FINAL FANTASY 7 MOD APK 1.0.29 (Paid for free)

FINAL FANTASY 7 MOD APK 1.0.29 (Paid for free)

August 15, 2022


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Final Fantasy 7 is a remake version of the classic JRPG of the same name launched over 23 years ago. Not only comprehensively upgrading every aspect, but the remake also owns many new gameplay mechanics and offers a very engaging experience. It is based on the digital version provided by Square Enix for Digital Experience.

They have released the remake of the hit game Final Fantasy 7 to gamers worldwide for a while. The sales are not limited, but physical disc versions from regular to limited edition hobbyists are still out of stock.

According to the positive feedback received from the gaming community over time, Final Fantasy 7 is a bright name for the upcoming “Best Game 2020” title. They have announced the score of Final Fantasy 7 on the prestigious review sites in the world. Guardian, PlayStation LifeStyle, GameSpew, GameSpot, and Game Revolution give the game a score of 10 out of 10.

General Information

After Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire evokes many old memories, the name Final Fantasy 7 again instilled mixed feelings into the gaming community in a pleasant sense. While the original version of the game may have been legendary in the hearts of many old PC and PlayStation players, it has never been some people’s favorite JRPG for the past 23 years.

One of them is creating a character that looks grotesque and unattractive, which makes the players mostly watch junior play rather than experience it directly. But when Final Fantasy 7 came out, we thought of this beautiful combination of game experience and new rendering. It came true after many years of waiting, even exceeding our expectations.

Final Fantasy 7 has raised the experience of many ancient players to another level with a new orientation. Still, the story of Cloud and the group of friends in the fight that many people have memorized are much different now. Not only the aspect of graphics but also the storyline also brought me many exciting surprises.

Even if you’re a hardcore fan of Final Fantasy 7, the remake’s narrative feels fresh. Except for some old familiar elements like weapon names, fairly linear gameplay, or the Materia system that goes into many people’s hearts.

Amazing Gameplay

Unlike the original version that appeared over 20 years ago, the gameplay of the Final Fantasy 7 remake gives players a similar experience to Dragon Age: Inquisition. With the information disclosed by Square Enix at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, we can already partially envision the fighting mechanics in Final Fantasy 7.

The gameplay of this game section gives you an exciting combination of action role-playing style and turn-based combat, similar to the game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The fighting mechanism of Final Fantasy 7 will let you attack in proper time to accumulate points for the ATB bar (Active Time Battle). When the ATB bar is full, you can perform special attacks, cast spells, or use items.

In another game mode of the game, it will automate regular attacks until ATB is full. You will not have to worry about the real-time action aspect anymore. Instead, the task is just giving the right skill to use commands to get the best effect according to the strategy.

Final Fantasy 7 is a game that brings the best of a traditional Final Fantasy game with a thrilling storyline mixed with romantic stories between the major character and a girl. So with Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix not only wants to bring an old but good game on modern graphics, but they also revise the Final Fantasy 7 storyline to be more suitable in this remake to modern gamers.


Graphics and Special Effects

The graphics in Final Fantasy 7 are our first impressions. Character designs are very similar to Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, but the quality and detail are much better.

The game does not have the option to take advantage of the power of the PS4 Pro. However, the world in the game is impressive. Places from Sector 5 to Sector 7 in the original game are now much more comprehensive.

Explosive scenes and lighting effects handle it very well. With more than 80GB, which takes up a lot of space, are the CG transitions, but we can hardly tell when rendering with the Unreal four-game engine and when using changes.

The background music is not inferior when reusing many of the tracks that once made the soul of the original game. It comes with higher quality and a bit of remix while still keeping the old melody.

Interestingly, Mr. Nojima Kazushige continued to return to write for both the old and new script in Final Fantasy 7. It gives the previous main and supporting characters more opportunities to shine. For example, the trio of Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge previously appeared very faint. Now they have more to say.

For the other characters, whether in the original version which used to be a supporting character, an unpleasant villain, or just a short name, now all have their stage and show their mentality correctly.


Special Features

Use ATB as much as possible.

The battle system in Final Fantasy 7 revolves around the ATB (Active Time Battle). As you fight, the bar fills up at the bottom of the HP bar. When one of these is full, you can use it for an ability, spell, or item.

Auto attacks take minor damage, but they fill up ATB metrics faster so you can give more commands. When you have ATB available, use it as these spells and abilities are the best way to deal damage to enemies.

Make use of block and dodge-roll

You can build these two skills into the FF7 mechanics, but you have to make use of them precisely. If rolling dodging attacks can give you 100% damage immunity, in some situations, accept a little damage from the block rather than roll. For an easy-to-understand example, improvise and play Sekiro Die Twice.

Remember to heal fully.

Midgar is a very harsh place. Suppose you do not want to have a lot of onions. A loading screen for games or the word “Game Over” appears frequently. Don’t forget to fill up your HP bar!

You can use items to heal before entering battle or use healing spells using ATB skills. Remember that the enemy does not hold back on you.

Take advantage of your enemy’s weaknesses.

Many enemies are weak against certain factors. If you can hit them with one of these attacks, they’ll feel it.

