FolderSync Pro APK 3.5.1 (Paid for free)

FolderSync Pro APK 3.5.1 (Paid for free)

August 15, 2023


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Paid for free

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One of the most important actions that Android users should never forget is to back up the data on their mobile devices. That way, you won’t lose any of your settings and progresses even when you accidentally delete the certain data on your phones.

But since people are using multiple online storage to keep their files and the syncing processes are still relatively limited, Android users will need tools that can help them with the job. And FolderSync, being one of the best choices, will certainly help you in managing your cloud syncing storages.

Feel free to use the app to sync folders and files from your SD cards to the online cloud storages and vice versa. Unlock quick and easy connection to a variety of different online clouds with intuitive app UI and controls, which will make things a lot easier for you.

Find out more about this interesting app from Tacit Dynamics with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

Here in FolderSync, Android users can enjoy working with the simple yet fully-featured syncing tool for their offline folders and files. Now, you can use to app to connect to many of your online cloud storage services and have them all available in the single application of FolderSync. Easily access any of these storages and make uses of their features to back up your data or share your files.

Feel free to back up your music, pictures, folders, important data, and other files using the simple cloud connection. You can then access the certain files using your local file manager or from the online drive storages. All changes and updates will be immediately sync in the online storage and the local folders. Thus, allowing you to easily keep track of your backup files.

At the same time, you can always use the app as your regular file browser and manager, with many standard options. Feel free to rename, move and copy files, along with many simple actions to make your files and folders easier to manage.


For those of you who are interested, you can now download the free version of FolderSync on the Google Play Store. However, if you wish to make the most of the application, there will be the FolderSync Pro app, which require users to pay a premium fee to unlock.

Also, to make sure that the app can run properly on your mobile devices, you should provide it with certain access permissions, which are needed to enable the certain in-app features. And don’t forget to have your Android devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 6.0 and up, as it will allow the system to be more compatible with the app.

Last but not least, you can also install FolderSync on rooted devices to enjoy the best experiences with the app. By providing the root permissions, you can enable quick cloud support for even your system files. Thus allowing you to backup any files on your system, even hidden ones.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Work well with all cloud services

Right off the bat, Android users in FolderSync can immediately connect their mobile app to many available cloud services, which will enable the quick sync options whenever you need. Feel free to use the app to connect to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Storage Service, HiDrive, OneDrive, MEGA, OwnCloud, Yandex Disk, and many others. All of which will make sure that you can always connect to any available options and quickly have your files synced.

Support many connection protocols

Here in FolderSync, Android users can enjoy working with many useful connection protocols, which will allow them to easily edit their files with ease. Feel free to enable the FTP, FTPS, FTPES, SFTP, or WebDAV, and many others to have your cloud connections available. You can then connect and sync many of your files with ease.

Easily manage your paired folders

For those of you who are interested, you can now make uses of the interesting features in FolderSync to easily manage your paired folders. Here, the dedicated menu will provide access to all available pair services and settings. Also, you can always keep track of the sync statuses on the intuitive panels at the home screen.

Protect the app with PIN code

To make sure that all your files and folders are well protected, Android users in FolderSync can easily enable PIN code on their app to prevent others from seeing them. Or you can also enable fingerprint scan to protect your data, thus, making the app a lot more accessible and enjoyable.

Enable notifications and scheduled syncs for easy management

With the simple notification settings, the app will make sure that you can always manage your synced folders even when you’re not using the app. And to make things even more convenient, you can enable many scheduled syncs to make sure that all your files are properly stored.

Make uses of the built-in file manager

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the built-in file manager from FolderSync, which will allow you to make uses of many standard features within the app. Feel free to use it to manage your files on the local storage or the online cloud drives without any restrictions.

Have fun working with many interesting themes

To make the app more interesting, Tacit Dynamics also offers its unique Dark and Light theme settings, which will allow you to easily customize the visual elements in the app. As a result, you can have the Dark theme available during the nights to protect your eyes or use the Light theme to enable better visibility out in the daylight.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

And last but not least, to make sure that all Android users can enjoy working with the app, we also provide our unlocked version of FolderSync Pro on our website. Here, you can enjoy the fully-featured app without having to pay the premium price. All you need is to download the FolderSync Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Final verdicts

With simple yet extremely useful features, FolderSync will allow Android users to easily work on their files and folders to have them completely backed up online. And with the free and unlocked version of the app on our website, you can further enjoy its features and functions.

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