Car Dealer Simulator MOD APK 55 (Free Shopping)

Car Dealer Simulator MOD APK 55 (Free Shopping)

August 11, 2023


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Are you looking for a unique type of game that you have never heard of? Specifically, a game with buying and selling cars? In the world of gaming, multiple games are launched every day, and keeping players’ attention requires fascinating and addictive gameplay. I have played and reviewed a variety of car-related-games, and honestly, this game I am about to say is undoubtedly a distinctive game with such surprising features.

In 2016, Appscraft launched a game title called “Car Dealer Simulator”. Thanks to its uniqueness, the game has been warmly welcomed ever since, and only by its title, you know what the game is going to be about, buying and selling cars. I bet most of you have not even heard of this type of game and that is one of the reasons that makes it stand out among all. If the introduction is not appealing enough to you, let’s keep on reading to find out why “Car Dealer Simulator” is worth playing.


When you first enter the game, you will be guided by a somewhat truck driver look-alike man through a tutorial with clear steps and instructions. Players will start at the bottom of their career with a few capabilities and a small amount of money. The instructor will help you purchase your first car with your low budget.

While playing, you will notice that every car has problems, even the one that the buyer said there is none. Players will have to buy damaged cars, repair them, and sell them for profit. After that, they can scout around for a more attractive offer on the marketplace. As you play “Car Dealer Simulator”, you will start growing your business, earn profits and have the ability to buy more expensive cars. The more you play, the more you learn about the game and how to be a professional at it.


The gameplay is uncomplicated and easy to understand

In “Car Dealer Simulator”, players will become a car dealer with the mission is to buy and sell as many cars as possible. There are a lot of ways to make money in this world, and car dealing is one of them. Cars have become one of the most important aspects of our daily life, and before buying one, we have to make sure that it is in a good condition. This game is no exception.

To buy a car, you will have to call the seller. Players will be given details on the car they are buying by the owner by choosing the “ask for condition” button. If the car is not up to what you are expecting, you can move on to another one. Players can also ask for a discount if the car is too pricey.

In order to make sure that the car seller is giving accurate information, players can check the documents, the engine, the transmission, the suspension, the electronics, and the body of the car and look out for problems. Do not worry if the car has many broken pieces, you can still repair them. Cars with malfunctions cannot be sold, so remember to fix them first. Players can either choose quality repair with high price or low-quality repair with low price. If you do not want to wait, you can choose low-quality repair. Quality repair takes a long period of time but will give you better performance.

Players can also use energy to fast forward the repairing process. Each problem you fix will make the car’s price go higher. Remember to continue repairing all the broken parts so that your car can be sold at the best price.

After fixing the problems and double-checking for any serious ones, players can put the car on sale at a higher price according to its condition and wait for potential buyers to contact. It is obvious that if your car is not entirely fixed and you tend to sell it with a costly deal, there is a lower chance that anyone would notice the car. And if there is anyone who is interested in your car deal, you can check what gadgets that the buyer uses to examine the car and what problems they have found.


To diagnose and examine what problems the cars currently have, players will have to use suitable gadgets. Remember to check the car carefully, some problems need a certain type of gadgets to check. If you do not own a specific one for that problem, you can leave it there and look out for another car that meets what you have.

A variety of cars to deal with

In “Car Dealer Simulator”, players will be facing with all types of transportations, from the oldest cars to the newest editions as well as cars that are only available in specific countries, such as the Tuk-Tuk car. Each car is given enough information so that players can know if this car is suitable or what it will need after purchasing it.


Players can see all the details of their job in the career section. In this category, players’ technician level, as well as the current level, will be displayed with full information.


The exhibition can be known as competitions in this game. Car dealers will display their best car in their garage, and others can vote for the one that they prefer. The exhibition tab shows the winners in the exhibition as well as the top six participants.

If you want to receive rewarding prices such as money and energies as well as rare gadgets, you are always welcomed to participate in the competitions.

Free shopping

Even though Car Dealer Simulator Mod APK does not offer unlimited money or energy, players still have the ability to shop freely without any hesitation. You can purchase any car you prefer, repair and bring it to the best condition, then sell it to earn more money.


“Car Dealer Simulator” has a fun look with a simple but attractive design. The game is designed in a vertical direction, which makes it easier and more comfortable to play. The best thing is that all cars look super realistic, every detail is drawn carefully, the colors are harmonious to each other. Another advantage is that if there are any bugs, faults, or anything that you are not satisfied with while playing, you can write an email or leave a review right in the game. How convenient is that!

The soundtracks and sound effects are easy and fun to listen to. I think they definitely provide the players with a comfortable atmosphere while playing.


You can never go wrong with a quirky, amusing game when you need something to relax after a long pressure day. “Car Dealer Simulator” is highly recommended by many players for its addictive gameplay and intriguing visuals.

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