Formulia MOD APK 7.8.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Formulia MOD APK 7.8.1 (Premium Unlocked)

June 14, 2024


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If you’re having troubles remembering the most important formulas, then this awesome mobile app of Formulia will certainly help you with its features.


Concise and powerful formulas help us in many important aspects of our lives. But it’s not simple remembering them all. Even if you try to, it’ll take many attempts before you succeed. And if you don’t use them for a while, the knowledge will eventually disappear, making it a lot more frustrating. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate solution, then using this awesome app of Formulia will definitely help.

Here the awesome mobile app from Mario Chavarria provides you with all the most common formulas that you can use for your calculations, estimations, and others for different purposes. Feel free to use the app whenever you have the time and enjoy its complete features to tackles your many problems with complete ease.

Find out more about this awesome mobile app of Formulia and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

Here in Formulia, Android users will have themselves the most incredible tool for performing certain calculations with great accuracy and high efficiency. All you need is to enter the app, choose your menus and look for the certain formulas. Formulia will then aid you with the proper calculations which you make directly inside the app. Use those formulas whenever you want without having to remember them.

Have yourself the most simple and accessible mobile app with its intuitive UI and convenient tools. Enjoy using your formula for mathematical calculations. Improve your knowledge on physics with the provided tools. And never forget any chemistry formulas, thanks to this helpful app. You can even explore the Formulia Creator to create and save your own formulas.

Discover the multiple tools and utilities that the app has to offer, which will greatly improve your applications with Formulia. Get your periodic tables ready for many important uses. Have no troubles saving your most important Formulia for quick and easy access. The list goes on.


Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and easy to use

For those of you who are interested, you’ll have no troubles exploring the awesome mobile app of Formulia and all of its amazing features, thanks to the clean layouts and accessible features at the home menu. Feel free to switch between different sections and discover your various tools available. All of which will allow you to enjoy the most simple and easy to use application for calculations.

Get your formulas for math

If you know anything about math, then you’ll surely be impressed and overwhelmed by the amount of formulas that it has. Here, different types of math come with its own sets of rules and formulas which can be really helpful if you can remember. And with Formulia, you can easily keep track of them. Feel free to make uses of the mobile tool to never forget your formulas for Algebra, Geometry, Flat and spherical trigonometry, Differential calculus, Integral calculus, Multivariable calculus, Probability and statistics, Linear algebra, Ordinary differential equations, Fourier series and Laplace transforms, Discrete mathematics, Beta and Gamma functions, Z Transform, and other calculations.

Learn physics with on-the-go formula

For physics, Formulia will make sure that you never forget your formulas for Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Waves, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Optical, Modern Physics, and so on. The complete experiences will mean that you won’t have to look anywhere else for available physical formulas and calculations.

Or get your chemistry knowledge strengthen

Here in Formulia, you can enjoy the useful mobile app that will strengthen your chemistry knowledge whenever you need it. Make good uses of the available formulars for Stoichiometry, Solutions, Thermochemistry, Electrochemistry, Gases, Structure of the atom, Organic chemistry, and so on. The complete and most accessible toolset will keep you interested in the app.

Explore the new Formulia Creator

And for those of you who are interested, you can now explore the inbuilt Formulia Creator from Marior Chavarria, which will allow you to freely add your formulas and create new custom calculators. Have no troubles working with a variety of different options and features, which will allow you to make the most of the app.

Here in Formulia, Android users can easily classify their calculators by sections, using the provided tags, which will make it super easy for you to keep track of your formulas. With unlimited numbers of variables, multiple symbols and names that you use, different units of measurements and conversion factors, along with personal descriptions, you’ll have everything ready for your new formulas.

Feel free to program the entries following your variables and operators. Quickly save your results for later uses. Or you can now share your amazing calculators and formulas with others using the export options. At the same time, also have the option to import high-quality calculators made by other Formulia users for better uses of the app.

Cool tools to work with

Here in Formulia, Android users will have themselves the most amazing tools and features for better experiences with math, physics, and chemistry calculation. Have the Universe Constants available on the go so you can easily identify them. Have different units of measures available for easy customizations. And use the Unit Conversions to quickly compare different indexes.

Enjoy using the amazing tables of values with various elements of densities, specific heats, and so on. Discover the Greek Alphabet, which will really come in handy in your studies of math and related fields. Use the Scientific Calculator to work on complex calculations with no mistakes. Discover the many mathematical symbology from the app whenever needed. Enjoy using the convenient Unit Converter whenever you want. Make the most of the Matrix Calculator. Have access to the SI prefixes. The list goes on.

Get your periodic table for other important pieces of knowledge

With the complete periodic table available, Formulia users can enjoy using the app to check for different elements of Electron configuration, Atomic weight, Oxidation states, Number of electrons, protons and neutrons, Density, melting and boiling point, Heat of fusion, heat of vaporization and specific heat, Thermal and electrical conductivity, and resistivity, Electronegativity, and many other elements. Open and close the full periodic table whenever you want.

Save and have quick access to your favorites

Have no trouble saving and have quick access to all your favorite content in Formulia, as the mobile app will help you set up your important collection of formulas and calculations that you usually use. Enjoy opening the lists whenever you want and make good uses of its features whenever needed.

Enjoy the app with Internet turned off

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the app with its Internet turned off. Here, all the features are always available for you to enjoy, as the app will download and enable the latest updates whenever you’re online. You can then enter Formulia whenever you want to explore the calculations and formulas that are now available offline.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

And last but not least, if you’re interested in the free version of Formulia, you can now get the modded version of the app on our website instead. Here, we offer the modified application with ads removed and Premium features unlocked, which you can enjoy without paying. All you need is to download the Formulia Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Final verdicts

With convenient tools and useful features, Formulia is one of the best mobile tool for making quick calculations or revisions of your math, using the provided formulas and calculators for different tasks.

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