Scary Robber Home Clash MOD APK 1.31.2 (Unlimited Gold)

Scary Robber Home Clash MOD APK 1.31.2 (Unlimited Gold)

March 29, 2024


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Z & K Games
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Unlimited Gold

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Scary Robber Home Clash is an exciting 3D action-adventure game. You control Brian – a curious boy with a passion for adventure. Brian escaped the summer camp and used his adventurous instincts to go home, and make his dream come true. Brian met a turning point when facing Felix and Lester – the two most notorious robbers in the locality. Felix and Lester took the time, and decided to rob the empty house when everyone left. However, Felix and Lester are fascinated by the luxury of the empty house, so they decide to stay a little longer. Brian happened to return from the summer camp and found absolute shock by the intrusion of the thieves. From there, Brian was angry and decided to teach the two robbers a lesson. You will join Brian on a wonderful adventure to teach the bandits to live a miserable life. You will experience an interesting clash between charity robbery and lonely boy Brian. You have a lot to do, and help Brian succeed in the mischievous plan of the big house.

About Gameplay

Scary Robber Home Clash offers an exciting adventure experience in sharp 3D graphics. You will join Brian in the adventure, and create amazing plans. The game has a lot of fun to explore, and great participation. You adventure through many exciting levels, and experience impressive action adventures. You join Brian’s story from the first point of view. All trouble started when Brian’s Parents were on vacation, and Brian escaped from summer camp to return home. The trials began when he discovered that two thieves (Felix and Lester) had taken over his home. The thieves are in the house, so you will complete the mission in a stealth role. The game offers many interesting objects, and you will find, use to open different doors, or perform the necessary actions. You should take note of the camera on the left side of the screen, as it allows you to keep an eye on what the thief is doing in real time. The game has many interesting rounds, and a great variety of missions. You must help the protagonist get rid of the thieves’ clinging. You visit different rooms, and set traps to prevent Brian from making any mistakes.

Scary Robber Home Clash is full of fun elements of a great adventure game. You will join Brian- a mischievous boy to deal with two bandits (Felix & Lester) in his home. Although the game has simple gameplay, there are many differences from the usual adventure games. The game offers a variety of puzzle quests, and the game challenges you to fulfill goals involving pranks on robbers. You interact with a lot of objects in an open-world house, and the game uses a first-person perspective to create the most realistic feel. Simple gameplay, fun content, and endless replayability. You can complete quests after many failures. Gameplay features are guided easily, though some levels will be difficult. For starters, the game will have a quick tutorial, and it’s quite helpful. You learn all the basic actions like moving around, opening doors, rotating vision, and interacting with items. In case you don’t know what to do next, the game has a hint button to help you find clues and solve quests. However, the hint button requires a star – one of the game’s key currencies.

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Scary Robber Home Clash creates vast expansive environments. Brian’s house is huge, and has plenty of room to explore. You find a garage, a spacious downstairs area with lots of rooms, several upstairs bedrooms, a gym and a game room. You have plenty of space to explore, and this adds to the thrill. You find the necessary items throughout the house, and you use the right objects to complete a prank. However, you must try to stay out of sight of Felix and Lester. The house also has a lot of doors, and you can make use of the walkways to avoid robbers. The game will be really interesting if you are a fan of the “Home Alone” series. The game features a lot of pranks like those detailed in the “Home Alone” series. It will be interesting, and fun, to see Brian’s humorous solutions to Lester and Felix. The game has updates, so you always see new, interesting levels of gameplay. So jump in and find out how long you can terrorize the bandits right under their noses.

Scary Robber Home Clash lets you buy different items, and you can use the right items to accomplish certain goals more easily. You will find tools such as bear traps, crowbars, hammers and screwdrivers all over the house. You should be diligent to observe, search each room, in the nooks and crannies to get the necessary items. A few tips to make it easier for you to complete the game are to avoid getting caught by thieves. Although, you don’t get serious consequences when you get caught by thieves, you spend time completing the round again. Really, the game is very interesting if you can act hidden in the dark, and try to challenge yourself to avoid getting caught. You can take advantage of the live camera of the robbers’ location, and try to see a small part in the top left corner of the screen. Take advantage of camera resources to avoid encountering thieves. Throughout the game screen, you should also take advantage of collecting stars as you move around the house. The stars are a valuable resource, and you can use them to buy hints and items. The stars are collected during the game. The more you move, the more you have a chance to collect stars scattered all over the house (garage, closet, driveway, roof …). If you take advantage of the ads, then you’ll get more money to buy a variety of items – a special aid to the Felix and Lester pranks. You will purchase essential items including red / white glue, key chain, keys, foam spray, glue and cheese. Each item has its own great use.

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Scary Robber Home Clash has really simple controls, and is similar to most first person adventure games. You touch the joystick on the left side of the screen to move around. You use the action buttons on the right side of the screen. You can run, jump, pick up objects and use them at certain times. Intuitive control systems make it easier for you to interact with your surroundings. Also, don’t forget the camera on the left side of the screen allows you to track what the thief is doing in real time. In general the controls are easy to learn, and completely comfortable, even for a beginner.

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Graphics and sound

Scary Robber Home Clash has sharp, detailed 3D graphics. You feel fullness, and reality in your surroundings. The graphic design is bright, and extremely cute, so it should be suitable for the majority of players. High 3D image quality allows you to observe every detail. Vibrant music helps you to always comfortably explore and experience. The music change is also suitable for each action. In general the 3D graphics are great, and the stimulating music gets you a great Gameplay experience on multiple levels.

Scary Teacher 3D tells the strange story of a genius girl and a terrible high school teacher. Scary teachers intimidate children, enjoy physical punishment and sometimes abuse children. You help the girl teach the scary teacher a lesson, when the girl becomes your neighbor. You perform various quests in the house of Miss T – Scary Teacher. You discover the house consists of 15 rooms and each room has a number of unanswered mysteries. You’ll find lots of proof of photos of victimized children, beaten pets, chocolate cakes, and many more surprising things.

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Scary Robber Home Clash is an exciting 3D simulator game. The player will play the role of a young Brian, and confront two robbers Felix and Lester who climbed into his home. Brian will do many difficult tasks without the help of his parents, and all have to rely on himself. You need to have enough imagination, destructive power, thinking about traps and other actions to create great pranks with thieves. You need to be careful and not make any mistakes in implementing any of the plans, otherwise you will have to play all over again. In general, the game has good 3D graphics, many interesting missions, many inspiration from the famous series.

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