In the game’s intros, a rule of thumb is that if the enemies are machines, they have a slight chance of being attacked with electricity. Fleshy organic creatures won out like fire.

Through the opening phase, things become a lot more complicated. Experiment with different attack types to discover what works on the enemy.

By these features, you can get a bit of support. In the adventure, you will get a Mater Assessment. When equipped, you will use it to see a detailed view of your enemy’s various vulnerabilities. It is convenient!


Understand how to stun an enemy

If you want to dominate the battle truly, you must learn to stun the enemy. As you fight, a strength gauge below your opponent’s health meter fills up. When it maximizes, your enemies cannot attack you, all of your blows will cause more damage!

Incredibility is powerful, so it’s helpful to understand the basics of how you can fill that watch. An excellent first step is to deal with a lot of damage to the enemy quickly. So, try to combine your team’s spells or abilities to strike in succession. If you make a massive loss for a short time, your enemy can fall into the state of pressure. While under stress, your target stagger will fill up a lot faster than usual, so use stagger-building attacks like Cloud, Focused Thrust, and Barrett, Focused Shot to speed it up.

Things are not always that simple. Some enemies are more natural to stun than others, so you must test your ever-expanding options in the battle to develop strategies suited to different campaigns.

If it feels too difficult, choose the classic model.

If you are not a massive fan of the action mechanism, or just want a change of speed, try the classic mode. You can enable this from the System menu.

In this mode, characters move, attack, and defend automatically, so you can focus entirely on guiding them through the Command Menu. Because you are not focusing on attacks and standard blocks, you have more time to consider your overall strategy.

It’s reminiscent of the original Final Fantasy 7’s menu-based system, so fans of that game will hope to enjoy it.


Overall Evaluation

If you are a loyal fan of Final Fantasy, you will not be familiar with the traditional gameplay of this accessible remake version. In this remake, the gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 has been changed almost completely.

The graphics in the game are the most noticeable changes. Thanks to increasingly modern technology, every detail in the game is more like a cinematic scene than a game. By bringing a new feeling compared to its predecessor, which was released 23 years ago, Final Fantasy 7 owns unique gameplay.

It combines a distinct style of action role-playing free combat with turn-based play. The standard combat system of the Final Fantasy 7 allows players to attack enemies in real-time to earn points for the character’s ATB (Active Time Battle) bar.

After the ATB bar is full, the player can pause the action, launch special attacks, use magic, or use items to heal. In another game mode of the game, it will automate basic attacks until the character’s ATB bar is full.

You will not have to worry about the real-time action aspect. Instead, you just need to pay attention to issue the right skill commands to get the best effect (similar to an RPG in traditional turn).

That is about the gameplay of Final Fantasy 7. About the story, you can entirely refer to the prequel version in the list of legends because the gameplay is beautiful, and the cinematic scenes are stunning at the time the developer released them on the PSP. Admittedly, these will be the titles that can make players go through many times but do not feel bored.

You can immediately experience this game on the PlayStation app market. Final Fantasy 7 will be exclusive to PS4. There are still some rumors that Square Enix will give up this monopoly and bring the title to the PC platform for those who do not own PS4.

Players’ Experience and Reviews

From a player perspective, the story told in Final Fantasy 7 has a more personal feel. Compared to the original game, the remake revealed many additional details about the relatives and the psychological development of the characters.

It helps both old and new players better understand each person’s motives in the overall content. Combine storytelling with beautiful graphics and vivid facial expressions; the game experience makes the players feel like they live with each character’s enchantments.

For example, Cloud was initially only interested in money. But after experiencing many ups and downs with people he had never considered a teammate, this bad boy also gradually changed through many clumsy expressions that are worth it.

Another impression in Final Fantasy 7 is the combat system’s harmoniously combined ancient charm. The remake no longer has a pure turn-based Active Time Battle (ATB) system like the original game. Instead, it combines real-time action elements like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire with the familiar ATB bar in the original game.

The player controls one character in the party directly. The AI will manage the rest. However, you can switch between the entire party in real-time to leverage the power of each individual coordination. Notably, the ATB bar now replaces the opportunity to use abilities, items, and spells.

The game does not use the PS4 Pro power with the option to prioritize the frame rate or resolution like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is also a small minus. Although Final Fantasy 7 performed very well in most experiences, panning scenes with slight stuttering were noticeable.

The camera viewing angle is also not handled well, leading to a slightly inhibitory feeling in the discovery experience. The exciting ending and maybe a bit brain-hacking of the game made us more eager to look forward to the sequel.


Because of the combat system aimed at top action, the boss fighting experience in Final Fantasy 7 MOD APK is much more attractive than the original version. The pace of the battle was quick with a giant boss shape, looking crisp, impressive, and lacking in creativity.

The spacing between boss fights is well spaced for most of the experience. But there are also a few sequences that occur in succession, though it makes the players feel tired and still fascinated.

Final Fantasy 7  delivers an excellent JRPG experience while retaining the essentials of nostalgia. It makes extensive improvements to create a more engaging experience.

If you love the original game, this is an experience you don’t want to miss. However, significant changes in the combat system may not bring the nostalgic feeling expected of some old loyal fans.

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