Dino Factory MOD APK 1.4.3 (Unlimited Money)

Dino Factory MOD APK 1.4.3 (Unlimited Money)

March 1, 2024


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Oh BiBi
61.97 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Dino Factory is a simulation business game. Similar to the business simulation games, players need to manage their dinosaur factory well to bring the most benefits to the company. We not only have the technology to make dinosaurs, but we can also sell them for profit. Dino Factory is one of the best strategy simulation business games on the market.

As the CEO of your Dino company, your job is making it thrive by hatching eggs, discovering new creatures, managing your scientist, and keeping money rolling in. Through the game, expand your credibility, improve the factory, and develop dynamic dinosaur-themed enterprises to satisfy customers. You can also create more services such as pet shops, riding schools, parks, and sports fields.

Are you ready to become a real Dino tycoon? Now is the time to spread a word that a new factory is being prepared. As a player, you need to cultivate these dinosaurs. The way you make money is to cultivate dinosaur eggs and sell them fastly.

General Information

It presents the picture of Dino Factory on a 2D horizontal screen and is rendered with the popular pixel style. It makes this game look very retro. However, since the pixel image is processed through advanced software, it is difficult to guarantee clarity. Besides, we feel that the game’s graphics are rough.

For the gameplay, there are many types of dinosaurs in the game. They come with differences in shape, which is worthy of recognition. But the difficulty level of the game is unflattering and the text often exceeds the range of the dialog box. It looks very awkward and brings a not-so-good game experience to the player.

The performance of Dino Factory in terms of music was mediocre. From our perspectives, the BGM and sound effects did not particularly appeal to us. But it was not too bad, so we can only regard it as satisfactory on average.

Dino Factory screen 4

How to Play Dino Factory?

The gameplay of Dino Factory is like its previous motorcycle factories and car factories of the developer. At the beginning of the game, all players have to do is produce a dinosaur. They do not complicate the production process of dinosaurs. You just need to keep sending workers to go to the factory and raise the baby dinosaur.

Then, the size of the dinosaur will become bigger after a short time. And when it is a grown dinosaur, you can take it out of the factory to sell. Now, it is up to your selling skill to bargain with the sellers. It depends on whether your price is reasonable or whether we cherish the dinosaur enough. And as your factory gains more profits, you need more people to work. So, you can upgrade their attributes to improve work efficiency. But when workers’ physical strength drops, they need to eat doughnuts to maintain their physical strength.

When you have spare money, you can build various facilities outside the factory such as pet shops, riding schools, parks, and sports fields to gain profits from these services. The function of these facilities is to help you further train dinosaurs so they can sell at a higher price.

In Dino Factory, 48 kinds of dinosaurs can be cultivated. And it divides the dinosaurs into many levels. Players need to draw cards to get new dinosaurs, which are more face-sensitive.

Dino Factory screen 1

Tips and Tricks for Dino Factory

After entering the game, we need to incubate dinosaur eggs on the breeding platform. Click on the empty breeding platform to select the dinosaur we want to breed. When choosing dinosaur eggs, we can choose different dinosaur eggs. Their shapes and prices are different. And the time to grow them is also different.

After selecting the dinosaur egg, directly click the green arrow on the dinosaur egg. And the engineers will cultivate the dinosaur egg automatically. Early dinosaurs require less time and experience, so small dinosaurs can be hatched soon.

After hatching the baby dinosaurs, the hatching table will automatically move forward for the next step of breeding. And a new empty hatching table will appear. The little dinosaur will go through four or five processes. And it will gradually grow bigger with the training of engineers.

After the dinosaur matures, we can restock it. Many citizens will see the dinosaur outside while some citizens will pay for it. And we will make a profit from it.

Dino Factory screen 2

Overall Assessments

Dino Factory is a management simulation that produces dinosaurs massively at the factory and sells them in the market to earn money. The content is an assembly line, like assembling a machine. First, hatching from eggs, then raising the baby dinosaur with great care. Finally, selling off when they become adults, surreal.

The contents are authentic. There are abundant appearances with less than 100 kinds. And you can get a new kind by repeating the combination and you will want to collect it. Besides strengthening researchers and racing dinosaurs to compete, you can also make your factory known on a global scale.

It takes time to complete the work in this game. But the amount depends on the ability of the researcher. Personnel raised with priority can be assigned to heavy work and devised such as shortening the completion time. It is convenient because we can replace it with no disadvantages.

When selling dinosaurs that have been raised, the selling price is fixed, and the required time varies depending on the demand. If it is cheap, you can sell it immediately. But if it takes time, the price will be higher. There are many other enhancement items and contents such as building facilities to make money, improving efficiency in research, and receiving requests from people.

Since they set the factory as a company, you can decide your logo and the appearance of the president. It is amazing because there are some numbers we do not understand. There is the only mass production of dinosaurs at the beginning. The larger the number of workers, the better the process. So, we would like to increase the number to at least six people.

The best price at the time of sale is just before the setting, where the time jumps up when one memory is raised. Before going to bed, just raise the price as high as possible. The options are profitable strictly. But experience points will increase. So if the factory is full, follow this way.

Leave about five pink donuts and use them hard to strengthen your researchers. It overflows with a lot of rewards for leveling up. The rewards related to quests are huge. And you can get dinosaur eggs, so take part in this thing actively. It is helpful to increase the number of researchers by linking with Facebook. But you still can manage without doing this thing.

Dino Factory screen 3

Final Words

Dino Factory MOD APK is a pixel-style business casual entertainment game. Players run a factory that breeds various types of dinosaurs, from dinosaur eggs to adult dinosaurs. You must take care of them. And finally, let them meet their favorite guests and take them away to get the performance of the factory.

In the game, operators must not only pay attention to the growth of dinosaurs but also understand the fatigue of employees. Only excellent employee management can bring better benefits to the dinosaur factory. Come and experience it!

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