Driving School 2016 v3.1 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Driving School 2016 v3.1 (MOD Unlimited Money)

September 23, 2020


Additional Information
Ovidiu Pop
4.1 and up
97.15 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money/Unlocked

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Racing fans will have their chances to experience a relatively refreshing gameplay where racing isn’t everything in Driving School 2016. Back to basic where you’ll find yourself being introduced to the basic understanding about driving. Find yourself riding on multiple roads and hop on all kind of different vehicles in this amazing game from Ovidiu Pop. Discover the unique driving gameplay in Driving School 2016

Find yourself riding unique cars in relatively unique gameplay with Driving School 2017. Here, drifting and turning isn’t the main focus. Instead, you’ll be introduced to the extreme driving lesion which allows you to pick up some of the most important driving skills and abilities.

Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


Driving School 2016 allows Android gamers to experience one of the most immersive driving simulator gameplay that you’ve ever tried on the mobile platform. Here, you can learn about the driving techniques that are used on multiple vehicles including buses, trucks, and cars.

With the detailed and well-constructed driving simulator mechanics, gamers will have the chances to learn every aspect of diving cars. Sit behind the manual transmission and drive like a professional driver. Travel on multiple locations such as highways, trails, deserts, tropical jungle, mountains, and more.

Featuring multiple levels for gamers to enjoy, Driving School 2016 is your best game to enjoy and learn driving on the mobile platform.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Experience the realistic and authentic car handling

To start with, gamers in Driving School 2016 will find themselves in an extremely realistic set of car handlings. Those who have had driving licenses will definitely feel like they’re back to school as for those who aren’t familiar with driving cars yet, the game is your perfect chance to learn this.

With the smooth and realistic car handling, Driving School 2016 allows you to take your real test drive into the road. That being said, you can start learning how to drive by using the manual transmission, handle the wheel and the gas pedal properly, and more. The game lets you drive in the most immersive ways using clutch and stick shift.

Plus, you’ll also find the interior being extremely well-designed, which also add up to the level of immersion.

Collect driving licenses for multiple vehicles

As you learn how to drive in Driving School 2016, the game will feature multiple licenses that you can pick up after your courses. Earn the rights to drive from your normal cars, to even buses or trucks. And more importantly, the game also features dozens of different vehicles that fall into the three categories. Hence, you can easily select your favorite ride and test it on the street.

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Intuitive and convenient controls

And while you might find the handling of the cars a little complex with all these switches and sticks. However, the creators at Ovidiu Pop have done a great job designing the controls. That being said, you’ll find yourself easily familiarize with the simple tilt steering, virtual buttons, and touch steering wheel. Depending on your preferences, you can select the suitable driving styles. And if you want to, the game also features physical gamepad supports which allows you to enjoy the game more comfortable. Not to mention that you can also enjoy the game on your Android TV, which would deliver console-like experiences.

Different maps that take you to multiple locations

The game introduces gamers to more than 10 detailed maps with unique landscapes, terrains, and conditions. Find yourself traveling to multiple locations across the country as you learn to drive in unique places.

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Take your driving skills to the top

And to allow gamers to get better and better at driving, the game also introduces you to more than 50 challenging levels where you’ll have to drive a variety of cars in different stages. With each stage more difficult than the previous, you’ll find yourself in some real challenges with Driving School 2016.

Multiple driving modes to enjoy

In addition, if you’ve completed the exciting levels or just want to experience something new, the game also features exciting Free Ride mode and Multiplayer mode.

With the Free Ride mode, gamers are allowed to travel the endless roads which are randomly generated. Find yourself cruising the highways, trails, mountains, and more as you enjoy the stunning sceneries and landscapes.

And if you wish to have your skills and abilities tested by the best drivers in the world, then the exciting online Multiplayer mode is the one for you. Here, you can challenge online gamers or your friends in exciting challenges. Play the game with online gamers from all over the world in randomly generated maps.

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Interactive and responsive gameplay

Android gamers in Driving School 2016 will find themselves having access to the realistic gameplay that’s not always available on other racing titles. That being said, the game features the realistic damage system which makes every mark you make on your car more believable. You should be careful with your driving since a few miss-steps on the gas pedal can seriously damage your car and send you off the race.

On top of that, you’ll also find the weather conditions and in-game environments quite interactive. Hence, you’ll find your cars being less effective on the street during the rain. Or if the road has too many obstacles, you should be careful since there are many things that you could hit on.

Complete achievements and challenges

Along with the main gameplay, Driving School 2016 also introduces gamers to the enjoyable achievements and challenges, which you can spend time to complete and collect awesome rewards. Choose between dozens of different achievements to test your skills and abilities.

Enjoy the game with or without the Internet

To introduces gamers to the most enjoyable and convenient experiences, Driving School 2016 allow you to play it without having to connect to the Internet. This makes the game extremely portable as you can pick up your phone and play it whenever and wherever you want. Experience the most enjoyable portable gameplay on your devices.

Play the game in your preferred languages

In addition, gamers in Driving School 2016 are also allowed to play their favorite game in their preferred languages. Choose between the major languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and more.

Compete with online gamers in epic leaderboards

On top of that, you can also connect the game to your social account so you’ll know your friends who’re also playing this game. Check on their records and stats so you may brag with them about yours. The game also features Online Leaderboards where you can compare your records in each level with other gamers from all over the world. Try your best to climb the ladder of glory.

Never lose your progress in Driving School 2016

Another benefit of having your social account connected to the game is that your progress will be automatically uploaded online. Hence, the next time you log in from another device, all your progress will be easily retrieved.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game is currently free for Android gamers to enjoy. That being said, you can easily download and install it from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything. Not to mention that the rewarding gameplay will certainly satisfy you.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

However, if you wish to make unlimited purchases in the game or get rid of the annoying ads, then you might want to consider our modified version of the game. Just download and install our Driving School 2016 Mod APK on your mobile devices to start enjoying its features.

Visual and sound quality


Driving School 2016 introduces gamers to the immersive 3D graphics with well-designed environments and beautiful vehicles. You can feel the differences compare to other titles as you take a look at the realistic interior.

However, the game is not very demanding at all since you can still enjoy it on low-end devices. Not to mention that the adjustable graphics quality will allow you to experience smooth and satisfying gameplay.


Along with the stunning graphics and authentic gameplay, gamers in Driving School 2016 are also introduced to the realistic sound experiences. Find yourself enjoying the epic engine sounds, powerful impacts and collisions, immersive environments, and more.

Download Driving School 2016 latest 3.1 Android APK

Fans of the racing genre who’re in need for a relatively refreshing gameplay will certainly find Driving School 2016 interesting as it introduces you to an innovative gameplay like never before. Having fun driving all kinds of different vehicles, pick up multiple licenses as you learn to be a professional driver in the game. Enjoy the game with millions of online gamers in relaxing multiplayer matchups.

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