Save The Girl MOD APK 1.9.0 (Unlimited Money)

Save The Girl MOD APK 1.9.0 (Unlimited Money)

February 28, 2024


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Lion Studios
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Unlimited Money

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If you are looking for a fun puzzle game, then “Save The Girl” is a great choice!

Save The Girl creates many fun experiences through a great detective story. The game is a combination of linear mechanics of arcade genre, puzzles, and awesome quests.

The story has simple content. You help a girl while the girl is trying to escape from the bandit. You free the girl in an unfamiliar house, and help her get to a safe area. You help the girl get through all the rooms. Each room has its mission. If you do a good job, you will enter the next room.

The puzzles are created in many different directions, so you have to make reasoning to choose the right answer. The game has simple controls, and will be suitable for many people.

From mini-games to an addictive puzzle game

Save The Girl starts as an extra puzzle game in one big game. However, the puzzles are difficult and full of fun to impress players. Therefore, Lion Studios has created an independent puzzle game according to everyone’s wishes.

The game is not only suitable for smart people, but ordinary people can still solve interesting brain tests. A journey to rescue the girl from the villains is waiting for you.

Try not to be fooled. Each level will give you many options. Each puzzle offers possible objects that can help you with actions such as opening doors, removing knots/tying, or creating other reactions. You consider giving the right answer, and move on. The wrong answer will lead to a painful but humorous outcome for the girl.

The game is addictive and satisfying with a series of interesting quests. Players feel happy helping the girl solve difficult problems, and protecting the girl from the villain.


Many challenges are interesting and suitable for everyone

Save The Girl has many different levels to play. Each level is unique, and you will not feel bored. The game has more than 100 different levels with increasing difficulty.

You need to challenge your intelligence with different situations and circumstances. You come across situations like: girl tied up, girl meeting sharks, girl getting wet in the rain.

The player does not have to struggle too hard to find the right path. You just need to observe the scene, and the secret will come out very easily. You can ask questions if you choose object A, or object B. In the first few levels, you won’t have much trouble helping the heroine escape. However, the large levels have a high difficulty level and you need to be cautious before every decision.

The game is fun, so it is suitable for the whole family. Everyone can play. So, if you have a hard time, ask your friends and family for help.

The gameplay is simple and addictive. Once started, you will want to continue solving the upcoming puzzles to quickly reach the end of your journey. If you are familiar with the promotional games, the challenges will not be too difficult.

In addition, after completing the tasks in the levels, you will receive a reward. You collect coins or special items. You can use the money to buy costumes to change the look of the girl, or redecorate a favorite room.

Cute 2D graphics and engaging sound

The game has simple 2D graphics. The details are drawn in pencil. However, the details are extremely rich in design. You see real things like real-world situations.

Sound using fast tracks. This increases the thrill of detective movies, and increases your puzzle-solving excitement. You can hear the girl’s scream, the rain falling, the fire on fire, … Realistic sound makes the game more lively, and more attractive.

You can try “Homescapes” to solve match-3 puzzles. Your mission is to restore a wonderful mansion, and decorate it to your liking. An exciting adventure begins with the family love of Austin!


Save the Girl offers fun puzzles, and a good time in the journey to protect the lovely girl. The game has many different situations in the fun journey. You just need to tap on one of the two options to see what happens.

Highly entertaining game with funny situations. Download Save the Girl to play with your friends, and rescue the girl from the bad guys!

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