Family Hotel MOD APK 10.14 (Unlimited Money)

Family Hotel MOD APK 10.14 (Unlimited Money)

May 5, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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The exciting games of match-three puzzles and romantic adventures in Family Hotel will definitely keep you hooked to its stories and gameplay.


Looking for a fun and exciting game of match-three puzzles with classic and innovative mechanics to keep you hooked to the endless levels? Interested in an amazing story with charming characters, cool plots, interesting turns of events, and exciting adventures? Then this awesome game of Family Hotel will definitely impress you with its many cool features and in-game elements.

Have fun playing the endless puzzle challenges while having fun with the satisfying game of hotel remodeling and designing in Family Hotel. Let loose of your imaginations to enjoy working on the most creative and amazing house designs, as you turn the old and rundown mansion into an amazing establishment with a simple touch of a hand. At the same time, also join the characters in their many adventures, which will allow you to really be a part of the stories.

Find out more about this awesome mobile title and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews of Family Hotel.

Story & Gameplay

Here in Family Hotel, Android gamers will join Emily, a young and aspiring lady in her quest to become the best hotel owner. And joining her in this new adventure is Max, the clumsy yet honest and talented manager. Together with your help, they’ll turn the old and rundown hotel into an amazing establishment that are famous and loved by others.

Enjoy an exciting game of hotel builder as you reconstruct, design, and furnish the different hotel rooms and exteriors with your own styles. Prepare the hotel and welcome guests when they arrive at your hotel. Make sure to provide the best services to gain their affections and recommendations. Build your reputations and enjoy having the best hotel simulation experiences in the game.

At the same time, also join the characters in their own stories, as you discover romance, mysteries, actions, and many unique in-game elements. Never find yourself having a dull moment in this exciting game of Family Hotel.

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Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and easy to play

To start with, Family Hotel gamers will have no troubles getting comfortable with the game and enjoying its many features on their mobile devices, thanks to the simple mechanics and touch controls. Here, all you need is to work on the hotel designs, remodels, and reconstructions projects using your own styles and tastes. Feel free to choose whichever props, fixtures, or styles for your designs. And have no troubles diving into the match-three challenges to help you earn money, overcome troubles, and continue your journeys for hotel management.

Have fun with many addictive match-three levels

And speaking of which, Family Hotel will provide Android gamers with countless match-three games to enjoy on their mobile device whenever they want. Have no troubles entering the game with your refreshing match-three challenges, evolving gameplay, and escalating levels of difficulty, which will make the game remain relevant for as long as needed. At the same time, also enjoy the dynamic puzzle actions, powerful combos, and creative uses of power-ups, each allowing you to have the most fun with the game.

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Endless campaigns with many episodes

Get ready to enjoy the exciting game of Family Hotel with many awesome campaigns, each taking you to a new location and fun adventures. Have no troubles diving into the story-driven game of hotel management and puzzle challenges. Enjoy the escalating, evolving, and dynamic in-game adventures which will always keep you hooked to the entire experience.

Amazing storyline with captivating elements

Here in Family Hotel, Android gamers can enjoy the amazing storyline and have absolute fun with its captivating elements. Join the dynamic duos in their many exciting adventures and captivating stories in the game. Each allowing you to enjoy a whole new experience in the game. Choose your own actions and enjoy the different stories that develop as a result. Here, the amazing storyline and personalized experiences will make Family Hotel extremely fun and exciting.

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Create your own unique romantic experiences

For those of you who are interested, you can now create your own unique romance experiences in the game, simply by making choices and interacting with the game in your own ways. Have no troubles playing the exciting game of Family Hotel with unique romance stories and many choices available at your disposal.

Exciting quests and stories to follow

And to make the game more exciting, Family Hotel will provide gamers with creative quests, exciting stories, and addictive adventures. Not to mention that the many unique mini-games will keep you hooked to the mobile devices for hours on end. Never find yourself running out things to do in the game or fun experiences to enjoy on the go.

Family Hotel screen 3

Interesting cinematics and dialogues to tell the stories

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the many interesting cinematics and awesome dialogues in Family Hotel, which will allow you to fully immerse in the stories and have more fun playing the game. Enjoy realistic 3D animations with exciting conversations and interesting elements of storytelling. All of which will keep you hooked to the game for hours on end.

Offer choices for furnishing and decorations

Here in Family Hotel, Android gamers will have their own choices when it comes to furnishing and decorating the hotel. Feel free to browse between the many options and apply their chances to the hotel designs to see if they match before you decide to enable your new decorations. These will allow you to create the most amazing hotel with your own designs.

Explore the massive mansion and its surroundings

Throughout the game, Family Hotel gamers will have their chances to explore the massive mansions with amazing setups and incredible surroundings. Find yourself playing the exciting game of restorations and decorations in many different areas of the hotel, both inside and outside. Explore the different design styles and apply their new changes to your mansions however you want.

Sign in using Facebook for more features

To make the game more exciting, Family Hotel gamers can choose to log in with their Facebook account. This will present mobile gamers with their onetime lots of many cool rewards and power ups. In addition, you can unlock online leaderboards with your friends and online gamers from all over the world to compete for epic high scores. And most importantly, you can enjoy online saves and syncs in Family Hotel, which will protect your in-game processes and enable synchronizations between all connected devices.

Available in many languages

With the game being available in Russian, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, and many languages, mobile gamers will have no trouble playing Family Hotel on their mobile devices. Simply enter the game and select your native languages to have the most immersive and addictive gaming experiences with the mobile title.

Enjoy the game while offline

And to make the game more accessible, Family Hotel also offers its offline gameplay for mobile gamers to enjoy without having to be online. Simply enter the game and start having fun with many in-game features whenever you want. Here, there is no need for you to turn on the mobile data or to look for active Wi-Fi connections.

Free to play

Get ready to enjoy this amazing game of Family Hotel for free from the Google Play Store. Here, the free game is available for all your mobile devices and will allow you to enjoy many of its features without requiring any extra payments.

Have access to our free mod

However, with the free game still having ads and in-game purchases, mobile gamers might want to consider the modified version of Family Hotel on our website instead. Get ready to enjoy the modded game with removed ads and unlimited features that you can still get for free. All it takes is for you to download the Family Hotel Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Get ready to enjoy the exciting game of Family Hotel, in which gamers can have access to the beautiful hotel with amazing designs and stylistic interior. At the same time, also enjoy the puzzle and adventure game with interesting visual elements, cool animations, and powerful visual effects. All of which will make Family Hotel visually impressive to all of you.

Sound & Music

At the same time, also find yourself enjoying the beautiful soundtracks and responsive sound effects in the game, as they take you through the many in-game experiences. Enjoy the satisfying puzzle combos with epic sound effects. Have fun designing and transforming the hotel while listening to beautiful music. The list goes on.

Final thoughts

Together with Lily’s Garden and Manor Café, Family Hotel is another great mobile game for the creative minds to enjoy. Simply dive into the game and start enjoying your many story-driven puzzle challenges, in-game adventures, and character interactions. All of which will make Family Hotel stand out from most other games.

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