Final Kick: Online Soccer MOD APK 9.2.6 (Vip Unlocked)

Final Kick: Online Soccer MOD APK 9.2.6 (Vip Unlocked)

February 14, 2024


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Ivanovich Games
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If you are a FIFA fan and currently looking for a football mobile game of suitable size, you are at the right review! Football has been an important part of the sports industry for such a long time, and it is, without a doubt, a sport with such an enormous fan base. If you cannot afford FIFA or other popular football games, “Final Kick: Online Soccer” is the best choice for you.

“Final Kick: Online Soccer” was launched by Ivanovich Games in 2018 with such a warm welcome from football fans as well as its fan base all over the world. Just like other football games and its title, “Final Kick: Online Soccer” is about scoring the final kick for your team and winning the match. Create the team of your dream and start kicking!


As a football coach, players will lead their team to many victories and earn rewarding prizes. The game does not ask you to play a full match with players running around, passing the ball from one person to another, or pushing each other to kick the ball. “Final Kick: Online Soccer” is made without violent actions, and the only thing you have to do is to make your players shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. It is as simple as that!

I bet you have not heard about this type of game, but that is alright because it is fresh, amazing, and absolutely unique. FIFA can be one of the most popular football games, and so can “Final Kick: Online Soccer”. Try the game, and you will be addicted to it in no time.

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Uncomplicated and understandable gameplay

As I have mentioned before, the main objective of this game is to score more kicks than your opponent. Even though there are a lot of features being displayed on the screen when you first open the game, it is not confusing at all. All features are sorted neatly and perfectly, ready for players to discover.

It is such an understandable game that a tutorial is unnecessary. You only have to follow what the game has given you, and you will be doing just fine. “Final Kick” has the simplest game controls, players only need to use their finger to shoot the ball and drag the goalkeeper in order to make great saves. Playing could not be any simpler, yet, to master the game is not an easy task.

Before playing your first online match, you can name your team whatever you prefer, it can be funny, cool, or adorable, there is no limitation to your imagination. Play every day to receive daily rewards and level up to unlock new tournaments as well as competitions. You can choose the flag for your team and will be able to change it at any time you want.

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Multiplayer mode

Call your friends to play against you in this amazing football game. Challenge them or find an online opponent to see how great you can be in short games. During the gameplay, you will have to see which angle to shoot the ball, after that, a statistics table of your performance will be displayed. After each shoot, a replay will be shown, which you can skip if you do not want to watch it again. There are in total five kicks per player, the one who has more successful kicks will gain victory. For each successful kick, the circle will turn green, on the other hand, the circle turns red when the kick is unsuccessful.

Players can unlock more types of kicks to make it harder for the opponent’s goalie to catch. Moreover, if you want to take a low shot, you must draw a short line. The same with a tall shot, you should draw a taller line.

When it is your turn to stop a shot, watch your opponent’s eyes to predict the direction of his shot. But be careful, he could trick you. While playing, you can also purchase boosters such as extra time, shooter stats, or energy drinks.

Players can also add friends after each match if they want to replay against with that players.

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Up to twenty offline tournaments

If you are in the middle of nowhere and without an internet connection, first of all, you have to find some help and be careful who to trust, secondly, “Final Kick” is always available for you to enjoy. There over a hundred of the best soccer teams of 2020 that you can play against when there is no wi-fi, when you are on the go, or simply when you want to challenge real soccer teams all over the world. Try this feature, and maybe you will prefer it more than playing online.

Matches and game modes

There is a diversity of types of matches such as hot match, second division, first division, international, and so many more. Some of them will be unlocked when players reach a certain level.

There are currently two game modes in “Final Kick”: penalties and free kicks. They are exactly like their names, penalty mode requires players to do penalty kicks, and free kicks mode requires players to do free kicks. As I have said before, the game is very simple and easy to play.

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Players and skills

By equipping objects, such as boots, shin pads and balls will enhance the skills of your players (power, effect, and stamina). In order to level up your player’s skills, you can send them to practice. The better your skills are, the stronger and more effective you can shoot. Furthermore, a high or low kick will depend on how powerful a player is.

Objects are not the only resource that improves your skills, each time you level up you will earn training points. Try to share them equally among your player’s skills and select accept to start training. You can only train two players at once, and each training needs a certain time to complete.

Unlimited Money

Final Kick MOD APK has supported players with an unlimited money feature, enabling players to spend on whatever they want without any second thoughts.


In my opinion, the design team of “Final Kick” has created the most realistic graphics, with slow-motion replays to watch and real animations using the latest 2020 technology in motion capture with real penalty players.

The music and sound effects are perfectly fit to the game with football theme songs that can make players feel energized.


To be honest, I am not entirely a football fan and I do not watch football matches too often. Yet, “Final Kick” is undoubtedly one of my favorite football mobile games for its intriguing and addictive gameplay. 

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