Driving Zone 2 MOD APK v0.8.8.53 (Unlimited Money)

Driving Zone 2 MOD APK v0.8.8.53 (Unlimited Money)

July 26, 2023


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Unlimited Money

Driving Zone 2 poster

Driving Zone 2 – a classic racing game for mobile devices, but classic does not mean it is simple and boring. Playing Driving Zone 2, of course you will feel the extreme of street racing, but things do not stop there, the game is also a world of excitement, adventure, bright street racing with unusually realistic graphics that the player will be immersed into!

Collection of 20 iconic cars and more!

Driving Zone 2 is a game of new generation street racing, it is completely safe with realistic racing in the traffic simulator. While playing the game player can feel the bright graphics on a convenient interface and a comfortable musical line in the background. Ave Creation did very hard to make players feel like in a real race car with traffic, scenery or even police cars!

What about the car collection that the game brought to the player? Over 20 classic and modern cars are waiting for players in this amazing game, some examples are:  from classic Beetle cars or hatchbacks to sedans for family or powerfull SUVs to sport cars of which the most prominent is the million dollar car – the Bugatti Chiron. But that is not the end of the collection, the longer the player plays the game, the more cars will be available. And all these news cars for racing will be marked with a corresponding sticker for your convenience once it appears. Want to own a race car? Want to decorate your race car, not be like everyone else? Anh even want to become recognizable between rivals? Then do as you please by tuning your racing car.

Driving Zone 2 screen 0

Driving Zone 2 play style!

In Driving Zone 2, players can drive, follow the rules like a laborious driver, enjoy a quiet ride, or drive at the fastest possible speed, overtake other racers and feel like a daredevil. Earning points and taking crashes on the road, bypass car traffic on the highway and the police, avoid accidents with rivals and skillfully drive through the stop red light to prove the whole city that you are the best traffic racer!

To make players experience Driving Zone 2 Mod APK even brighter, Ave Creation have created such advantages of the offline app that players can feel like moving without boundaries. Day or night, players can drive in any possible direction, conquer dangerous turns in busy intersections or a difficult highway at any time.

Driving Zone 2 screen 1

Create and decorate your very own car!

From the collection  player can create powerful cars with tuning. In the game, not only the real sounds and technical parameters of the car are observed and aligned, but the game also has an interesting feature which is the possibility of tuning cars. Improve engine, install a sports suspension, buy nitro cylinders for fast speed and rush forward;

Creating a unique car of your own that everyone and rivals can recognize you. Choose your own various spoilers or wheels, neon lights, air intakes, cool steering wheels or even cilia on the headlights, everything is possible for you to make your car known from thousands. Take a photo of your car in a special tuning mode and share with your friends.

Driving Zone 2 screen 2

Extremely realistic but also not!

With a convenient and clear game process for anyone at any age. Ave Creation has nothing prohibited, and so the game is suitable for children from 3 years old.  Besides, the game works without connecting to a network, it is offline, so it does not matter where you are, in your office or an airplane, it is still playable.

However, even though the game is already very realistic, this does not mean it will teach you how to drive cool in real life, it is a stimulation after all. Being an excellent racer in the game may not be as cool in reality, but remember all the safety rules on real highways and about warning of crashes, it is all real and on top of that, your life is the first priority.

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