Train Simulator MOD APK 0.2.48 (Unlimited Money)

Train Simulator MOD APK 0.2.48 (Unlimited Money)

March 6, 2023


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Azur Interactive Games Limited
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Unlimited Money

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The people need trains to move from places to the others. The economy needs infrastructures to transport human and resources across the regions. Businesses need the trains to move and relocate their goods. And the list goes on. The train infrastructures in a region is the key element that contribute greatly to that region’s economic growth.

And by becoming a train tycoon in this awesome mobile title of Train Simulator: Railroad Game, Android gamers can be the one to help the economy thrives from its poor conditions. Help enterprises and factories connect with their customers and available businesses with your transport network. Unlock many upgrades and expansions to bring new transportations to the regions. Help it grows and become the ultimate gaming tycoon.

Learn more about this awesome mobile title from Azur Interactive Game Limited and all of its interesting features with our comprehensive reviews.


Here in Train Simulator: Railroad Game, Android gamers will have their chance to go back to the early 20th century in North America, where infrastructures are still their all time low. Businesses, enterprises, factories, and regular citizens are all suffering because of the lack of transportations. And it’s time for everything to change, as you begin growing your transportation businesses and expand to many regions.

Take full control of your different locomotives and use them for many transportation purposes. Enjoy the realistic and authentic gameplay of train driving and simulation, as you take yours through many different terrains and locations. Build infrastructures to connect your transportation system between the regions. Help people and businesses to travel from places to places using your many locomotives. Unlock many upgrades to modify and enhance the trains so you can take on more demanding orders. Grow your businesses and become the ultimate train tycoon of the early 20th century.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Realistic train control mechanics

With Train Simulator: Railroad Game, Android gamers can enjoy the realistic gameplay of train driving simulator, in which they can take full control of the vehicle and guide them through many routes using the provided control mechanics. Have access to all the important controls and indicators which will allow you to be captain of your own train. Feel free to control the speed, movements, and other aspects of the vehicle when it’s moving and stationing. Plus, the game will let you control the loading of goods and the cabins on your train. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the authentic train controls to the fullest.

Train Simulator screen 1

Enjoy the advanced and authentic train management gameplay

By featuring the advanced and authentic train management gameplay, Train Simulator: Railroad Game gamers can now have absolute fun playing the game with many of their favorite locomotives. Feel free to enjoy advance train management, in which you can take full control of your fleet and take on different transporting jobs. Work on delivering various cargos through many routes, take care of the relations between train stations, manage and develop your new routes to connect the stations, build your businesses and also help the economy develop.

Grow your fleet with many trains available

To make the game a lot more fun, Train Simulator: Railroad Game gamers will have their chances to collect and take control of many cool and unique locomotives. Unlock and have the best trains at your own disposal. Choose the best vehicles to handle your certain transportation jobs. Like Euro Train Simulator 2 and Indian Train Simulator, the game will make sure that you can always find the best trains for your many orders.

Train Simulator screen 2

Feel free to make your own upgrades

Here in Train Simulator: Railroad Game, Android gamers are introduced to many amazing trains, and also a deliberate upgrade system, which will allow them to freely upgrade their locomotives in many ways. Collect money and make uses of many available upgrades so you can have new equipment installed on your certain trains. Enjoy the deliberate upgrades and enhance your trains according to your own preferences.

Many challenging tasks and orders

With the many unique tasks and orders, Train Simulator: Railroad Game gamers can enjoy delivering all kinds of goods through different terrains and regions. Enjoy playing the addictive gameplay of transportation simulation, where you get to transport different cargos. Get ready to accept losses to protect your trains during unpredictable situations. Complete tasks and keep going for more so you can expand your train tycoon empire while also helping the economic to thrive.

Train Simulator screen 3

A massive in-game worlds with many regions

Here in Train Simulator: Railroad Game, Android gamers are also introduced to the massive in-game worlds, featuring many different regions and expandable elements. Enjoy realistic in-game experiences as you help the poor regional economies to grow. Discover many different locations where you can get your transportation jobs and connect with the others as you progress in the game. Unlock new locations and also expand your locomotive tycoon businesses by building new railroads to connect them.

Dynamic weather conditions and terrain effects

And by featuring many different locations spreading across the North America regions, Train Simulator: Railroad Game also brings the dynamic weather conditions and varied in-game terrains into your cargo rides. Experience the sudden changes of weather and many terrain effects as the captain. Make sure to always come up with the best decisions to help your crew get through the many deserts, cities, forests, swamps, mountains, and so on.

Train Simulator screen 4

Enjoy the offline game on the go

To make the game a lot more accessible, Train Simulator: Railroad Game gamers can now enjoy their in-game experiences without having to connect to the Internet. Here, the offline mobile game offers many of its features for mobile gamers to enjoy on the go. There is no need to turn on your mobile data or to look for active Wi-Fi connections, just to play the game.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can always pick up the free game from the Google Play Store and start having fun with many in-game features. Just keep in mind that the free game will come with ads. And if you want to unlock its complete features, you’ll still need to pay for the in-game purchases.

Enjoy the modded version of the game on our website

For those of you who are interested in the full gameplay of Train Simulator: Railroad Game but don’t want to pay for the premium app, you can now enjoy the modded version of the game on our website instead. Here we offer the unlocked app with removed ads and unlimited money for you to enjoy. All you need is to download the Train Simulator Mod APK, follow the given instructions to have it properly installed, and the game should be ready for you to enjoy.

Visual and sound quality


By featuring beautiful 2D models of hand-drawn locomotives of the 20th century, together with the beautiful wilderness of many North America regions, Train Simulator: Railroad Game will allow Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in their exciting cargo rides. Plus, the interesting animations and cool visual effects will also make the game a lot more immersive.

Sound & Music

Together with cool graphics and interesting visuals, Train Simulator: Railroad Game also features powerful sound effects and exciting soundtracks to keep you fully engaged in the epic train rides at the Wild West.

Final thoughts

Get ready to engage yourself in this awesome mobile title of Train Simulator: Railroad Game, in which gamers can take full controls of the epic locomotives of the earlier century. Build their train simulator businesses while also helping to connect the regions and grow a stronger economy with your train infrastructure.

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