Doorman Story MOD APK 1.13.3 (Unlimited Money)

Doorman Story MOD APK 1.13.3 (Unlimited Money)

September 1, 2022


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If you like simulation and educational games, then “Doorman Story: Hotel team tycoon, time management” is a perfect choice.

Doorman Story features an exciting simulation of the hospitality industry. Players must use all skills to manage staff well and successfully build a hotel empire. You start with a small motel, and you grow everything to a super-luxury hotel. You have to serve many different types of tourists, from ordinary people to famous stars.

The game introduces brilliant images of luxury hotels, as well as small motels on the highway. The game content keeps you interested in each mission. Players can fulfill their dream of being a hotel manager.

Players enjoy the exciting daily work, and every day there are small surprises. Download “Doorman Story: Hotel team tycoon, time management” to fulfill your great dream of a five-star hotel!

Lots of fun managing a hotel

Doorman Story brings the big dream of hotel management. You manage your staff well to respond to any customer request quickly. Each customer has different problems, and you have to solve each task to pass the other levels. Players must provide a great stay for any guest in the hotel.

Doorman Story is a simulation game about hotel management. The game belongs to the publisher AppQuantum. Your task is to manage a small motel and large hotels. You use management capabilities to scale the hotel. The game has a lot of exciting challenges in each hotel.

The player works as a manager and operator of a small motel. The game introduces two employees, including a female receptionist and a male bell boy. Each employee made a hilarious self-introduction. Players need the support of subordinates to complete challenging missions.

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Upgrade your hotel to attract guests

Doorman Story allows the player to improve the hotel. You order equipment and upgrade rooms to keep your customers happy. If the hotel has good rooms, customers will spend a lot of money. Players need to earn a lot of money to become resort tycoons.

The player starts with a small hotel, which is a small motel on the roadside. The motel has a classic design and simple operation. Two employees will have to do a lot of work, each showing multitasking. The female receptionist character plays many roles: treasurer, accountant, storekeeper, responsible for goods and customer care. The male bell boy character does the following tasks: waiting for the door, welcoming guests, moving furniture, bringing food according to guests’ requests, checking & cleaning rooms when guests check-in / check out.

Players must complete many challenges to upgrade the hotel. First, you have to create a popular hotel with many people, and even the hotel has to attract celebrities. Then, you will face difficult decisions such as: opening a branch in another location, creating the design of each hotel, buying new decorations.

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Manage various hotel operations

Doorman Story brings the natural workings of the hotel. Hotel management is not easy. However, players can use rockets to solve complex problems quickly. Players have many issues: communicating with staff & customers, upgrading every nook and cranny of the hotel. The game offers excellent simulation. The player has many tasks at the management level, and you try to become a hotel tycoon.

Players quickly solve problems at the beginning because of the small number of guests. However, players face a lot of issues in the future of the motel. Besides the task of managing staff, players need to consider the entire building. You need to edit and upgrade a lot of things. You add additional services such as a coffee shop, reading entertainment area, the small billiard table in the typical yard, green trees in the hotel lobby. In addition, players can do many things: add a fast-food menu, create a room design to their liking, and change a new sign with a modern design.

Doorman Story offers a variety of customer service challenges. Players deal with a lot of brutal and grotesque customers. Players need to create credibility and satisfaction for each customer. You will meet many types of customers, including luxury or budget people. You must serve each customer equally and as best you can. If the quality of customer service and satisfaction is reduced, then players will face many difficulties; even your hotel may go bankrupt at any time.

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Become a great manager at a luxury hotel

Doorman Story brings a lot of fun to different hotels. Each hotel is not only a branch of the player, but each hotel is also a special symbol with extra points. For example, you can own a space hotel, an ice castle-style hotel, etc. The price of a room in each hotel depends on the “class” of each hotel. Of course, unique hotels are costly, but each room has its charm. Considerable revenue from exceptional hotels is the primary source of profit for players. You use the money to maintain the system, upgrade the hotel and execute marketing campaigns for the unique hotel chain.

If you want to become a “tycoon” of the hotel industry, you must ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

You download “Cooking Craze” to serve delicious food and become a professional chef. Players try to become the world-famous bread king and have a lot of culinary fun.

You download “Grand Hotel Mania” to build the best hotels in the world. You have the company of two good managers, Monica and Ted. You upgrade your hotel and get love from all the travelers in the world.

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Build the hotel with the best service in the world

In short, Doorman Story is an excellent game in the simulation genre. Players can fulfill their beautiful dreams about the hotel industry. You build luxury hotels and try to become a travel tycoon.

If you are a hotel game lover, then download “Doorman Story: Hotel team tycoon, time management”. The game helps you unleash your creativity and bring hours of fun to your favorite hotel.

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