Voyage 4 MOD APK v2.74 (Unlimited Money)

Voyage 4 MOD APK v2.74 (Unlimited Money)

May 7, 2024


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Driving has never been relaxing, especially on the highways for some people. Yet, have you ever wanted to feel the relaxation that it can bring to you? After the successes of Voyage’s first three parts and thanks to its huge fan base, the publisher Existage has decided to launch another sequel: “Voyage 4”. If this is the first time you heard about “Voyage 4”, the game takes resemblance from “Driving School 2017”, one of the most popular driving games in 2017.

The sequel still takes after some of the most outstanding features from its origins while displaying new additions in the game. In “Voyage 4”, everything has been upgraded to a new level, allowing you and your friends to enjoy the game to the very best. While part three stands out but is considered a mess for its hide-and-chase gameplay, “Voyage 4’ will surely bring you a wonderful time playing.


Moving to part four, the game still takes place in Russia. Players will be traveling on Russian roads in a variety of Russian and German cars, starting the journey from Magadan to the ferry in the Crimea. Even if you are someone who does not play mobile games at all or literally knows nothing about controlling a car, “Voyage 4” is a very understandable driving game title.

There is no specific tutorial, yet everything you need is on the screen, which you can easily learn all by yourself. It can be a bit difficult at first, but the more you play, the easier it becomes. Driving in “Voyage 4” is like a fun road trip on a wide, endless road with beautiful sceneries to enjoy.


Uncomplicated and calming gameplay

Ever since I got my first iPad in 2010, I have been enjoying multiple driving games, and I have never played such a relaxing one as “Voyage 4”. Starting the game, players are provided with a menu list consisting of the start, cars, leaders, polygon, settings, and exit buttons. The game is that simple, all you need is to follow what you play on the screen, and you are good to go.

Before going into the real game, a map is shown for players to keep track of where they are and will go. The map may seem small, once you start, you will feel like there is no end. The main objective is to drive through checkpoints on the world map in order to save the progress of the game. As they go, players can see hometowns and signs are based on real-life tracks such as M51 “Baikal” P504 “Kolyma” with some other historic memorials.

Voyage 4 screen 1

How to drive

Players will start at the parking lot (if you cannot start there, it is probably because of a shortage of storage in your device). On the screen, players will see all the tools that they can use to control the car: the brake, the speedometer, the accelerator, etc.

To keep track of the way, there is a GPS in your car, or you can just follow the big road and look for signs while driving. Just like real-life driving, you have to drive carefully, look left to right, in front and behind, and do not get hit. The steering wheel can be a little bit difficult to control at first, but players will get used to it in no time.

As players travel from place to place, the time changes from day to night, the weather switches from sunny to cloudy to rainy, the sky switches colors and opens out beautiful views with hills, mountains, towns, forests, etc. Since players are traveling across the country, they can admire the stunning landscape from each specific location. It might get boring at some moment, and you may feel sleepy, it is best to turn on some chill music and feel like you are on a road trip with your friends.

Voyage 4 screen 2

Machines and equipment

In total, there are twelve Russian and four German cars. There are not many to choose from, however, since each car will have over thirty tuning parts based on real-life parts, I think the choices are enough. They include the engine, the wheels, xenon, and other functions.

All cars have realistic physics and accurate specifications, including the torque graphs and the gear ratios. Each machine has working devices with realistic lighting and mirrors. If you wonder why the driver controls the steering wheel and instruments feel so realistic, it is because the developer has researched about the driver’s hands in detail.

Each car comes with a board of information, including the engine, the body (how heavy it is), and the drive. The stronger the engine, the lighter the car, the faster you can go. Cars will also have their distinctive sounds.

Voyage 4 screen 3

Multiplayer mode

If playing alone bores you, fortunately, “Voyage 4” has supported multiplayer mode for players who want some fun competitions. By competing for the best result of acceleration 0-100km on the test range, players can compare the result with each other online and see who has defeated everyone else. Every competition comes with a rewarding prize, prepare your favorite car and race for it.

The game can be played without a network, yet you cannot you’re your progress or see other players’ results. So, if you do not want to lose your result after a long play, remember to compete with an internet connection.

Voyage 4 screen 4

Unlimited Money

There are under twenty cars, but not every one of them is easy to get, and upgrade. Voyage 4 Mod APK has given players the opportunity to freely spend money on their favorite cars without any hesitation.



I am pretty sure that everyone will agree that the visuals of “Voyage 4” were designed beautifully with real-life sceneries, impressive detail, and colors. Everything looks so realistic from the smallest to the largest detail that I cannot take my eyes off the game.


“Voyage 4” does not have soundtracks, which everyone may think is a drawback, but you can play your own music while virtually driving. Turn on whatever you want to hear and enjoy the journey.


When I first had a look at the game, I did not think I would be addicted to it until now. “Voyage 4” is such a relaxing game that you can play it on the go, with your family and friends, or if you want to experience the feeling of traveling during the pandemic time.

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