Euro Train Simulator 2 MOD APK 2024.2 (Unlocked)

Euro Train Simulator 2 MOD APK 2024.2 (Unlocked)

Highbrow Interactive Unlocked

There are a lot of transports such bike, car, airplane, ship, … The train is also one of the preferred transports of people who want to go to a far place because of the high safety level. There is a game that has simulated the trains. That is Euro Train Simulator 2. The game inherited the best things of Euro Train Simulator – the game is very successful at simulating driving the train and many different things. Take part in Euro Train Simulator 2 and discover the new things.

Travel around Euro by the different trains

Euro Train Simulator 2 is one of the featured games that has been created and offered by Highbrow Interactive. They are a digital company based in Chennai, India, specializing in Game Production, Virtual Reality and Augmented reality with over 7 years of experience. You can install the game free on mobile devices and tablets. Euro Train Simulator 2 is available on both Google Play and App Store. The game is just for simple player. You can play the game without the Internet connection.

In Euro Train Simulator 2, the trains will take you to many places in Euro. A modern city with a lot of buildings, endless field. Or the city with art architecture buildings always has a luxury beauty like Paris. You can look at the beauty of mountains with countless high trees. Moreover, this is also an opportunity for you to travel to the beautiful countries with famous destinations such as Germany, France. The publisher will add more train operators and routes from UK, Belgium, Spain and Italy in future updates. So you can go to many place more. Besides, you will drive many trains with different shapes and colors.

There are 2 famous trains in the world (ICE3, DB142) and a range of freight trains. Exclusive payload for various freight compartments. Car transporter, Coal Wagon, Oil tankers, … The train is also divided into many classes. Passenger seating area with first class, second class, execute cabin. You can find restaurant, bar and restroom on the train.

In addition, smooth 3D graphic helps the game to become more lively. Railway and station look so life – like. Human also has basic movements such as walk or stand at the station to wait for the train. The hyper-realistic dynamic weather system of the game will bring real journeys for the player. And if you notice carefully, you can see the movement of clouds. Experience day and night with incredible night detail and shadow. Besides, sound is very realistic. You can hear static agent speaking about the departure time of the trains. The train whistles in the distance. The sound of the train is running.

Become a professional train driver

In Euro Train Simulator 2, the players will be the new train driver so they will be instructed how to drive the train. You will have an own training course at Train Academy. First Day At Work is also the first chapter that you play. The first level introduces you to the basics of driving a locomotive.

First, you need power on the engine so that the train can run. Passengers are an indispensable part of the trains. Now open the doors so that passengers can board the train. Our train will have the doors on both the left side and right side. You need to see the platform is on the left side or right side to open the correct doors. After the passengers has boarded the train, you have to close the doors. To open or close the doors, you need to click on icon that has the image of the door is in the top – right of screen. Next you need to gradually push the throttle up to move the engine. There is a lever on the left, let’s push it. When your train is approaching the destination, you need to slow it down by pulling the throttle down. But if your train runs past the destination, you will have to reverse it. Click on the arrow button and push the lever up to reverse it.

Throttle, braking, realistic wiper, cab light and headlights, horn and pantograph are available to the driver and are required to be operated for certain objectives in Career Mode. You need to learn how to use them and practice more when you are at Train Academy. There are 10 levels in your train course. And after you have graduated from Train Academy, you can become the professional train driver in Euro Train Simulator 2. In addition to First Day At Work, there are 8 interesting chapters in the Career mode. You will have many journeys to the beautiful places thank to the levels of chapters. To play these chapters, you need gems to unlock them. Unlock Achievements and complete them to earn lots of Gold and Gems.

Camera angles and languages

There are up to 22 camera angles in Euro Train Simulator 2. This allows the players to control the train with many views and helps you to see the train from the different angle. For example, Front, Driver, Dashboard, Reverse, Signal, Side, Orbit, and so on. The detailed view will show fully functional levers and switches. The needles and gauges work depending on the condition of the train. But with the Orbit angle, you can see the whole of the train and scenery around. Select the orbit angle to get the 360-degree view of the train. To switch to the different camera angle, press a dropdown menu on the top-left to see your options.

To support many players in the world, the publisher has provided 6 different languages for the players. Those languages are English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian. Many languages will help the player to understand the game better. You can confirm the language to display when you start the game. You can choose it in Setting of the game.

The high-quality, feature-rich railroad simulation game

With an intuitive, easy to use interface, Euro Train Simulator 2 helps the players to complete varied scenarios more easily. Besides, graphic is very realistic and detailed. You can see the whole of control systems of the train, from the levers to the needles and gauges. Vivid sound and weather system will bring the real experiences for you. Two game modes make the game more interesting. The players will have to unlock the new trains and routes in the Career Mode. But with the Custom Mode, you will craft your own trip and assemble the special engine with Engine Builder. These elements show that Euro Train Simulator 2 is the high-quality and feature-rich railroad simulation game.

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