FINAL FANTASY MOD APK 1.1.0 (Paid for free)

FINAL FANTASY MOD APK 1.1.0 (Paid for free)

January 31, 2024


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In 1987, a small game publishing company in Japan, Square Co. Ltd, is looking to make a big breakthrough. Until now, the company had only produced mini-games for the Famicom Disk System. But these games were unsuccessful. So, Hironobu Sakaguchi wondered why they did not make a game to compete with Enix’s Dragon Quest?

The RPG genre was gaining traction. And Sakaguchi thinks that Square could have enormous success with it. So, all of Square’s manpower and money was poured into it. If this project fails, then Square will be lost. So, they name the game “Final Fantasy”.

The first Final Fantasy series was a tremendous hit for its captivating content and plot. And every subsequent release was successful. Recently, FINAL FANTASY 7 has sold 6 million copies worldwide, and they have sold 3 million copies after just 48 hours of release. And until now, the Final Fantasy series has always been improved in quantity and quality.

General Information

The earth is dying from within. According to legend, there will be four knights. Each of them holds a gem to save the earth. They are knights of light. The game starts in the usual Final Fantasy game as you will rescue the princess and awaken the Elf king. But they find out that there are four demons. Each demon embodies an element to kill the earth. And behind the four demons is a monster from hell trying to turn time to execute his evil scheme.

The four demons lived 2000 years ago. Now, to regain their power, they send the knight Garland back 2000 years ago. Garland has become Chaos and wants to use her powers to bring those four demons back to the present. And our four heroes will travel to the past to defeat Chaos before it destroys everything.

Character Specifications

At the beginning of the game, you may choose the warriors to start the game. And it is possible to change the names of the characters. During the playing period, you cannot change these types of warriors.


Monk is a very strong warrior in the attack part, who is the strongest character in the game in terms of physics. However, his weaknesses are the shortage of HP and Defense points. The defense against magic is especially weak. He is ranked second after the Warrior.

One more thing is that the Monk cannot use any magic. Without using a weapon, this character is still very strong. However, using weapons only makes this character weaker. After being upgraded to a Master, it will not make much difference.

Monk is very useful when first entering. But later, it will be a very disadvantage because the last boss uses all Magic. We do not recommend using this character during the game because he is weak at first. If anyone wants to try their best, you can use this character.


Thief is a quick character for both accuracy and dodge. But he has weaker attack power than the Warrior. The Thief is very accurate. He will beat the Warrior at the beginning of the game. Also, this character can escape easier than other characters. Later, he will be upgraded to a Ninja.

At the Ninja level, this character will perform basic magic from level one to four of Black magic. At the Thief level, this character cannot use weapons or armor skillfully. But when upgraded to Ninja, he can use one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

He is one of the two characters with the most preeminent features in the game. As for the attack power, although losing to the warriors and Monk, he can use many powerful weapons that no character can use. The character is also quick. So, he can dodge the enemy often and hit the opponent.

This character can also use some very useful spells. Besides the Ninja attacks, he can also use spells like Haste, making the characters fight faster. The weakness is that the Thief cannot cast magic until he becomes a ninja.


He is a very strong defense character, who is the strongest in the game in terms of defense with acute attack and defense power. In terms of attack skills, they rank this character second. Especially, the higher the level, the more superior this character becomes.

Later, when you upgrade him to a Knight, you can use the strongest armor in the game. Besides, the Knight can use some spells from levels one to three. The spells that the Knights used were the exact opposite of ninjas. These spells are mostly healing and pumping blood.

Warrior is the strongest character in Final Fantasy. But later on, being cast by the last boss, he often dies if his level is low. Otherwise, we have nothing to say that the Warrior is the strongest character in the game.

White Mage (Angel)

It is a character that you used to pump blood and use spells to protect the others. Because the character pumps blood, his blood is also higher than normal compared to other characters. You can upgrade this character to White Wizard. If the warrior can only help one character, the White mage will use spells to help the team. When the White Mage becomes the White Wizard, you can use a powerful blood pump for your entire team from levels one to eight. Also, he can use holy moves, which is a powerful attack to protect the team.

He is a very effective character when fighting powerful bosses. But when he hits a fight, he is very weak with low attack and defense power. The holy attack is powerful, but it costs a lot of powerful force. The blood pumping technique is useful when fighting bosses and against large caves or castles.

The White Mage’s long-term hit is not afraid of getting out of blood or getting poisoned with no cure. If anyone likes money, use this character because there is no need to worry about HP and other types of poison.

The Black Mages

This character has the highest attack power in Final Fantasy. The Black Mage learns very effective attacks from levels one to eight. This character can kill a maximum amount of eight monsters. Later, you can upgrade this character to Black Lizard. The Black Wizard can use Flare, which is one of the most hazardous powers in the game. Also, it can use Haster like the Ninja’s haste, which makes the character fight faster.

The Black Mages are very effective for leveling up. When fighting bosses, it is also very effective with moves like Flare or Ultima. But in contrast; it was very weak against powerful monsters.

