Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.6.72 (Unlimited Money)

Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.6.72 (Unlimited Money)

November 28, 2023


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Rappid Studios
66.99 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Epic Battle Simulator 2 is an amazing 3D strategy puzzle game on mobile. You create powerful armies, build your cunning strategy, choose the right army, and wage a fierce battle. The game has a lot of different levels, and you need a sensible strategy to win many other players in real time. You build an army like “Grow Castle“, and try to improve your army to win. The game is full of interesting ragdoll effects. The game supports a multiplayer mode, and you can do a lot to be successful in matches.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 impresses with clever tactics from a robot opponent. You struggle with advanced tactics, and great algorithms. The game possesses excellent 3D graphics, and advanced AI. The game definitely brings great experiences in top battles. Throughout the game, you have the opportunity to enjoy interesting Ragdoll effects, and physics effects. The game offers a wide selection of tactics, and you can upgrade your army up to three levels. You have to think ahead of the improvements in equipment, and great stats. The game has a large ranking system, and many players to compete and socialize. The game has an improved 3D graphics engine, so the battles will become more interesting. You also get a lot of tactical assistance from the intelligent army, and enjoy the most amazing battles. The other plus points of the game are the great sound, and the captivating music.

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Epic Battle Simulator 2 delivers exciting battles through real-time strategy gameplay. You are the leader, and you are tasked with recruiting troops for the army, and deploying the appropriate gameplay depending on the battle. The game requires a high level of observation, so you need to focus on watching the battle to make a suitable change decision. The game allows you to move the camera from side to side and change the angle of view, from here you can observe the overall match. The severity of the game is like “Grow Castle”. The game does not allow you to participate directly, but you need to make important decisions to decide the outcome of the match. The game offers a dozen different units, including knight, shield, gladiator, musketeer, archer and other interesting unit. Each unit has a specific price, and its own attributes. You need to create your own gameplay through the strengths of each piece, and your budget. Try to do your best to win as soon as the battle starts, because everything will happen very quickly. If you win, you will level up and be able to participate in the next battle with the bonus amount. On the contrary, if you are defeated, you will have to study the right match, and start the battle again. Gameplay is not too difficult to grasp, and you need to do a lot to win your opponents. The game has followed the success of season 1, and many bright improvements. You can control more units, advance more levels, and experience beautiful graphics. The game brings a more complete competitive experience than the first.

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Epic Battle Simulator 2 promises epic battles through the freedom to combine, and its own golden squad. You try to arrange your army in a reasonable way to win the enemy’s formation. You need to choose the right units to crush the enemy in the shortest time. Like “Grow Castle”, the game allows you to experience a variety of troops such as archers, turrets, spearmen and melee soldiers. The game has great gameplay, and you can fully deploy your army at will. The game brings great battles through interesting ragdoll effects. Another plus point of the game is the improved graphics platform, and the intelligence of AI. If you participate in the matches, then you will feel the authenticity of the game screen. You can launch various types of large-scale warfare, joint battles, and join PKs with many other players. The game also has a unique combat mode, so get ready to passionate duels with others.

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Epic Battle Simulator 2 successfully simulates the most realistic and accurate battles. You should plan your strategy, and arrange soldiers appropriately to create fierce bloodshed. In short, the game helps you experience the greatest battles in history, and all are rendered vividly right on the computer screen. You unlock combat units, upgrade your troops and lead thousands of troops to win. The game attracts players with interesting ragdoll effects, and sharp 3D graphics. You will clearly see the severity of the battle through the confrontation of the spearmen, and the rifles. Get ready to join some challenging levels to fight the AI, and create the best battles. Like the challenge from “Grow Castle”, the game really succeeds when it comes to engaging players in exciting multiplayer battles. You have to put in a lot of effort to win, and get high on custom leaderboards.

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  • Realistic physics effects, and interesting Ragdoll.
  • Unlock units, upgrade your army with improvements in stats and equipment.
  • AI is intelligent and extremely difficult to destroy.
  • Global multiplayer ranking system.
  • 3D graphics are significantly improved, everything is more realistic.
  • Attractive and great sound.


  • Not much challenge, the tactics are still rudimentary.
  • AI has not had many breakthrough steps.
  • Cute graphics do not perfectly describe the fierce.

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