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PES Club Manager is a new game of Konami that has brought back football legend, Luis Figo, to satisfy football fans. The beginning of the journey will be the legendary Portuguese football legend, Luis Figo. This legend is a famous player who successfully contributed to famous European clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, and Inter Milan.

PES Club Manager is not only an ordinary football game, where you come and play as a player, but it is also a place for gamers to act like the boss, select, and train players. Your major task is building tactics and fighting as the master coaches to achieve the goal to become the number one football manager in the world.

Once you join PES Club Manager, you will interact with famous soccer star Luis Figo and learn deeply about a player’s work and listen to him sharing career secrets. Not only that, with the player’s creativity and flexible application, through the instructions of the master, you will find out for yourself how to make the game lively and have excellent matches.

The special highlight of PES Club Manager as mentioned before lies in creating the team. With the most talented players, form the future soccer superstars. Therefore, creating a team with legends is your goal.

General Information

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) has always been a name that has caused a lot of affection in the soccer fan community, especially for the gamers through the PS2 and PS3 machines. So every time PES has an announcement, we are waiting eagerly. Today, it is the post-release PES Club Manager.

PES Club Manager brings you from spiked boots, round balls, and open goal to a more macro aspect under the management aspect. The player will have to take care of everything for the players from health, fitness, to calculation strategies or building facilities. Win and reap the glory of first place.

The game offers gamers the biggest tournaments in the world, from South America to Europe, with famous names like Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, or Juventus. PES Club Manager is suitable for players who are not inferior.


PES Club Manager follows the gameplay formula of the usual football management series, where gamers will have a headache to decide the future path for their team of dozens of members. To win each match and finish first place when the season closes, gamers will have to take responsibility for the details such as replacing, arranging the position, going beyond the line such as choosing the lineup strategy, fitness, and personal stats development.

The game provides two basic display modes when combating. One side will be the 2D screen that covers the entire world, allowing you to monitor the situation with the most detailed information. You can completely perform replacements, position coordination, and check fitness to make periodic calculations depending on the game position.

The other side will be a 3D screen, providing a realistic scene where the players deploy the ball, attack, and defend completely in proper time. Besides, gamers can also adjust the pace of the game, choosing to put all their power to attack or to defend with a dense wall of people.


Overall Assessments

In 2015, Konami announced the release of the PES Club Manager. It is a football management game for mobile devices. The game uses a 3D graphics platform in matches. We rate it was not inferior to the previous version of PES 2015. The game is available for free and is released in 18 different languages in the world.

Like the games of the same genre, in PES Club Manager, you will transform into a talented coach and direct your players with the dream of conquering the highest position in the world of football. In particular, the game has over 5,000 players around the world. So, you must choose and create the strongest team carefully.

As mentioned, PES Club Manager uses the advanced 3D graphics platform so the matches are reproduced vividly. The moves, actions, and technical performances of the player are meticulous, flexible, and powerful. If they designed the players to add facial expressions, everything would have become much more perfect.


The control mechanism in PES Club Manager is not too complicated, mainly the features appear on the Menu bar and the player touches to choose. Gamers can also change the match speed at will. It displays even the change of tactics during the match on the screen.

More worth mentioning is the player management feature in PES Club Manager, one feature that helps players increase their ability to play for the football players. If it does not satisfy you with your current lineup, gamers can also look for fresh faces through the transfer market. However, because it is a free game, to get outstanding players you need to use a PES coin (in-game currency is obtained through cash payment).

Overall, PES Club Manager will be a new playground for the gaming community that loves football management. With its advantages, addictive gameplay, and a beautiful graphic platform, this game can completely cause fever.



Like other games annually, the Soccer Manager must face the need to renew itself every time to justify the purchase of a new edition beyond a simple update of the squads and leagues. Soccer Manager is halfway between the most conservative and the most innovative years, bringing some interesting ideas on some aspects of the game. But it suffers from some historical defects that the series has been carrying around for several years.

Starting from the first, players can only start with the new system of tactics developed by Soccer Manager Ltd. Despite the interventions of the developers, the tactical module had become a bit too complex even for the most experienced players of the series.

Soccer Manager tries to simplify it by first introducing a series of predefined play styles starting with popular terms. The game allows less experienced players to have a pre-defined system to rely on. For more experienced players to start from a base, the gamer builds their game idea.

We can now define the latter between the three phases of attack, transition, and defense. Each movement has its sub-menu that collects the various options. However, the sign to the individual player on how to interpret their role remains similar to the past. For example, attributing to the center forward the label of false nine and pure center forward.

Final Words

PES Club Manager’s graphic is based on the power of the modern Engine. It is used by Konami with the PES series on Console and PC. It allows high-end games to be completely represented in sharp and true 3D pictures. The player models are very detailed with smooth and beautiful ball control movements. It shows exactly the intention that the coach has planned. Also, the physical effects play a big role in the visual array of the game. It creates vivid collisions through the fierce pressure of stealing balls on the field.

PES Club Manager with introducing the Mobile field opens up more opportunities for the football management game community to enjoy. It is an aspect unique to Football Manager before. But with the qualities of gameplay and beautiful graphics platform, the game of Konami can completely gain a top place on the gaming market.

Although it is not a new football management game, with its own intrinsic, PES Club Manager possesses special factors. It helps Konami attract players with exciting events such as giving PES coins when answering surveys about games or dial numbers to win young players. If you are a crazy fan of football management, there is no reason to ignore the PES Club Manager.

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