Gemmy Lands MOD APK 11.97 (Unlimited Money)

Gemmy Lands MOD APK 11.97 (Unlimited Money)

October 11, 2023


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Nevosoft Inc
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Unlimited Money

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Puzzle games have long been widely known for their high levels of entertainment, and there are countless games of this genre on the app stores. But not all of them are interesting and attractive to players like Gemmy Lands. Like any other puzzle games, the core goal of the game is to match 3 or more gems and jewels to the same row or column to remove them and finish the round’s target. If you just stop there, perhaps the game will be nothing more interesting and interesting. Besides hundreds of levels with different difficulty and different puzzles, the game also offers many interesting features waiting for you to explore, from hidden treasures to build your very own gem planet!

Adventure through hundreds of levels with stunning graphics and effects!

Begin the adventure in Gemmy Lands, players will meet Gemmy – a naughty girl who is also your guide in this journey. The journey through the lands of gem worlds, frozen shores, haunted empires and candy land countries, matching 3 in a row and solving all the game’s puzzles along the way. By clear level with limited move, players will earn from 1 to 3 stars based on how good they have been solving the puzzles. Just like many other puzzle games, when players match 3 similar gems, they will disappear, and when 4 or 5 gems are matched, it will combine and become 1 powerful gem and explode when you move them. When 2 powerful gems are matched, they combine exploding to destroy even more gems and create stunning lightning and explosive effects.

The game also requires some calculation and fortune. Do not waste your move and calculate to destroy as much gem as possible in 1 move to make the most of it.  Moreover, there are 3 bonuses that players can use when starting a level, it is especially helpful on high difficulty levels. Even though the bonuses are consumed if you use it at the beginning, players can get it in special treasure crates or purchase it using diamond. Players also receive some gold after every level based on that will be used later on the game for different purposes.

Gemmy Lands graphics is one of the best among puzzle games genres. With colorful gems and jewels and eye-catching explosions that will amaze anyone at any age, but especially children.

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Side game alongside the traditional match 3 puzzle game!

Even though Gemmy Lands: New Jewels and Gems Match 3 Games is offline, players will never feel lonely because of their companion – Gemmy will be there to support and guide you. Players will even meet more characters along the game, each of them have different characteristics and quest for player. Finish other characters’ quest to receive an amazing bonus. Besides, can link it with facebook and invite their friend to join the game and compete with each other in the race. Other player’s profile pictures will be shown on the level they are currently at and get over them to prove yourself.

One more interesting feature is Gems planet, once it is unlocked, players can build their own planet using gold they earn from clear levels. There is a tree house, circus and beautiful flowers that are available for players to construct on their planet. In addition, these buildings are not there just to decorate, each of them has functions such as recovery live quicker and will help you continue your saga.

Entertaining, relaxing and more!

Gemmy Lands MOD APK does not require the internet to play, so once players download the game it will be available everywhere you go, entertainment is right in your handset. Tired after a hard working day? Don’t worry because Gemmy will relax you with its colorful explosion. Over 20000 people have tried and love it, what are you waiting for?

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