ownCloud MOD APK 4.2.1 (Paid for free)

ownCloud MOD APK 4.2.1 (Paid for free)

February 24, 2024


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If you need a powerful application for file sharing in the cloud, then get “OwnCloud“. OwnCloud has its server, and the app allows you to sync/share your private files to the cloud storage. Of course, if you have an internet connection, then you will access the OwnCloud server immediately.

OwnCloud has attracted tens of millions of users, and the application has several hundred thousand installs on the Google Store system. ownCloud is an excellent open-source solution for organizations/individuals around the globe.

Create your private storage cloud

ownCloud is client-server software, and ownCloud GmbH creates the application. The application allows the creation of “private cloud storage”. The user owns the file storage services, and the user freely accesses the data anywhere/any device. Users can decide to store data on any personal cloud or enterprise cloud.

The application allows connecting Android devices to a Private Cloud Server running in the user’s data center. The application will sync and share open source files for everyone, from free individuals to large enterprises, or active hosting providers. The application provides a file synchronization and sharing solution according to three principles: safety, security and transparency.

The design structure of ownCloud

ownCloud is simply understood as a free and open-source application. The application is used for data synchronization, file sharing, and cloud storage. This application is made in PHP/javascript- a popular programming language on phones.

ownCloud is easily compatible with database management systems such as: MySQL, SQLite, Oracle Database, and many other popular designs. Besides, ownCloud is compatible on most popular platforms such as Linux, Windows and Android. The application is an effective method for those who use Android phones or Iphones.

ownCloud finds, displays, controls, and manages areas of sensitive data. This helps users keep their workflow intact. The application easily integrates with personal / business infrastructure, and at the same time provides users with modern features according to their needs. ownCloud uses open modularity, and the module is exceptionally extensible to fit the data infrastructure.

Many outstanding features

ownCloud provides access to any data source. Access is provided through a single interface, and this applies to all the different information systems.

Users can access files on any device, anytime, anywhere. Businesses can still manage and control file-sharing activities for security. Database changes are made through shared access. Data sources in applications, on-premises or the cloud will all change with the overall operation.

ownCloud provides a single point of access for the enterprise cloud. All employees have access to corporate files. The application also allows access to stored information through mobile and desktop applications. ownCloud provides an “Admin” feature. In there, the Administrator can configure each connection manually or with a script. Administrators connect to thousands of storage servers, document libraries, and FTP servers. Administrators will have a full view of the hosting solution. Users use one interface (file tree) you have access to all their secure data.

ownCloud has a modern infrastructure. Therefore, users can easily connect to existing storage in the enterprise, such as S3, Windows network drive, and SharePoint server. If the business uses SharePoint, the application views SharePoint as an external storage location. The application translates ownCloud commands into SharePoint commands, and enables mobile/web/client sync access. If an enterprise uses Windows Network Drive, administrators can integrate one or more network drives in a single instance of ownCloud. Similarly, ownCloud will quickly work with other infrastructures like S3, Swift, Ceph, FTP.

You can download “FolderSync Pro” to synchronize your cloud storage with folders on your device’s SD card. The app also supports a bunch of different cloud providers.


ownCloud is a great sharing app. Users can browse all synced files. Besides, users can create & edit new files, share files and folders with colleagues. The application also synchronizes the contents of the folders on all related electronic devices. Users only need to copy a file to a folder on the server, and the application will automatically perform the necessary operations.

ownCloud is an excellent choice for mobile, desktop or web applications. The application offers a complete and simple solution for file control.

Download “ownCloud” to own your own storage cloud/data/sharing!

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