standing is awarded the victory. It sounds fun, right? If you want to try this feeling, “Demolition Derby 3” is ready for you to play. After the success of “Demolition Derby 2”, Beer Money Games has decided to launch a sequel of one of the most popular racing games. In December 2018, “Demolition Derby 3” was released and still consists of many of the same features from its origin but with special and surprising aspects and upgrades.


If you know or maybe have participated in the Demolition Derby event, you must have learned about how the event goes as well as its rules. “Demolition Derby 3” system works similar to the real event, you are one of the racers along with other opponents competing for the highest prize. In real life, Demolition Derby is a dangerous sport and can cause injury. Yet, you have nothing to lose in this game title. In “Demolition Derby 3”, there are plenty of game modes for players to experience and have some fun wrecking other cars. The core of the game is to drive at high speed and destroy your rivals in a fair fight. They cannot hurt you, but when your car is damaged harshly, you lose the race.


Entertaining and intense gameplay

A tutorial is not necessary for this game if you have played “Demolition Derby 2” before because the same concept is kept. Your main objective is to win any race you participate in and earn the most rewarding prize. There are three different control modes that you can choose from and change using the options menu. I recommend you try all three of them and select the easiest and most efficient one. The game also provides you with different game modes that can never bore you. If you are tired of racing through laps and laps, you can choose to smash other opponents’ cars (please do not try it in reality). There are camera modes in the first or third person, which will help you watch the road better.

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Game modes

There are, in total, three types of modes: Campaign, Quick Play, Multiplayer Quick Match. Other racers are as competitive as you are, keep in mind to control your speed and know when to turn and avoid the obstacles. Campaign mode gives you a random mission to complete, and therefore, you can earn coins. In Quick Play Mode, players are allowed to choose between a diversity of racing maps. Since most of them are locked, players can use coins to open the map that they prefer. Before each race, players can choose the numbers of opponents they would like to compete with as well as the numbers of laps they want to race. In this mode, whoever finishes first, wins the race, and who comes last or gets destroyed first, technically loses. You must drive fast and carefully because other opponents can hit you and turn you upside down in a second. Also, the street is big enough for all racers yet, keep the steering wheel steady because sometimes it is hard to control the car straight, and you might hit your car or wreck it badly, which can make it unable to control the car afterward.

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Players can compete in over twenty different circuits, and they can unlock them to win more competitions and earn more money. Another mode, as known as the derbies challenge, that you can play is the Online Multiplayer mode, where you will have to disable other competent by hitting them. When their cars are on fire and move slowly with fallen accessories, it is likely that they are losing soon. You can analyze and go for the weaker ones first as they are easier to destroy. When racing, players can see the percentage of their progress, how many laps they have finished, what position they are in at the moment, the time of each lap, the last time they finish one lap, and the total time they have raced in that map. If you have something to do, somewhere to go of a sudden, the pause button can be found on the top right of the screen’s corner. Pausing the game will not affect the progress. You will win when you finish the race first or is the last standing in the derbies challenge, in contrast, you will lose when you blow up or come last.

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Accessories and equipment

There is a variety of cars, colors, upgrades, equipment, etc. that you can choose from before and between races. In “Demolition Derby 3”, there are over seventy cars and the most popular ones can be found such as “1986 Audi 5000”, “1978 Chevrolet Corvette”, “Ferrari F40”, etc. Be wise and choose the quickest and strongest car since not every big one can win the battle. The higher the rank of the car, the more chance for you to win (Of course, you also need to know how to stably control the car and have a strategy). Cars, upgrades as well as equipment can be purchased in the store with coins, which can be earned through completing races. The more you race, the more money you can get.

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Unlimited Money

Some people may find unlocking maps or purchasing stuff with the little coins they earn annoying. In Demolition Derby 3 Mod APK, players are supported with an unlimited money feature. Throw away your worries and start spending. Buy a car you like, unlock a map you want to race and upgrade your favorite car to the fullest.



Even when “Demolition Derby 3” was published in 2018, the game still keeps the old graphics like its two previous origins. In my opinion, I prefer a smoother resolution racing game with brighter colors such as “Gangstar Vegas” or “Alpha”, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this game. In fact, “Demolition Derby” is always warmly welcomed, which has led to the publishing of the game’s third part.


The soundtracks of the game are filled with intense powerful rock songs. I think the soundtrack is one of the reasons that brings success to the game.


“Demolition Derby 3” is definitely one of the most worth playing racing games of all time. It has every required feature that can keep players entertaining for a long time.

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