Mimo MOD APK 4.43 (Pro Unlocked)

Mimo MOD APK 4.43 (Pro Unlocked)

May 17, 2024


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Mimo: Learn coding in JavaScript, Python and HTML is an application to learn to program through interactive tutorials and unique puzzle screens. Mimo is a new product of mobile software developer Johannes Berger. He is the developer of the Swift language programming application. Download Mimo for free from the App Store today and learn to code with fun at home.

With Mimo, you can learn to code for free on Android and iPhone anywhere and anytime. The app comes with an easy-to-understand program and an intuitive interface. With hundreds of interactive mini-lessons and game-making, getting to a programming course is no longer difficult for anyone.

Specifically, Mimo brings you to a new knowledge horizon in programming. It includes application development, learning to build a complete website, database management from beginner level to intermediate, and finally, high-level concepts.

There are small lessons, great interactive projects, or daily challenges that will get you familiar with the programming language quickly. Mimo teaches learners to code in many popular languages ​​such as Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Java, Ruby, Python, C#, and C++ right on your mobiles. In the Premium APK version, Mimo will add many other useful programming lessons, including courses on Git, Hacking, Machine Learning, R, Raspberry Pi, and Terminal.

General Information

Mimo is not an app for programmers who want to create a masterpiece on the iPad. Instead, it helps you learn to program through applying game design principles and elements to non-game areas and situations. If you are new to programming and already own an Apple device with Mimo, you can learn to code in a variety of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and Python.

You can take advantage of the app’s simple steps through funny step-by-step tutorials and games. At first, the app will look like a children’s program, but then the difficulty will accumulate. The “Get started” section of the app is free, but you will need to pay to access more in-depth programming training.

Mimo is the most effective way to learn to program languages ​​through mobile devices. The app helps you to improve your skills in building mobile apps, websites, or even become a developer.

Mimo also creates a personalized learning path for each user of exercises that matches their daily routine and keeps you motivated. You can also code and join over six million programmers worldwide on programming projects. Many famous technology magazines voted, and Mimo has become one of the best self-improvement applications of 2018 on Google Play.

Mimo provides knowledge of many popular programming languages ​​in the world, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, C++, SQL, PHP, and Java programming. You will start with the path from learning to code, making apps, games, and websites to becoming a developer. You can track your learning, collect achievements, badges, and join the community of over six million members.

Background Story: Creating Mimo

The Swift Playgrounds app, which is a new application for iPad dedicated to learning the Swift programming language, is slowly turning ​​learning to code not only on the desktop and mobile devices. But this app is just for teaching kids to code in Swift while the new app of Mimo comes with brief lessons is not just for Swift, but also HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL.

Mimo breaks computer science lessons into diverting chapters for allowing coders to practice programming in lessons and complete in minutes. As a result, learning to code becomes a daily habit every time you have free time. Each lesson in Mimo starts with a brief sentence, a snippet of code you interact with, and a motivational comment that displays after each interaction. The app also helps players to collect points, badges, and other achievements.

Currently, Mimo has courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, C++, and SQL to introduce new programming. Mimo plans to expand over time, with alternative courses adding every two weeks and adding topics like hacking, machine learning, R, Raspberry Pi, and Terminal.

The idea behind Mimo came from Johannes Berger (CEO), Henry Ameseder (COO), Dennis Daube (CTO), and Lorenz Schimek (CPO). All of them have the technical knowledge, except Ameseder graduated in economics with software development experience.

Three people had worked together to develop the Swifty app. Berger built the app in the last year of college, and the team reunited after we scoured the app on Product Hunt the previous year. Besides that, others are offering to help develop the design, expand to Android, and market the app. According to Ameseder, Swifty has earned one million downloads and generated $100,000 since launch.

App teams are interested in the growing number of people with short attention spans, and those who spend a lot of their idle time playing games and surfing social media. According to Ameseder, “With Mimo, we want to build an app that allows us to maximize our time with something fun and meaningful. If our hypothesis is correct, most busy people will use the app on trains while waiting.”

