Hero Rescue MOD APK 1.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

Hero Rescue MOD APK 1.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

October 26, 2023


Additional Information
Super Game Studios
99.54 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Hero Rescue tells about the hero’s journey to destroy goblins, rescue princesses, and escape from dangerous traps. The game offers unique rescue screens, and is the right choice for those who love brain hacking, adventure puzzles. The game challenges your IQ with hacking puzzles. Your intelligence will be trained with difficult puzzles, and this will help develop your brain. The game has many interesting rescue scenes, so you will always find it attractive and attractive for a long time.


Hero Rescue does not have a complicated story, and your only mission is to rescue the princess from danger. You pull the matching pins, solve puzzles, and complete quests. You are ready to rescue the princess, search for the treasure to become the richest hero in history. The game has varied missions, and many brain hacking things are waiting for you. You slay demons, kill poisonous spiders, pass lava, and search for treasure. You use your wits to overcome hundreds of challenging brain puzzles. The game 5 game modes are varied, full of attractions, and the number of levels is extremely great with more than 300 normal rounds. In addition, you also challenge other game modes such as logging mode, brick breaking mode … Each mode has its own challenges, and interesting experiences. The game challenges your brain through logic physics puzzles. If you complete certain levels, or normal levels, the difficulty modes will turn on. In particular, the game is always updated, so you always have hundreds of puzzles to solve. The game lets you have fun with everyone, and the fun is bursting with joy.

Hero Rescue is considered one of the unique rescue games, and a lot of players have fallen in love with the incredible features of this novel puzzle game. Please experience and enjoy to verify the fun of the game. Also, if you collect enough gold, then you can unlock other heroes with cooler looks. In general, the game is a mix of elements like entertainment, adventure, and challenging puzzles. You become a brave hero, and plunge into the arduous journey of the princess rescue mission. You discover huge treasures, and the game recreates the familiar context of “heroes rescue the princess”. You are the only intelligent hero with a brave heart. You and the hero go to rescue the poor princess. Throughout the journey, you find many hidden treasures. You face many challenges, destroy ferocious monsters, and overcome thousands of traps arranged everywhere.

Hero Rescue places the hero in a castle. You proceed to pull the lever to open up the path, and create the movement of objects (like falling) according to the physics rules. You encounter many things in the castle, like treasures, monsters, or traps (like lava and boiling water). You must have the right strategy, and the correct calculation to get the most appropriate lever removal actions. Of course, any miscalculation comes at a cost. Your hero has three lives in each level. However, if you accidentally use up all 3 lives, and fail, you can still return to level to correct the mistake. This gives you the chance to experiment with new methods and strategies for success.

Hero Rescue possesses a rich content inventory with hundreds of levels, and many extremely interesting challenges. You can challenge many levels, ranging from easy, medium to difficult. However, if you still find it easy, then you can try the series of challenges in sub-mode. The sub-modes include 10 levels of Treasure, 10 levels of Block, 10 levels of Tower and 5 levels of Sword. Of course, the difficulty level of each sub-mode is different. All play parts are separate, and you have the option to challenge the most desired. In general, the initial levels are very simple, and only take a few seconds to complete. But if complexity gradually increases, then you will face the pitfalls and suspicious factors. Hundreds of levels will challenge your brain, and you can complete levels in different ways. You can pull traps to kill the spider, cool the lava to crush monsters, or activate traps. The game creates a lot of charm so you are ready to step into the journey to rescue the princess, and become a hero in the difficult battle.


Hero Rescue has easy controls, and mostly you spend your time thinking about the method. You tap the screen to drag, or push the appropriate pins. If you choose the right pins, you will find the right direction to help the hero. From there, you can destroy monsters, rescue the princess and unleash the treasure. The puzzles seem incredibly easy, but be careful, because small mistakes lead to big failures.


Hero Rescue has a bright, cute, easy-to-approach graphic style of the game. The game has action content, but does not have a tendency to fight violently. The design of the game screen is changed and updated continuously without duplication. If compared to the names of the same genre, the game owns quite good 2D graphics, and is full of details. The very strikingly designed hero with strong armor, and bright red hair. The princess and the monsters are also meticulously designed in a classic style, but not too scary. The game has many different settings, from castles in dense forests, arid deserts to cold ice mountains. Challenges and pitfalls are also creatively designed. It’s all based on actual physics, and elements of the map’s environment, like fire and water. The game revolves around pure puzzle solving, but the sound is very well invested. You listen to melodious background music, dramatic sound in challenging stages. You can also hear the sound of lava combined with water, the cry of the monster being destroyed, or the cheerful cry of the hero. All sounds are carefully added by the publisher, and cared for in a very reasonable way. The overview of the graphics, sound, and effects will keep you entertained throughout the game.

You can try “Township” with a similar puzzle game. The game is a unique blend of city building, farming, and fun puzzle solving. You become a farmer and manage the city to build your dream through puzzle levels. You build your dream city, harvest crops at farms, process food, and sell goods to grow your town. After that, you trade with foreign countries, and build many useful public facilities such as restaurants, movie theaters and other community buildings. You explore mines for resources, and find ancient artifacts. You can also run your own zoo and collect animals from all over the world. You have to do a lot to give life to your town great.


Hero Rescue is an affordable choice if you are in need of a puzzle game, light entertainment, and a bit of a challenge. You complete puzzles from easy to difficult, and all content is constantly updated. You will have comfortable entertainment after hours of stressful work. The game is really the perfect choice for those who love puzzle games. Great graphics and engaging sound will contribute to the game experience.

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