Find The Differences MOD APK 1.5.2 (Unlimited Money)

Find The Differences MOD APK 1.5.2 (Unlimited Money)

August 27, 2023


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Fastone Games HK
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Unlimited Money

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Find The Differences The Detective is an exciting, addictive, and intellectual game in the online community. The player’s task is to find the differences between the two pictures to help detectives solve cases. The detective in Find The Differences The Detective needs your help to solve several cases that are at a standstill. It will involve players in investigations with unique challenges and full of interesting surprises.

In the game, your task is to find out all the differences between the two pictures that you think are the same. Also, the character in Find The Differences needs your help to solve cases that are having a deadlock. Players will take part in the investigation and implementation of surprising and interesting challenges. Your primary task is to find out what is the difference between the two pictures that will not be detected by looking. This game is suitable for Android and iOS operating systems.

General Information

Find The Differences has over 20 different cases and each requires the player to find a certain number of clues. The game requires you to have a keen eye, pay attention to unimportant details from the color difference, position to the direction of placing objects to solve the problem.

The gameplay of Find The Differences is also simple. To show a difference, touch the spot on either picture. If it is correct, we will circle it in green. If it is wrong, it will show a red X sign. It limits each level to 1 minute 58 seconds that players need to find it fast. For every wrong touch, it will deduct 30 seconds. So, you cannot touch every place on the picture to have a chance of winning.

The difficulty level of Find The Differences will also increase with each level. The more detailed the picture, the smaller the differences, and they will hide it in a place that few people pay attention to. Therefore, players will take longer to find if they do not focus and watch.

Although it belongs to the puzzle game genre, this game does not force you to have too much mental activity, but mainly to practice your eyesight. Therefore, Find The Differences is highly entertaining and suitable for you to relax in your spare time. Download free games to your device and play now!

Key Features

Find The Differences is an attractive puzzle game with the mission of helping detectives investigate. You will find clues for troublesome cases. Each investigation has a unique escape to capture, challenge, and surprise. Specifically, players will have to find some differences between two similar images. Find The Differences presents you with the challenge of finding five clues in a limited time that are the differences between images.

Find The Differences has 20 cases that are solved and continuously updated for players. There are over 1000 different puzzles with hints for players. If you love to play Find The Differences, you should not tie your hands to the small screen of your smartphone. Use the keyboard and mouse to control your game like a professional player.

Find The Differences gives you all your expectations. Download and install Find The Differences on your computer and have fun. Never worry about remaining power, data consumption, and annoying calls. The developer also prepared carefully that the perfect key mapping system makes Find The Differences like a computer game. We can use skillful programming technology to make all games open. The unique virtualization engine releases the full potential of your computer and everything will be silky smooth. They not only care how you play but also how you can enjoy the fun of playing.

How to play Find The Differences: The Detective

Have you ever been curious about the way Sherlock Holmes or Conan explore and solve troublesome cases? Find The Differences: The Detective will help you answer those questions with great ease. If you are looking for a light but demanding puzzle game with sophistication and agility, there is no better choice than Find The Differences, The Detective.

Although not too new, the manufacturer also knows how to build the Find The Differences The Detective interface in a relatively mysterious direction, creating a difference and stimulating the player’s curiosity. As mentioned above, the game is a perfect choice for those who want to challenge their agility. During the game, you will begin investigating cases with key clues available that are directly related to them. It will help you complete the quest if you collect enough after levels.

The gameplay of the game is straightforward, especially for people who have a keen eye. You will go through the difficult gameplay, find the differences between the two pictures, and collect enough clues to solve the problem. There will still be five default opportunities for players. And there will still be the challenges typical of an eye-catching debugging game.

There are many cases from simple to complex that will be shown through the complexity of the game screen. With the construction of the game in graphics, manufacturers make the player become confused with only colorful pictures or many similar motifs. Surely, pay close attention before deciding to choose. The wrong choice will cost 30 seconds in total time. And the continuous taps are not a smart choice in this game.

However, no matter how complicated, it will have a solution. Once asking for suggestions, the game will help you find a missing detail. In return, there will be a few seconds of profitable advertising for the producer.

It is an attractive game for those who like a detective and want to challenge their agility. Not too complicated, but what Find The Differences The Detective offers is unique. Find The Differences The Detective is a relaxing casual finding difference game with simple and easy-to-understand rules that anyone can quickly master. And it takes all the photos in reality.

Players need to use their keen eyesight to pick out differences. Even in some insignificant places, there are some differences. The seemingly simple content is extremely challenging. And not that simple to pass the test. There are hundreds of pictures waiting to be challenged. There are five differences in each pair of pictures. Only by finding all of them, you can pass the level.

The difficulty will continue to improve as the level progresses. The differences in the pictures will become smaller and smaller. And it will be easy to ignore if you are not careful. There is no time limit that you can play for as long as you want. But a certain amount of life will be deducted if you find it wrong, so be careful.

Final Words

There are similarities between the two pictures, but Find The Differences is more interesting when the differences are to assist the detective in solving the case. The player is to find the differences between the two pictures, then mark X. For each screen, the player has only 1 minute 58 seconds.

When choosing the wrong point, it will subtract the player from the time. There are 20 cases with increasing difficulty with level, requiring players to be very careful and observant to win. The game does not require you to brainstorm that much. But with higher levels with more detailed pictures, the game will train you to have a keen eye and an excellent memory.

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