The app is not only suitable for those aged 18-35 but also for 8-year-old students. In the long run, the team believes they can extend the concept of these short courses in computer science. The Mimo’s website also offers to develop similar resources for other subjects such as business, finance, test preparation, and mathematics.

Installation and In-App Purchases

First, learners will sign up for a free Mimo account and explore in-app topics to find your area of ​​interest. There will be two random free courses in Mimo. If you want to learn more, you can subscribe to Mimo Premium for $49.99, or you can download the Mimo for free via this link. Mimo users get unlimited access to all in-app coding courses, including premium features such as bookmark management, offline access, and useful content recommendations.

Every course in the Mimo Service is available for at least two free chapters. From here, you can sign up for a yearly Mimo Premium account to access all additional courses, chapters, extensions, and courses besides the chief topic. We will pay the cost through the iTunes account linked to your credit card. It is an automatic renewal subscription unless you turn off this feature at least 24 hours before the end of the first subscription year.

Along with Swifty, Kodable, and KSWEB: server + PHP + MySQL, Mimo for iOS is a better choice for iPhone users who want to learn to code right on a mobile device. The advantage of mobile programming courses is that you can flexibly study time and accumulate knowledge anytime, anywhere. The curriculum is compact and easy to understand, including free content for new learners and advanced sections for you to purchase if needed. From now on, self-learning to code is no longer a barrier because you have Mimo.

How to Code on Mimo?

When you learn to program, it can overwhelm. There is a lot to learn, and the best way to learn something great is to break it down into manageable sections. Because of this, we immediately introduce you to Mimo. We tried to explore many code learning applications and immediately felt that what we did not know was piling up around us.

But with Mimo, we can choose our goal, such as creating an app or creating a website. So, the app set us on a track starting from the absolute basics. Also, at the end of each course, Mimo has a section for practicing what you have learned. We will dive into more about what the Mimo app does and why we love it below.

When you select a track to follow, the Mimo app gets you started at an absolute beginner level. We appreciate that because we feel it is easy to stop coding before you can start. But when you can learn the digestible information, your fire of curiosity will increase. The app does not ask you to answer questions you do not know the answers to. Instead, it instructs you while asking you to interact along the way. At the end of each section, the app asks you to apply what you have learned.

For example, you are working on the Make a Website track. The first section is HTML, and it has five lessons. At the end of the section, there is an ultimate exercise called Creating a Website. Here, the app asks you to use what you have learned so far to code a simple blog. We learn something by doing it. So, we feel like this exercise at the end of each section is a huge part of why Mimo is a great app for learning to code.

Overall Assessments

Before we continue, we want to talk about our frustration with this app. We think the developers of Mimo are screwing it up in one way, which is not enough free content. The biggest drawback of this app is that Mimo does not give you a chance to fall in love with the app before asking for money.

Once the developers offer a 14-day free trial or something similar, we think the number of shocking reviews will drop to zero. And Mimo could become the go-to app for learning to program. Personally, nothing frustrates us more than they have taught us something like we already know.

We have already talked about some of our strongest reasons to love this app. The developer makes the app for beginners to learn the language of coding. And it has an exercise at the end of each section. So, you can apply what you have learned.

Mimo does a fantastic job of focusing on the details next to the big picture. It allows you to understand how to apply what you are learning. Besides, the app keeps you engaged in learning by having the ability to select responses throughout the lesson. This method works great, as they both absorb information and need to show what you just learned.

Final Words

Knowing how to program early will not be something optional because over the years it increasingly requires this quality. When finding a new job, it will soon be necessary to know some programs. Because in many areas, it is essential to create small programs that perform simple tasks.

The app is developed by an international team of IT experts who made it available for both Android and iOS. It is proof that the world continues to move at high speed toward information technology.

The app premium may seem high at first glance, but Mimo Premium APK does a magnificent job with short, interactive, and fun lessons. In fact, with Mimo, you learn how to create a video game, a site, and an app for Android and iOS by learning the languages ​​Swift, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, and Kotlin.

Learning to code might seem boring if we take a book and start reading, but this time we’re going to talk about an iPhone and iPad app that lets you learn in a fun way.

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