Red Mage

This character is not as strong as the Warrior. And his magic is not as strong as White or The Black Mages. However, this character still has a certain power, such as martial arts. This character can use almost any armor. The upgrade is complete and will become a Red Wizard. The Red Wizard is better than the Red Mage by using higher tier magic (levels 1-7).

This character knows everything. The beauty of this character is that he uses most of the armor. But this advantage is not beneficial because no one will change armor while fighting.

Another advantage is that he can use both White and Black Spells. This advantage is also not beneficial because although he can be used for both types, they are not efficient when fighting bosses. So, we do not recommend this character.

Our Evaluations

Game Plot

The plot of Final Fantasy is interesting. Despite the overall simplicity of the game, as we will explain in the next two sections, the story runs fast. Although it is trivial, it has two very intriguing ideas that come out of the fantasy canon.

Specifically, ​​the time loop created by Garland is creative. The players can fight the first boss of the game as the ultimate boss as if they were inside the game loop. And it creates a break in the development which is linear.


Perhaps the worst point of the game is the characters in Final Fantasy. They are non-existent as personalities. And they even do not have a name. Not only that, but they also follow the cliché of the chosen ones, which removes the need for motivation to lead them on their adventures.

Paradoxically, the secondary characters and Garland, although stereotyped by the more classic and banal fantasy, ends up being more interesting than the protagonists.


The setting reflects more than any other Final Fantasy standard with elves, dwarves, and even beholders. We are far from the memorable settings of the rest of the saga.

Fight and Advancement System

Fights are another interesting aspect of Final Fantasy. Although we are at the dawn of the system that will characterize the Final Fantasy, it does not lack depth and does not make it a simple game. You will end up just pressing the X button endlessly.

With the characters being flat, the choice of whom to use is tactical and not based on preferences related to the same character. Usually, people choose their favorite character instead of making the party as loud as possible.


For reasons because of the age of the game, Final Fantasy has very few traces. The music of the fights is the same for bosses and ultimate bosses. But it will give inspiration to all the battle themes.


Final Fantasy introduces many things that will be repeated later in other chapters. First, the crystals of the four elements are essential in the following versions of the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy IX proposes the same names for the guardians of the seals. Also, with Final Fantasy IX, the initial quest with the kidnapping of the princess is at the same time the same and opposite.

Besides this feature, there is the first draft of the job system, which will be resumed in III and V versions. It presents what will be typical archetypes of Final Fantasy, such as Black Wizard and Tief.

Finally, there is the question of the time loop that unites him to Final Fantasy VIII. Here, Garland goes back in time and creates the monsters of chaos to save him and take him back in time in an infinite cycle. In Final Fantasy VIII, Squall convinces Edea to create SeeDs, so he will become a SeeD and can go back and convince Edea.

Where should I start when I have never played Final Fantasy?

It is difficult for beginners to know where to start. The two Final Fantasy versions are the same, such as snowflakes or the hairstyles of the Anime. Each section has a basic theme that immerses the player in this Final Fantasy world like rebellion, friendship, and a battle between light and darkness.

And if you’re new to the Final Fantasy series, we do not think there is a version that will suit you better than the HD remake of Final Fantasy X, which was released on PS2 and now available on all Playstation systems.

Let’s face it! Final Fantasy X is not what you were when you were 10 years old. Problems like the graphics or sound have all been radically upgraded. We will be thankful for the perfect remake of this Final Fantasy.

Briefly, about the plot, Final Fantasy X tells the story of a famous athlete named Tidus. For a special reason, Tidu’s time travels to the future, to a world full of monsters and strange technology. The major story revolves around an ancient demon named Sin, but still mixed with Tidus’s feelings about his father.

Final Fantasy X is fun. The difficulty is also very high. But the super horrible Bosses appearing at the end of the game will make the players who are not determined to be discouraged. However, the game also has an escape mode that helps you dodge unnecessary monsters or bosses if the player does not want to spend about 20 hours.

Also, in Final Fantasy X, there is a character turn display mode, which helps gamers calculate strategies better. Surely Final Fantasy X will help you prepare better for the pre and future Final Fantasy versions. When you play this version, you will understand the core of the entire series.

FINAL FANTASY 7 is probably one of the most successful installments in the entire Series. The fever of FINAL FANTASY 7 was so strong that the name FINAL FANTASY 7 had already dissipated so much in the media.

It is one game that laid the foundation for a 3D graphics platform with completely 3D characters and scenes. We consider the plot and gameplay of the game extremely excellent. The details of the character Aeris died in the game took away many gamers’ tears.

Not only possessing an impressive, touching storyline and rich gameplay, but FINAL FANTASY 7 also attracts players with the game’s melodies. Because of this, FINAL FANTASY 7 is one game that has entered the childhood of many gamers.


Final Fantasy is one of the oldest Game Series, leaving many mysteries in the hearts of gamers around the world. Over the past 30 years, this RPG genre still leaves a lot of marks in the hearts of gamers. Final Fantasy has created a brand with its style. And each version of the game opens its world, a new and independent storyline.

Final Fantasy MOD APK is an old game and, in some ways, aged badly even in its GBA version. Despite a plot with some interesting twists, it is flat and mundane in everything else. We do not find it a game to throw away. The fights are fun and it is still better than the average Pokémon.

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