Euro Truck Evolution MOD APK 4.2 (Unlimited Money)

Euro Truck Evolution MOD APK 4.2 (Unlimited Money)

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Unlike other popular games on the market like League of Legends or Dota 2, Euro Truck Evolution is not fighting, scouting, or shooting games at all. It is merely a game product for gamers who love speed and want to roam all the roads.

Euro Truck Evolution will let you become a premium container driver, delivering cargo to the beautiful cities of every European country. In many countries with different laws, you will experience driving in the local style and getting arrested by the police for breaking. The game is attractive to people who love speed. Besides, we will have unique map experiences of European countries.

The advantage of this game is the images on Euro Truck Evolution are super similar to reality, including the typical landscapes of Paris with the Eiffel towers or London with the Big Ben clock. Of course, it requires both a system of graphic cards and ultra-high-end imaging work.

General Information

With Euro Truck Evolution, players will become a proper driver. You are free to choose from different trucks according to your preferences. Travel across many countries from Europe, visit scenic places like Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Paris, and many cities.

Euro Truck Evolution is a fun driving simulation game that comes with clear and intuitive picture effects. In the realistic picture, players will simulate driving a well-equipped European truck and then drive around the map. During the driving process, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the road and enjoy driving with fun.

There are a variety of scenes, and pictures allow players to simulate driving challenges. Players need to use their excellent driving skills to make themselves safe. There are many types of European trucks, and different truck sizes have many appearances. Players can choose their favorite European trucks and start their fun driving journey. The game comes with exquisite graphics, beautiful and atmospheric screen design, and various realistic and natural truck models that provide players with a real driving challenge experience.

Euro Truck Evolution exquisitely portrays the truck’s image. Players can enjoy the excitement and tension of driving European trucks and drive European trucks to move freely in changeable scenes.

Players can change directions in time at the corners. So, the players can drive European trucks normally and steadily with exciting driving gameplay and unlimited joy.

Game Operation

Euro Truck Evolution requires a minimum operating system of Windows 7, CPU: Intel Dual-core CPU clocked at 2.4 GHz, followed by basic RAM with 4 GB to multitasking if you play games while listening to music. The game has beautiful graphics, so the power of the graphics in the computer needs to be enhanced by the graphics card system from GeForce GTS 450-class (Intel HD 4000) is the most basic.

With the configuration of 3GB hard disk space, you can play the Euro Truck Evolution at a basic level. It may lag a bit when you move the terrain or increase the speed of the shipment. Sometimes, the image will also break a bit that affects the race.

A minimum configuration of playing Euro Truck Evolution will not be as efficient as this recommended configuration. The advantage of the recommended configuration is not too expensive to buy or build a laptop computer playing Euro Truck Evolution. You will need an operating system called Windows 8 or 10 (64-bit). Recently, players will use Windows 10 all for beautiful graphic designs. Next is to ask for processor chip Intel Quad-core CPU clocked at about 3.0 GHz if you can use the Core i5 line is the most reasonable. Next to RAM: 6 GB of support for stunning in-game visuals, transitions, and sound of the car could not be faster.

Using a GeForce GTX 760 2GB graphics card, the display is unbroken. It ruins the appeal of the machine, making you uncomfortable. As for images of cities, the sharpness is even more perfect. It is something to consider when choosing a gaming computer Euro Truck Evolution with 3 GB of free space available.

Overall Assessments

Euro Truck Evolution is an excellent driving simulation game that provides players with detailed maps. And some trucks are very close to real life. There are many vehicles and choices for players to experience driving. The feeling of a truck driving to your favorite city is fascinating. Download it and have a try!

Euro Truck Evolution makes you a real truck driver. This truck simulator features European trucks and has many customization features. It provides an exciting driving experience that makes you feel like driving a real truck. You will travel from Europe to many countries, visit Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Paris and many other incredible places. Play the career mode of this truck simulator, make money, buy new trucks and upgrades, and explore the world of freight. Challenge to show off your custom truck with your friends and online multiplayer mode. Finally, become the king of the road by playing European truck driver!

Euro Truck Evolution is a unique truck simulation business game. This game sets the scene on the European continent. We can select more trucks and choose different trucks for transportation tasks. Players will complete the order each time the road is full of dangers. There are several weather modes. If you encounter rain and snow, you must drive carefully. If there is an accident, the loss will be serious. The best advantage is realism.

The background is a super-realistic highway scene on the European continent, and every detail of the large truck is designed very delicately. Added a variety of weather scenes, do not think that you will not have to worry about the weather in the game. If you do not drive well, accidents will happen. Complete customer orders, charge a certain commission, operate your truck transportation company carefully, and expand your business to more places.

The gameplay of this game is simple. The time shows the driving experience of your old driver with the effect of the first perspective. In daily life, not everyone can drive to the truck. You can see the scenery along the way that is Western scenery. Euro Truck Evolution is a simulation game that must not be missed. Earn more money to exchange for a better truck. The higher the truck level, the better the experience.

Recommended Alternative: Euro Truck Driver 2018

Euro Truck Driver 2018 is a brand-new European truck driver driving simulation mobile phone game with delicate game graphics, realistic game scenes, and more realistic truck driving. The world is driving trucks to tour, and you can complete missions to unlock better trucks.

Final Words

Euro Truck Evolution MOD APK provides players with a super realistic simulation of the traffic environment and various scene maps, allowing you to drive freely. There are a variety of truck types and styles that players can freely choose realistic car interior design. It allows you to wander around famous cities.

In Euro Truck Evolution, you can give full play to your truck driving skills and operate flexibly. So, you can experience extreme speed more efficiently. The game also provides players with over ten European truck brands, allowing them to own your truck. You will experience a more realistic truck driving experience and feel this exciting challenge. Finally, travel freely between different cities, allowing you to experience more city-style!

The operation method of this game is straightforward, mainly to test the player’s ability to drive trucks. You can make more money through your efforts to buy better trucks. The more expensive the truck, the more advanced it is, and the easier it is to drive.

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