Clue Hunter MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)

Clue Hunter MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)

December 7, 2023


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Lion Studios
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Unlimited Money

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Clue Hunter poster

Everyone loves to become a detective once in their lifetime, then how about you? Clue Hunter will make your dream come true in a second! Your customer suspects that her husband is cheating on her, and would like you to find the answer for her. It’s time to take action by sniffing out all important clues to prove that he’s a real cheater, and then gain your big bonus!

Clue Hunter is a fun game filled up with the most compromising situations where you must avail your own imagination to solve each mystical case like an actual detective. It has addictive and fun gameplay that you surely can’t stop having fun inside when trying to find out what’s coming up next. Who knows? Go and explore it by yourself and expect wonders to happen.

General Information

Now with all your passion for solving puzzles and finding clues, Clue Hunter won’t make your hands limited on a small screen of your smartphone, but help you play like a pro by getting full control of your game with keyboard and mouse. Feel free to play as long as you like without any limitation of battery, mobile data or any disturbing call.

Be patient since each level will display you several choices, and what you only need to do here is make the right answers to catch that cheater for your client. Remember that wrong answers could result in disappointment for her, so don’t make her sad! If you’re still a newbie, we’re sure that you just enjoy it when the game allows you to pretend in the show so that you can find out the clues.

The game is fun, but it probably has some ads in between levels, which could annoy some players at times. Despite the exciting gameplay, Clue Hunter only has 87 levels with 3 checkpoints available in the levels. Imagine that you can easily finish them all in one single day, but it’s still so much fun. Once completing the last level, the game has you repeat random levels as well.

As you know, Clue Hunter is a fun casual puzzle mobile game released by a foreign game agency named Lion Studios. All players need to hold the wedding banquets throughout the game, and the famous detectives will have to move through different plots according to the story. They’re obliged to solve diverse puzzles in various events and bring laughter and excitement to the players.

Every detail seems to get comprehensively polished and offer them all a brand new entertainment feast. Kicking off with an infidelity case, you or the detective Pharaoh is the one who is responsible for solving mysteries of all cases one by one. Once playing it, you easily realize the combo of basic graphics, hilarious characters, amazing plots, and easy-to-use gameplay here.

Not only solves cases for his clients, but the detective also has to help them embark on a happy life ever. With the special performance, simple operation, and outstanding animation, the game finds no difficulty in winning the hearts and minds of several players and therefore brings the rhythm and set off a wave of climax.

Hurry to grasp this fun time for yourself and your friends because everybody can play Clue Hunter. Whenever you get stumped, go to ask for help from your buddies and loved ones. There’s no shame in doing anything essential to solve those funny puzzles. In each level, the logic of the game becomes more coherent and natural than the beginning, which keeps the players interested for a long time.

Overall assessments

From the realistic experience effect, the content of the game is considered more ingenious, not to mention the delicate light and elegant color you have to face several times. There’s no eye discomfort here, and only the realistic shape that can cater to the common preferences of all fans of different ages. But it would be better to have over 100 levels to play through.

If this goes like that, the players trust that the game’s promotion points can expand. Thus, they hope to have more fascinating and fun levels launched in the future, waiting for them to experience. You kind of love this game, right? However, there’s something that needs to be fixed. When you select options, and it always says that the client gave this offer to you, and it claims that you must see an ad.

According to other players, when they finish watching the ad, the game said that the ad is still not completed and they must try again. As it comes to finishing the room, it repeats the same thing, and they hate this, so if this bug could get removed, it will be much better than ever. In detail, once completing one level, you tend to have five ads for real. And even when you die, you must choose $200 or an ad.

Besides, a lot of people complain that though the game is a lot of fun, it should change the age rating to 13 or 14 as well as up to that since it feels a bit inappropriate. After all, Clue Hunter has out of the box techniques that make you love thinking more. As you think that this one works but another must be the correct one. It helps you think about what you choose.


Clue Hunter is a great adventure quest game where you must stay in the company of a detective to solve puzzles. At each level, the players need to select two different ways to solve the issues that appear to pile up the detective. Bear in mind to get only the right options, otherwise, all of your tasks will fail immediately.

Also, you might notice a few levels could be ridiculous and even don’t have any logic. At this moment, you need to pick out at random. The entire gameplay of Clue Hunter is pretty simple because the players don’t need any operation as long as they successfully choose one of the two options out there. These show up in all levels of the game.

Go to tap on the screen to begin the first case, and things go smoothly from here. Be cautious since there are many challenges to tackle along the way. Even the least intuitive answer could be the right one.


The screen of the game owns richer and brighter shades at first sight. Depending on the two-headed cartoon style, this head-to-body ratio has to get adjusted to make the entire character’s shape more real and rounded cartoons. More interestingly, the wind has also get simplified into the slim actual shape.

For the overall visual effect, we can tell that it looks more refreshing in terms of the scene details. People just love the game, except for the ads that make it less enjoyable. If the developers can change this, it would be super cool.

Final words

Clue Hunter offers everyone a great place to spend their weekend doing something different. It’s easy to play and super fun to play it through with your friends and family. Since the game is free to play, and you can play it anytime, there are some ridiculous ads showing up between your levels. These would get fixed soon, so enjoy the fun story and enjoy your clue hunting task with no time-limited.

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