DroidEdit Pro APK 1.23.7 (Paid for free)

DroidEdit Pro APK 1.23.7 (Paid for free)

August 27, 2020


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For programmers who are having a hard time finding the right coding app for their mobile devices, you can now try out DroidEdit Pro and experience its convenient features. Feel free to explore the interesting mobile app with adequate coding performances of a professional computer software, which will provide you with all the needed options.

Now, you can enjoy coding on the go without having to carry your laptop around, as just your phone alone is enough to complete the tasks. Have fun trying out the useful and accessible coding options. Quickly get used to the friendly and intuitive UI that will allow you to further enjoy the mobile app. And most importantly, the powerful in-app options can completely replace that of your Windows apps.

Find out more about this interesting mobile app from André Restivo with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

DroidEdit Pro is essentially a text and source code editor for Android tablets and phones, which allows Android users to comfortably work on their programming without having to carry around their laptops. With useful and accessible features, you can comfortably work on improving your creative works and quickly complete the provided tasks on the go.

Explore many useful and convenient features, which you won’t often find on similar mobile apps. With lots of automated and smart options, DroidEdit Pro will boost your coding performances and improve your in-app experiences. As a result, you can enjoy the awesome mobile app and have it actually replacing your bulky laptops. Thus, improving your work experiences and improving your coding conveniences.


For those of you who are interested in the awesome mobile application, you will need to pay for the priced application on the Google Play Store. In addition, DroidEdit Pro also requires you to provide it with certain access permissions, which will make sure that you can enjoy all the available in-app features. So you’ll need to grant these permissions, upon opening the mobile app for the first time.

At the same time, it’s suggested that you run DroidEdit Pro with your devices having their latest firmware possible, preferably version 2.1 and up, which is needed to ensure its compatibility. Also, if you want to experience more features with the app, root permission is also needed on your unlocked devices.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and accessible coding UI

Here in DroidEdit Pro, Android users can enjoy their simple and accessible coding UI, which provides interesting uses of the mobile app. Start by getting used to the bracket matching option, which will make your created codes more accessible. And if you ever need to make any specific editing, feel free to try out the Go to line option and look for the exact sections of the codes that you wish to make changes.

In addition, with the interesting Syntax Highlighting for several languages, Android users can make uses of their useful code editor to easily discover coding mistakes as you type them in. Regardless of your programming language, the built-in Syntax Highlighting option can properly function, thanks to DroidEdit Pro’s complete support for several coding languages.

At the same time, to improve your coding consistency and experience, DroidEdit Pro will keep opened files and changes upon exiting the app. Hence, you can quickly return to the exact working UI and continue coding with ease.

And last but not least, to start editing files, you can easily open them up directly from Dropbox or your file manager. Have all the tools ready to start editing as you progress.

Useful editing to make coding easier

For those of you who are interested, you can start making uses of the useful editor in DroidEdit Pro to quickly and conveniently make changes to your programmable files. Feel free to try out the unlimited undo & redo options to make sure that you aren’t making any mistakes on your coding works. And if you ever need to make any specific or mass edits to the codes, simply choose the Search and Replace option, which will provide quick and effective editing experiences.

Plus, to make sure that you won’t forget, the app even provides its auto indentation feature, which will provide your standard codes without mistakes. You can also choose to turn off this features whenever you want to make further customizations to the creative works.

And finally, to speed up your work performances, feel free to try out interesting coding shortcuts to quickly enable any features that you want to. Make multiple customizations to the shortcuts and enjoy your comfortable in-app experiences at any time.

Freely customize your in-app UI for better experiences

Along with the useful and professional features, the app also provides its interesting editing features, which you can make use of to enable unique looks and refreshing UI on your DroidEdit Pro editor. Have fun trying out several color themes and come up with interesting designs of your coding UI. Try out many custom themes and make your own personalization to better enjoy the app. All of which will allow you to feel most comfortable in DroidEdit Pro.

Quick preview and sharing options

For those of you who are interested, DroidEdit Pro does come with its useful preview and sharing options, which you can easily make uses of. Simply share your documents on Dropbox, Google Drive, via Emails, and many other platforms with just a single tap. Or even try out the SFTP/FTP connection to share your works, thanks to the adequate features in the app. And upon finishing your HTML works, you can even preview your coded files in the browser, which will provide a complete overview of your programming works.

Additional coding options to make uses of

At the same time, feel free to explore the additional coding options in DroidEdit Pro, which will allow Android users to fully utilize their powerful hardware. Start by running Scripts directly in SL4A, which is quite impressive and isn’t available on many similar apps. And to protect your data, the character encoding option is also available in, which will allow you to further enjoy the mobile app. Plus, with the external commands now available through SSH, you can explore more programming applications with DroidEdit Pro.

Make uses of the powerful Root mode

For those of you who are interested, you can now try out the useful and powerful Root mode in DroidEdit Pro, which will provide even more coding and editing options on your mobile devices. Feel free to make use of the advanced options to further improve your programming. And always have fun with exciting options that were added to make the app more capable. But first, you’ll need to grant the app with root permissions.

Enjoy the free and unlocked mobile app with our mod

With the priced mobile app currently available on the Google Play Store, some of you might find it troubling having the app installed. Which is why you would find our modified version of DroidEdit Pro to be more accessible. Here, you can enjoy all the unlocked in-app features and have fun with the ad-free applications whenever you need to. All it takes is for you to download and install the DroidEdit Pro Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good to go.

Final verdicts

For those of you who are having trouble working with your codes on the go, DroidEdit Pro will provide a complete portable coding solution for programmers. With useful functions and features, you can comfortably work with the in-app features. Have fun trying out many interesting options, which will allow you to come up with your brilliant codes and programs.

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