Fashion Empire MOD APK 2.102.43 (Unlimited Money)

Fashion Empire MOD APK 2.102.43 (Unlimited Money)

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Interested in playing elegant and beautiful fashion games? Looking to have fun with the multiple dresses, costumes, and accessories that you can have on your beauty models? Expecting a fashion game that also comes with captivating and exciting stories to keep you fully engaged? Then you’ll certainly find this awesome mobile title of Fashion Empire a great game to have on your Android devices.

Find yourself having access to the awesome gameplay of role playing where you’ll be able to start your own fashion businesses and attempt to build up your businesses into an entire empire. Engage in the exciting stories throughout the game, in which you’ll truly immerse in the character’s experiences and become one with the stories.

Learn more about this addictive fashion game and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews of Fashion Empire.


The game begins with you starting your own fashion design business in San Francisco where you just open your new shop and is expecting to make it big in the industry. With the help from your helpful mentor Eva, you’ll start your fashion design journeys. Make your very first sales and make uses of the collected money to start designing and upgrading your stores to impress the customers a lot more.

Level up your businesses to unlock new outfits and unique items from various categories. Get your new shoes, heals, bags, purses, dresses, costumes, accessories, cosmetics, and other beauty assets. Get your very first staff to help you with the booming businesses and expect to expand your businesses even further.

Find yourself moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and many others. Get to know many celebrities and stars who you can have fun dressing up. Make them looking absolutely beautiful to earn their supports in promoting your products. Grow your reputation and become a global sensation. Build your own fashion brand and start writing your own histories in the fashion industry.

It’s a great combination of both Fashion Tycoon and DIY Fashion Star, in which the game offers its addictive store management gameplay and also allows mobile gamers to have fun playing their DIY dress experiences. Enjoy making profits from your fashion businesses while also collect many cool outfits that you can try out the beautiful in-game characters. Fashion Empire is great for both tycoon lovers and fashion enthusiasts.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Build your own fashion empire

For those of you who are interested, you can enjoy starting your own fashion empire in the game and enjoy every bit of their amazing experiences. Feel free to sell cool dresses, mix and match your amazing dresses, expand your businesses, and start growing your great fortune in the game. Expect to make it big in the fashion industry as you create a name for yourself and turn your local brand into a global fashion empire.

Feel free to dress up others and yourself

Enjoy the exciting gameplay of fashion designs, in which the game provides gamers a huge collection of different items that they can work with. Feel free to collect all the most amazing dresses, suits, outfits and available accessories from various collections and unique themes so you can enjoy the in-game experiences to the fullest. Feel free to design your cool outfits for various occasions from the available items on your collection.

Dress yourself up in wonderful dresses and also introduce your staffs and customers to stunning outfits that will certainly make them stand out among the crowd. Collect many special designs, elite items, and signature fashion assets from the game so you can really enjoy your fashion gameplay.

Have fun working with the realistic in-game cosmetics

And at the same time, feel free to enjoy working with the realistic in-game cosmetic features, in which you can apply cool makeovers on the characters, using the fully-featured makeup interface. Follow many unique and interesting fashion trends, by trying out cool cosmetics on the characters and have absolute fun with your in-game experiences.

Manage and decorate your shops

For those of you who are interested, the game will allow you to enjoy the tycoon gameplay to the fullest. Here, it’s possible for mobile gamers to freely set up and arrange their businesses however they want. Make uses of the intuitive controls to move stuff around and set up your stores with unique designs. Have access to various decorations on your boutiques, which will allow you to impress the customers. Actively look for racks, tables, registers, displays, and other unlockable and upgradable items on the store so you can improve your businesses. Also try to hire new staff and dress them up so they can start helping you with your businesses.

Enjoy the exciting story mode with many adventures

With the exciting story mode being featured, Fashion Empire gamers can really be a part of their characters’ journey. Enjoy exploring the amazing fashion gameplay with 1000+ different quests, each having its own unique challenges and story-driven gameplay. Meet up with fascinating characters and enjoy dressing them up with cool outfits that match their interests. Unlock your new opportunities to expand your businesses and earn your reputations. Experience all the struggles that you might come across during your journeys, and more.

Beautiful characters with their own stories

And speaking of which, Fashion Empire will offer its beautiful characters with amazing figures and incredible faces for you to freely work with. Here, gamers are allowed to dress up the beautiful 3D characters and apply all kinds of unique cosmetics on each of them. Feel free to try out the cool outfits and awesome dresses to always find yourself enjoying the game to the fullest. And of course, each character will be involved in your stories in different ways and each will have their own interesting stories that you can experience.

Amazing catwalks with gorgeous 3D animations

With beautiful catwalk stages and gorgeous 3D animations, all in-game characters show off their beautiful figures, stunning makeup, and the incredible outfits that you’ve put on them. Really get the feel of being in a fashion show, thanks to this awesome mobile title.

Many online fashion challenges to enjoy

By featuring many online fashion challenges, Fashion Empire gamers will always have fun playing their addictive fashion game. Discover new challenges every week and attempt to complete them to earn your special rewards. Also have the chances to show off your skills and unique tastes for fashion trends.

Get your daily inspirations from the online community

With a huge community of online Fashion Empire gamers from all over the world, Android gamers can always enjoy the fashion gameplay a lot more. Here, the game allows you to join the vibrant online community to get inspired by other beautiful designs and outfits. Also have the chances to show off your own designs and receive many support from the community and its members.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Here, Fashion Empire offers many free features for you to enjoy without having to pay for your download. However, the freemium title will still come with ads that might bother you a little bit. And if you want to unlock the premium in-game content, you’ll need to pay for certain in-game purchases.

Have access to the free and unlocked game on our website

And last but not least, for those of you who are interested in this awesome mobile title of Fashion Empire but don’t wish to pay for the premium purchases, you might want to consider the free and unlocked version of the game on our website instead. Here, we offer the modded app with removed ads and unlimited features, which will allow you to enjoy the in-game experiences to the fullest. All it takes is for you to download the Fashion Empire Mod APK, then follow the given instructions.

Visual and sound quality


With beautiful graphics and immersive 3D environments, together with the beautiful character designs and their realistic animations, the game will allow gamers to enjoy their fashion gameplay to the fullest, visually speaking. Enjoy working with many beautiful dresses that also comes with cool visual effects and vibrant colors. And the optimized graphics will allow you to enjoy the smooth and satisfying gameplay of Fashion Empire on all your Android devices.

Sound & Music

By featuring exciting soundtracks and realistic sound effects, Fashion Empire will allow Android gamers to further engage themselves in the fashion simulation gameplay. Enjoy listening to great songs while your characters pose and walk on the stages.

Final thoughts

With both the tycoon and fashion design gameplay, Fashion Empire will allow mobile gamers to enjoy their in-game experiences to the fullest. Have fun dressing up your characters in cool outfits, manage your stores and attract customers, unlock many business opportunities, and enjoy making it big in your own fashion adventures.

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