eFootball™ 2024

eFootball™ 2024

May 9, 2024


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Enjoy the latest installment of the world-famous soccer game on the Android platform as Konami has finally introduced their eFootball 2024. Now, you can join hundreds of thousands gamers from all over the world as you compete for the ultimate prize in this awesome soccer challenge.

Create your own football team, recruit your players, make successful purchases on the transfer market, train your team, and adjust your tactics so you can become the absolute champion. Enjoy this incredible real-time football gameplay as you dive into eFootball 2024.

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In the game, players will have the chances to join gamers from all over the world as you all compete in this ultimate football tournament. Featuring the best gamers across the globe, Pes Pro Evolution Soccer introduces gamers to addictive and intensive football gameplay where you’ll have to play against the best gamers. Win against them and upgrade your team with fresh recruits so you can climb the world ranking.

In addition, the game also introduces gamers to a tons of different in-game activities, which include the interesting training programs that you can give your players to boosts their stats, the enjoyable transfer activities on the market, your club managements, and so on.

On top of that, you’ll also have the opportunities to play the game with your favorite players from multiple clubs across the globe with the official licenses from FIFA. Moreover, as you dive into the game, you can also unlock the legendary footballers like Ronaldinho, Francesco Totti, David Beckham, and so on. Let’s see how they perform on the field as you go against other legendary players.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the console-like football gameplay on your mobile device

To start with, gamers in eFootball 2024 will find themselves enjoying the newest and most satisfying portable football gameplay on the Android platform with this game. Enjoy your favorite sport in your favorite mobile game has never been so entertaining. This interesting football game will deliver you all the interesting features that you have loved on the console version of the franchise right between the palm of your hands.

With realistic player animations and characteristic playstyles, everything will look and feel extra real with this game. You’ll have your players playing the game in different personalities, execute a variety of different skills, score a bunch of goals in unique styles, and celebrate them differently.

And lastly, featuring the accurate physics and stunning Unreal Engine 4, gamers will find the game in a whole new level with other games on the mobile devices.

Experience the real-time PvP football matches with friends and online gamers

In the game, you’ll have the chances to compete with friends and online gamers in exciting PvP football games. Feel free to dive into the realistic and satisfying football experiences with eFootball 2024 through multiple game modes that’re currently available.

That being said, you can start by competing with friends through the “Local Match” mode where you’ll face up in an intense 1v1 football match. And if you wish to compete with a group of friends, the game also features the Local League where you can challenge actual Android gamer in a league tournament.

In addition, you’re also allowed to participate in exciting online matches with anyone from your friend list no matter where they are using the Internet connection. And for those who wish to take on some real challenges instead of playing against the computer or a friend, the game also features the Online Match where you’ll challenge other prod players from across the for the ultimate tournaments.

Discover multiple team management options

And as you create your own dream team in eFootball 2024, you’ll have the chances to experience in-depth football simulation gameplay to its fullest. That being said, you’re free to adjust your team’s tactics and formations both before and during the game. On top of that, you can collect multiple players from different leagues on your team and take control of your entire team.

Officially licensed players and teams

To make the game a lot more interesting, gamers in eFootball 2024 will find themselves having access to officially licensed players and teams from 12 different leagues all around the world. Find yourself encountering your favorite players and teams from unique leagues.

With new upgrades, the game has now also introduced its Russian Leagues, and other famous leagues from countries like Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Japan, Thai, Chinese, and more. Here, you can play with new players and teams that’re not available in any other games.

Moreover, the game even introduces gamers to dozens of legendary players like David Beckham, Zico, Francesco Totti, and the old legends like Johan Cruyff, Pavel Nedved, Maldini, Oliver Kahn, and more. All your favorite players from your childhood will appear in eFootball 2024. And with the new seasons coming up, you’ll have access to even more of them.

Discover the live-stats feature

And to make the game even more interesting and interactive, many of the players in eFootball 2024 will appear in the “Featured Players”. Here, they’ll have their stats and skills boosted judging on their current performances in the game. Those who’ve been performing relatively well in their past games will make it in the list. And in certain cases, special players from famous clubs like Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and the likes will make their appearance on the list for the entire season. Therefore, earning themselves awesome boosts permanently.

Multiple upgrades for you in the future

And while the game has already been so entertaining, gamers in eFootball 2024 will still have the opportunities to enjoy the epic gameplay with multiple upgrades in the futures. Not to mention that with the Live Update option, each player will have their stats updated immediately once they’re changed. You can easily keep up with the changes in the transfer market just by playing the game.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game is still currently free to play on the Google Play Store. That being said, you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything.

Visual and sound quality


With the adjustable graphics quality, the game is suitable for all Android users regardless of their hardware capabilities. On top of that, thanks to unreal engine 4 and realistic ball physics, every scene during your matches will look extra believable.


With enjoyable sound effects and songs, eFootball 2024 introduces gamers to the epic audio experiences that they rarely find on any other mobile title. On top of that, the interesting commentaries will always keep you hooked to the matches.

Final verdicts

The game is definitely a great football game for Android users. It’s your chances to enjoy console-like football gameplay right on your mobile devices. And if you’re interested in similar gameplay, then our FIFA Soccer and Dream League Soccer should definitely be a good alternative.

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