Fort Conquer MOD APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money)

Fort Conquer MOD APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money)

April 22, 2022


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From ancient times to this, the animal world played important roles in human life, with a wide variety of animals ranging from animals living with humans to wild animals living in humans. Remote, tropical forest…. has created a diverse nature, a colorful life, in addition to the movement to raise pets, protect wild animals or endangered animals…. is developing day by day, it contributes to protect and balance the biological ecosystem on earth..

So is there a time when you want your pets to transform into a new look, or you want to see a fierce battle of animals called “King of the Mountain”, ” the hero of strength? With sharp fangs, ferocious growling sound, or have you seen or read in the books, the newspapers, the television …. about fights between animals, but you have never seen and wished to see one day battle between animals. But, it’s will not be that far away, with just a smartphone, device, you can ” Make that dream ”  through a game called Fort Conquer – the game of pets fighting is provided by DroidHen a game provider and developer with the games great and attractive popular games such as Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG game, Defender I game, Defender II game, Zelly Boom game, Turbo Kids game, Pet Blast game, X- Runner game …. And now, we invite you to experience how your pet transforms in the game!

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Description About game Fort Conquer

Fort Conquer – an interesting fighting game, is a game player that combines extremely interesting combat action, is one of the best-rated games, has high downloads, and has very positive feedback about this game, on the other hand, one thing to note is that the game is suitable for 3 years old and up, under 3 years old is not recommended to play!

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The task – the rule.

Game Fort Conquer is a game player combined with extremely good combat action supported on the Android operating system. The player’s task is to use and control their animals and the pets to protect their territory against the onslaught of wild beasts, and simultaneously attack the opponent’s fortress. In this game, the player will build, establish and develop a powerful army of powerful, elite pets with courageous loyalty, players will have to lead and build an increasingly strong army more. The animals in your army have extraordinary and different powers,  and so players must consider and choose which beast is strong to fight the opponent’s beasts. And of course, the opponent’s pets and pets are also strong and have equally extraordinary abilities, so players should think about and choose which animal to suit the situation fight!

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The Graphics and The Sound

The game with cartoon graphics, high-quality images, and extremely beautiful, shaping all the animals very sharp with fierce and powerful looks, every the animal is eager to fight. The vivid wonderful and engaging sound effects create an intense battlefield that is extremely satisfying, and dramatic for players to experience.

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Features and characteristics about Fort Conquer

  • The game with extremely beautiful graphics and powerful fighting skills.
  • The beasts are diverse, challenging with many beasts and the Boss has extraordinary strength with many unlimited features such as:
  1. Evolution of the same species: stronger powers and incredible new creatures available.
  2. Rich species to evolve: challenge your imagination to create new species.
  3. Multiple tower defense: take clever strategy to win the battle.
  4. Stunning graphics with high-quality images and great the sound effect
  5. Challenging BOSS stages!
  • Players can comfortably upgrade their animals.
  • Many diverse missions,  different match scenes for players to conquer.
  • Exciting and dramatic in the game sound.

At this point, you guys are already low on the appeal, right ^^. Now,  are you ready to play? If you find it attractive and ready, go to CH Play and download the game to your device and experience together, lead and train your pet to fight, guarantee your territory is excellent and durable, to see at the end which side pet will win!

Hopefully, the game Fort Conquer- an exciting battle, will bring comfort, fun, great entertainment moments, and bring players new experiences that are extremely interesting and attractive !.

I wish you have fun!

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