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February 16, 2020


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Enjoy an immersive shooting experience with Gigantic X, the latest and most advanced top-down shooting from Action Square. Find yourself taking down the giant and nasty alien monsters with your impressive arsenal full of powerful firearms.

Join the intergalactic alliance and bring peace to the world through successful campaigns. Take on the toughest and most annoying monsters and enemies across the realms as you pick up your weapons and aim at them. Engage in the addictive and thrilling gunfights in Gigantic X.

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The game takes place in the interstellar age, where humanity is expanding their territory into the universe. This leads to many resistances from not only the locals but also other intergalactic forces. That being said, the Galactic Alliances are really in need of good soldiers who’re willing to fight and will fight well under their causes.

Three drifters, knowing nothing other than shooting and fighting, decided to join the Alliances’ forces for the bountiful pays. While they’re actually not too supportive of their causes, money is still money. Time for you to join their journey into the endless universe, discover new planets, and take on epic alien monsters with our three friends.

Explore the exciting top-down shooting gameplay with powerful future weapons and satisfying mechanics.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Smooth and satisfying shooting experiences

To start with, Gigantic X introduces gamers to exciting shooting gameplay that you can hardly find on any other game. That being said, the game features the intuitive top-down view that allows gamers to truly immerse into the epic gameplay and take on the multiple challenges that the game has to offer.

Here, you can make uses of the simple and convenient controls to pick up your weapons. Unleash powerful shots at the enemies and make uses of your abilities to take down your opponents. The game features tons of different skill shots that you can make uses of.

Different hero class with unique powers and abilities

In addition, with three different characters to play with, Gigantic X introduces gamers to completely different hero classes who feature different weapons and unique powers. That being said, depending on your play styles, you can pick up the right hero with suitable weapons and abilities for you. Enjoy epic fights as you take up epic fights with the aliens using your powerful blasts and skills.

Hundreds of different weapons and gears for each hero

Speaking of which, Gigantic X features hundreds of different weapons and gears that you could choose and equip on your hero. That being said, you can easily pick up multiple weapons that’ll work on you and unleash epic attacks onto your enemies using their unique powers. In additions, the game also comes with useful armor sets that can be used to protect you from enemies’ attacks.

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Varied upgrades to choose from

To make the game more interesting, you’re also allowed to make varied upgrades on your weapons so they may perform better during fights. That being said, it’s quite important that you spend your time completing the missions and tasks so you may collect enough cash for your upgrades.

A massive universe to explore

In Gigantic X, players are introduced to a massive universe with millions of different planets to discover. Here, you’ll find yourself lost in the epic fight with multiple alien enemies. Travel to varied places in the void and take on powerful aliens with your epic fire powers. Defeat minions and giant bosses as you progress in Gigantic X. With each planet, there will be different enemies that oppose you, who also feature unique powers and abilities.

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Addictive single-player campaign

The game features captivating stories which take you through multiple missions and stages. Here, you’ll find yourself picking weapons and taking on different monster and alien enemies that you never thought would exist. Prepare yourself for epic actions, and bountiful rewards, too.

Enjoy exciting online gameplay

In addition, gamers can take the fights online and have your skills tested by the world’s best Gigantic X players. Dive into epic co-op shooter experiences with your friends or challenge your online opponents with real-time shooting showdown. With interesting gameplay and cool players, you’ll definitely have yourself a lot of fun in Gigantic X.

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Free to play

The game is currently free to play for all Android users to enjoy. That being said, you can easily have the game installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything, which is quite impressive considering all the features that it provides. On top of that, the game is also quite rewarding so that gamers can collect many free prizes without having to pay for the in-app purchases.

Visual and sound quality


Out of many shooter games for Android that are currently available, Gigantic X is definitely one of the greatest game that you could ever find in terms of sole graphics quality. That being said, the game features incredible graphics with epic shooting effects that’ll make you feel like you’re truly lost in the epic world.


With epic sounds and music, you’ll never find yourself being faced out during your fights in Gigantic X. Everything will become extremely realistic and addictive while you’re immersing into this epic shooter from Action Square.

Download Gigantic X latest 1.2.2 Android APK

The game is top-down, one of the best shooter games for Android users. With epic shooting gameplay, tons of exciting features, and many discoverable secrets, you’ll find yourself enjoying the world of intergalactic shooting at its best. Never find yourself having any dull moment in this game. Plus, the game is also free for you to play, so we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t pick it up right now.

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