Dream Hotel MOD APK 1.4.25 (Remove ads)

Dream Hotel MOD APK 1.4.25 (Remove ads)

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Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim is a fascinating hotel management simulation game, published and provided by CSCMobi Studios, a game maker known for its unique and attractive titles. If you are a business enthusiast, want to work in a hotel, or want to become a wealthy tycoon in the hotel business, don’t miss this Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim. The Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game promises to bring you many unique, attractive and fun simulation experiences because of its extremely leisurely and realistic gameplay. Currently, the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game is available on the Google Play application, everyone can download the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game to experience it!


As a hotel management simulation game, the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game has extremely addictive and especially addictive gameplay. In this game, you will manage a dream hotel and try to turn your hotel into a famous 5-star hotel. Once your hotel has thrived, you can set up a hotel chain and export your hotel services all over the world, your customers come to your hotel from different countries and stay in which. These travellers have different needs that need to be addressed, you need to satisfy your customers by meeting their needs and fulfilling their requests quickly so that they are truly satisfied with the service at your hotel.

Manipulating and controlling the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game is not too complicated, with the idle mechanism, you just need to perform a few key operations that are to make a choice, and the rest of the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game system will automatically perform. Join the hotel management, you will experience as well as try more than 300 different levels, each level, each task brings you fun and the most professional experience.

A lot of diverse tasks for you to complete, earn coins to upgrade and develop the hotel better, in addition to managing the hotel you also have to control the staff, cook, prepare and serve Serve delicious meals to please customers to collect coins, gems and upgrade the hotel and attract more guests. Besides, if you serve your customers well you will get satisfaction from them and get 5 stars for your hotel, serve the hotel with all your heart, and your guests enjoy the food service drink from the hotel. They want to enjoy delicious hotel meals like Coffee, cakes, hamburgers, Pizza, etc, which are all self-cooked and served immediately upon request to collect likes when they are satisfied and you also can earn extra money from hotel services.


The Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game, will have 2 characters and you will control two characters, Peter and Rebeca. Peter is a waiter and Rebeca is a receptionist. Rebeca will stand at the front desk to welcome guests and solve room problems, and Peter will regularly clean or serve food and drinks to guests. You will find activities such as giving guests keys, assigning rooms, cleaning rooms, and receiving money, all of which are easy to do and you will gradually get used to these activities through many levels, each action will have the allotted time to complete. For example, you will need to receive money from guests before time runs out or Peter’s cleaning will also take time after you know the basic mechanics. The game will give you new and more difficult mechanics that require you to observe and organize activities. Specifically, Peter will use two hands instead of holding the mop with one hand and help you perform two operations in a row, this feature is often used to serve customers food or drinks and clean up afterwards. So you will have to keep an eye on Peter’s activities and not forget to welcome any guests to fulfil the requirements of the level.


Over time, the challenges you face in the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game will become increasingly difficult, so you should upgrade the parts that work in the hotel. An interesting point that you will need to consider carefully is that the performance after upgrading each part will be different, you can increase the room rent or improve Peter’s cleaning time. Therefore, you will choose the upgrade element that you feel is most necessary.


In the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game, customers can use the services here, use the food served at the hotel, come to your hotel to relax, enjoy drinks and use services other than the hotel. When guests are satisfied with you, they will like you and you can get more money from them. Of course, in addition to a reliable assistant, a staff including chefs, cleaning staff, concierge, attendants, office, etc will help you get the job done quickly.


The Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game has extremely realistic and sharp 2D graphics, fresh in-game images with many realistic hotel spaces, unique effects and animations. Rebeca and Peter’s characters are meticulously elaborated to each hairstyle and outfit. The sound in the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game is lively and fun because soft music is installed throughout the game to create the most diverse, interesting and attractive gameplay.


The Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game supports many new features for you to experience the game in the most interesting way with impressive 2D graphics combining sound effects, harmonious and unique color effects, and many tasks. The service combines attractive gameplay, easy game controls, and a simple and easy-to-understand intuitive user interface. In addition, by upgrading different parts of the hotel, you will get boosters, boosters that will meet the needs of guests faster, much easier and satisfy all guests. row.

Besides such great features, the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game is still free on the Android application if you are interested in some design management simulation games that combine puzzles or desire. Make friends and enjoy this game genre in the best way then we think Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game is perfect for you. However, if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest, and you feel that in-game purchases are limited, try our modified version of Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim, with the version this modified you can unlock all of those without any fee. Moreover, with our modified version you will have unlimited access to gems, gold and bonuses and many other rewards, which are all the things you need to build and thrive in the gameplay. All you have to do is install our My Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim Mod Apk and experience it.

In addition, if you like to play business simulation games, and hotel management as well as want to explore different plot content, you can try other game experiences like the Tuscany Villa and the Food Street, and game titles are all simple but extremely interesting and dramatic hotel management simulation games similar to the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game. But with the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game we recommend you try it out, guaranteed not to disappoint you.

Thereby, have you felt the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game attractive yet? If you are curious, now do not hesitate any longer, quickly access the Google Play application to download the game Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim to your device and role-play. And don’t forget to invite more friends to join the game and rate 5 stars for the game Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim. In the future, the game Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim promises to bring players new exciting gaming experiences as well as really comfortable and wonderful relaxing moments when playing games join the Dream Hotel: Hotel Manager Sim game.

Have fun playing the game!

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