Durak MOD APK 19.0 (Unlocked)

Durak MOD APK 19.0 (Unlocked)

February 29, 2024


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At a party, friends’ meeting, class reunion, etc., there is nothing better than playing some fun games together. Some potential choices may be Truth or Dare, board games such as Monopoly, Bang!, or pokers. However, in Russia, if a Russian asks you to play something with him or her, it is undoubtedly Durak.

Durak app game was released and developed by Appscraft not so long ago. Although it is a Russian game, many players across the world are enjoying it with a lot of fun. If you do not know what Durak means, it is a card game that is very well-known in the majority of the post-Soviet states, and it is used as a drinking game with the loser required to drink a glass of vodka. Durak is like normal card games, such as UNO, but with different rules for players to follow.


Whether you have known and learned about Durak before, a clear tutorial will still be given to you when you first enter the game. Do not worry if you forget about the rules, the game is going to give you specific information that you need. The main mission of this game is to get rid of others’ cards. At the end of the game, the last player who still has cards is called the Durak or the fool. It sounds simple, right? However, while playing, you will need a clever strategy to defeat other players.

The game uses a pack of 36 cards with six low to Ace high inclusive, unlike the normal pack of 52 cards. Each player is given six cards, after that the top card of the remaining deck is revealed. Let’s find out more about Durak in the features section.


Understandable and exciting gameplay

Thanks to a comprehensible tutorial with steps, players can easily enjoy the game without any difficulties. The main page contains everything you need: offline and online games, rewards, the player’s information, in which you can change your avatar and see information about your games and achievements, and the settings. The control can be simply used by tapping on the desired cards and objects to play.

For those who are not familiar with the game, Durak contains tricks and strategies that can help players win even when they are about to lose. The rules are not hard to follow, but it is quite challenging to win. As I have mentioned above, you will lose when everyone is out of cards except you. Try to win everyone else and stay away from drinking like the real Durak game.

Durak screen 1

How to play

In Durak, you can play with bots or real players around the world. You can choose to play against one, two, or three opponents as the maximum of players can only be four. The app allows players to use double tap to pass or round ends as well as organize by dragging the cards. When players have no cards to attack, they can quickly tap two times on the screen to drag cards to end the attack. The game is played on a warm dark wood-grain table so that players will feel like they are playing an actual game.

The player who has the lowest card can begin the game by attacking the player to their left. They will attack by pulling out one or more cards of the same number. The player beside must defend by drawing higher cards to beat each card. If the rest has the same number of cards played by the previous player, they can use those to attack.

If player B cannot defend, they will take all the played cards to their hand. The others must draw back up to six cards. If player B successfully beats all the cards, the played cards can be removed, and they keep drawing back up to six cards in clockwise order. And then so on. Another rule is if the defending player pulls out the same number as the attacking card, the attack will be passed on to the player next to the defending one. However, remember that attacking cards cannot be passed on the first turn.

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After the game

Playing a game without rewards or punishments is no fun. For the winners, they will receive prizes such as cheering words while the Durak (loser one) receives nothing besides being informed “You lose”. If ordinary cards look boring, players can customize their own cards in the settings with images from their mobile devices.

Durak screen 3


The strategy comes from when a player decides to complete the defense or not. This decision will depend on what cards are in the opponent’s hands and how do you know if they have higher cards or not. Another strategy is to attack the others with high cards that they cannot defend, which will make them keep picking up cards from the deck. The result is that they are prevented from playing the game, which allows you to draw better cards.

In multiplayer mode, you may feel nervous while playing because it is not possible to know what the others will play. Nevertheless, stay confident, and you will win the game in no time.

Durak screen 4

Unlocked features

Durak Mod APK has unlocked every content so that players can freely play and enjoy the game. They do not have to simply stop at playing Durak with bots or real players, as other types of games are also excitedly intriguing.


For such a simple game like Durak with only cards and basic settings, the design team has done a great job. I do not expect this game to have such a stunning look with 3D visuals and a high frame rate. Because Durak does not require a high resolution, no bugs or glitches occur during the gameplay.

The game also has fun music and sound effects that make Durak more entertaining and enjoyable. When I played with my international friends while listening to the soundtracks, I felt so comfortable with the game.


All in all, Durak is such a worth-playing game that will not waste your precious time. You can enjoy the game all by yourself or with the players around the world. Play this game and show everyone your moves!

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