Flick Shoot 2 MOD APK 1.40 (Unlimited Money)

Flick Shoot 2 MOD APK 1.40 (Unlimited Money)

November 1, 2023


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Unlimited Money

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Football is the king of sport. There are many games that relate to this sport. One of the sports is Flick Shoot 2. In the game, you are a football player and perform shoots. And you also need many skills to kick a ball into the goal. The game is pretty entertaining, suitable for the people who like football.

The best football experiences

Flick Shoot 2 is a sports game that was offered by Mobilecraft – a multi- platform mobile games development company. You can install free on smart mobile devices (Android Operating System and iOS Operating System). You can play the game without the Internet connection.

When you play football, you will need a ball, a pair of shoes and clothes. Based on this, the publisher has provided those thing for you. You can choose comfortably. In addition, the game also has supplied different footballer characters. A diverse system about product and character helps you to customize your own footballer.

3D graphics are constantly improved. Animations are realistic. The balls and the shoes look like the real things. Besides, you can control unique Flick shoot. The things will give you the best experiences. Powerful sound of the game will take you a real football ground and make you immerse in the atmosphere of the free kicks and a crowded stadium. Turn on and off sound easily in Setting.

Start to perform the shoots

At the start of the game, the players will be given a fixed amount of money (10000 coins) and the basic costume. You can use the amount of money to buy the necessary things when playing football such as the ball, the pair of shoes, … Some items will give free. But others have to be bought by coins. With the shoes and the ball, the higher the price is, the better the quality is. There are some items that you need to pass certain levels to unlock them. Mini game is also the place where you can earn the coins. The goal is covered by 12 white board that are arranged randomly. The player need to shoot into each board to open the hidden amount of money. But you won’t be received the sum of money in the board, you just receive the money of the last board. To play mini game, you need tickets which is given daily.

And you can carry out missions that Flick Shoots has required to earn money and experience. In Mission section, the screen will display 5 missions that you need to complete. Each mission requires the player to complete a certain target in any mode in order to receive the reward.

After you have chosen the ball, the pair of shoes, the clothes, you can shoot the ball. Try to score the goal as many as possible, this is your duty and also the main purpose of Flick Shoot 2. In some modes, the player not only scores the goal but also has to shoot at the target. Besides, the goalkeeper will automatically upgrade when your level increases. You will earn a lot of points when there are many balls that hit the target. The hard the target is, the higher your score will be. You have to finish some levels to receive the coins. Let’s equip your footballer with the best items.

Special features in Flick Shoot 2

There are 6 different single player modes for the player in the game: Challenge, Arcade, Not Miss, Time Attack, Dribbling and Practice. Each mode will have a different gameplay. For example, with Challenge mode, there will be a fixed target. You just have 20 minutes to shoot the ball into the goal, finish the target. If you ran out of time and you still haven’t completed the target, you can buy extra time to continue playing. Since the 4 th level, people that block the goal will increase and target positions become more difficult. And if you don’t pass the
level, you can use the coins to replay that level. But with Time Attack mode, the players just have 60 minutes to perform the shoots. There are 4 modes left so that you discover. It’ll be very interesting.

In addition, Flick Shoot 2 has supported the multiplayer mode. But you need to connect the Internet to join rooms in the competitive online mode. Each room has a different price level and reward. There are 5 different rooms in the multiplayer mode such as Amateur, Semi Pro, Professional and so on. Let’s join the rooms and tournaments to challenge yourself.

Flick Shoot 2 is playable in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Spanish. The player can choose one of those languages to the display language. That is another special feature in the game. This attracts and helps many players in the world. They will understand the duties better by their language.

Become the favorite free kick game in the market

You don’t have to conduct a football team. You just need to perform the free kicks. With the simple gameplay, Flick Shoot 2 MOD APK has attracted more 20 million players and is suitable for both children and adults. In Single Player mode, the endless missions and the mini game are waiting for you to carry out. Besides, Multi Player mode will help you to meet the different players from all around the world and connect people together. The Online Tournament and the one on one matches bring you challenges and take you to the next level.

Smooth 3D graphics and animations are improved in comparison with the old version. Sound is vivid. They will make you satisfy. Flick Shoot 2 helps you to relax because you don’t need many strategies and skills to finish the duties. The player can play the game anywhere thank to Single Player mode (no the Internet connection required). Bring the feeling of cheerful for the people that isn’t a fan of football.

Flick Shoot 2 has become the favorite free kick game by those elements.

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