POV Car Driving MOD APK 5.5 (Unlimited Money)

POV Car Driving MOD APK 5.5 (Unlimited Money)

Ruslan Chetverikov - Driving & Police Games Unlimited Money

You are a person that likes car racing. But you don’t want to driving a car on a short track. And if you are looking for a game to satisfy your wishes, POV Car Driving will be a good choice for you. POV Car Driving is the game of the Auto & Vehicles genre. In the game, you will drive the car on the long racing. At the same time, you can race with other cars on your way. Let’s find out about POV Car Driving now.

Outstanding graphic and sound effect

POV Car Driving is one of the games that has been created and offered by Ruslan Chetverikov – Driving & Police Games. They are a game developer in Moscow, Russia. POV Car Driving is just available on Google Play. So you only can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android Operating System. And POV Car Driving is free to download and is just for single player.

Besides, 3D graphic is very eye – catching. With POV Car Driving, you can go to many different places. From mountains with a lot of trees, an area with big cliffs to highways, tunnels, or even a wet road after a rain… Moreover, the new and beautiful scenery will be shown gradually in front of you. This will make the game be more realistic. And especially in POV Car Driving, you can swipe your smartphone’s screen to observe from all angles. From left to right, or from top to bottom. In addition, the sound of the game is very lively. The player can hear the sound of the engine when your car is running. Furthermore, the publisher has designed everything realistic as they can. If you notice carefully, you will only hear trim and turbo sounds while driving with the new cars. But there will be the wind sounds if you go faster than “normal limits”. This reduces canceling car isolations and will make your journey less annoying. The game also will turn on a soundtrack while you are playing. But you can turn off all the sounds in the Setting of the game, if you don’t want to hear them.

Start an endless journey

In POV Car Driving, the player’s main mission will be to control your car on the long track. But that track won’t be easy. There are many curved roads that you will have to overcome. Unlike some different racing games, the player just needs to drive their car on the straight roads. But with POV Car Driving, the publisher has created many curved roads for you to drive on them. This will bring a great driving experience for you. You will feel like driving on the highway.

Not only that, there are a lot of vehicles on the road. You need to avoid them. If not, you will have to start to drive your car from the nearest checkpoint. This will make you take less time, so be careful. Besides, while you are driving, you also need to avoid speed radars. Speed cameras are invented to assure the driver’s safety. So the publisher has put some speed cameras in your road to make sure your journey is in safety. In addition, the road will sometimes appear some diamonds. You should collect them. The diamonds are used to buy the new cars.

Actual features in POV Car Driving

Each game will have its own features. And POV Car Driving also has 3 special features to attract many players. The first feature is High Detailed Cockpit. When you start to drive your car, you will notice that almost all car details are put to the car. And when you race with time, you will feel the driving atmosphere in the car. Besides, while driving, you also can swipe the screen to the left or right to watch the scenery of the two sides of the car. Radio Channel is the second feature. With the real car, you can listen to a radio channel while driving. This is very normal. But if you can perform it in the game, how do you feel? In POV Car Driving, you can hear the real internet radio. At the same time, you also can control it on your car’s radio. Select and listen to your favorite radio channel when driving. This will bring a relaxing feel for you. Especially, in the game, you will always watch the weather condition. Because the weather will change when you drive your car to the certain road. Avoid the serious weather conditions like fog, … That is also the third feature of the game – Dynamic Weather.

In addition, the publisher has designed up to 13 cars in POV Car Driving. CMG W330, King Kobra, Nikola xSUV, French CLICK 1.6 DTI, and so on. Each car will have 2 indicators that you need to care about (Acceleration and Top Speed). The better the cars are, the more you will have to spend the diamonds to buy. Moreover, the game also allows the players to change the car’s color. This will help you to create many different cars.

Control the car in the way you would like

With quite simple gameplay, the player will drive the car on the long endless road. POV Car Driving will be suitable for many players in the world of different ages, from children to adults. Besides, the curved roads, endless highways, trial events with no limits will challenge your ability. You need to overcome them without being hit any vehicles. In particular, you can control the car in three different ways. With the first way, you will tilt your smartphone to move the car to the left or right. The second way will use buttons to turn right or left. Or you can use a steering wheel to control your car. Traffic jams and crashed cars are also the situations that will happen in the game. And they will bring new experiences for you. In addition, realistic cabin sounds and graphics will take you to a real driving atmosphere. Furthermore, you can take part in any racing in POV Car Driving without worrying about a network connection. Because the game doesn’t require connecting to the Internet when playing. Install and enjoy POV Car Driving now. There are many interesting things that are waiting for you.

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