Dig This MOD APK 1.2.13 (Unlimited Hints)

Dig This MOD APK 1.2.13 (Unlimited Hints)

August 22, 2023


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Unlimited Hints)

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Dig This is a 2D entertaining game with marbles. Your task is to create the best path for the ball by digging tunnels. Of course you will dig with your finger. If the path is good, then you can easily guide the ball to the goal. If the path is difficult, the ball will be difficult to hit the hole, or slip off the road. The game is simple, but still challenging. Try to create the best path to help the marble reach the right goal. Mission game reminiscent of the simple style of “Sand Balls”. The game has a lot of levels, and the game often has a trick to solve the level in the best way. Game tip can be at the speed of objects, or object collision. But you will need a lot of thought to produce your best visual results.


Dig This emphasizes simplicity in gameplay, but this in turn creates the element of addiction. In fact, the gameplay is simple but very creative and unique. You will have more than one result per challenge. The game also doesn’t need much content, so it’s easy to understand for everyone. The game is suitable for both children and adults. Besides, the actual physical factor is emphasized extremely. You will enjoy the impact, or jump of the marbles when encountering the elements of physics. The game has a lot of interesting content, and about 400 levels to challenge all players. Variety and simple gameplay like “Sand Balls”. You experience from easy candy-like levels, to intense difficulty. All screens are designed with seriousness, and extremely delicate. Games not only relax you, but also encourage logical and creative thinking. In order to increase entertainment, the game also creates many new features for players to explore. You will be delighted by the variety of bombs and multicolored balls. They all create great experiences, and help you have more comfortable moments. Another plus point of the game is its outstanding 3D graphics. The game uses bright tones, and you enjoy the truthfulness of the stone, the marble, the tree. Of course, the game also supports available solutions. If you have trouble, the hints will help you through the stage easily.


Dig This is like “Sand Balls” when you will encounter many challenges about the ball. The game offers a variety of challenges, and it can be divided into two levels. You relax with fun puzzle-style levels with no difficulty. You think tense with practice levels. If you want to complete difficult challenges, you need to come up with the right strategy for perfect speed, angle, bounce and luck. In short, you can optionally challenge “test your luck” or challenge “use your brain”. Developers persist in developing a great product through many factors such as new interface, graphics, stability and variety. Besides, the advertising mode is good enough for you to accept the free. Of course, some players won’t accept it if the challenge is too lucky. Realistic physics elements can all pass the levels quite simply. But things are more difficult if you want a breakthrough. If you don’t mind, the “guidance” helps you get the best position with regard to the proper momentum and direction of the marbles.


Dig It is reminiscent of summers and shovels. The game interface is bright, and you’ll have to dig sand to get the marble to the finish. The game has interesting levels for you to solve. The game has many interesting things for you to explore. Secrets and dangers under the sand appear in each level. You lead your ball to the last hole through the best plan. The game takes place on the beaches, and you face a sunny and sandy summer. The goal of this game is very simple and fun, because you only need to find the best path. The ball only moves when there is a good path. You tunnel in the sand to create the best direction for the marble. You use your finger to create the path. Of course, the sand covers many things, and you find both good and bad. The path to the last hole is not easy, you will encounter various obstacles, such as spikes, bombs, and many other dangers. You also find gems. Collect as many gems to unlock new balls. Each ball will provide an enjoyable experience, and help you increase motivation to complete all levels. If you love “Sand Balls”, then you will find a positive thing in Dig This’s gameplay.

In short, Dig This is a fun 2D puzzle game, and incredibly addictive gameplay. The goal is simple, and you create a tunnel to get the ball to the basket. You need to skillfully use your fingers to create the best tunnel. The game is impressed by realistic physics elements. You will collide, and bounce with many things to create the best path. A lot of obstacles and fascinating tower try are waiting for you in Dig This.


Gameplay is easy to understand and addictive.

Factors make the attraction.

More than 400 different exciting levels.

Solution support if you lose.


Many levels are unreasonably difficult.

Physical factors interfere in some cases.

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