GTA: San Andreas – NETFLIX APK 1.86.44544238

GTA: San Andreas – NETFLIX APK 1.86.44544238

Netflix, Inc.

GTA San Andreas is now available on the mobile platform for GTA fans to enjoy their favorite game on the go.


Join Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson in his epic gangster adventure into the big cities of Los Santos, San Andreas, and more. Here, you can prove yourself as a worthy criminal of both his standards and reputation. Take on a series of missions with story-driven gameplay and exciting story plots.

Interact with unique and absolutely interesting characters, each having their own stories and roles in your adventures. With your family falling apart and enemies on all sides, Carl is having a lot of troubles ahead. And you’ll be the one to help him force his way through the challenges.

An enhanced mobile experience of the famous GTA game

Simply dive in and have the most fun with the upgraded experiences, both in graphics and gameplay. Experiences impressive visual augmentations, featuring enhanced lighting effects, environmental elements, character details, and everything else in HD graphics.

Improve the draw distances within the game, so the open-world cities would look and feel a lot more realistic and vibrant. And enjoy the adaptive touch controls that will alternate depending on what your characters are doing, making the overall experiences a lot more comprehensive. Have no issues when you’re moving around the city, interacting with other characters, driving around, or having fun with the epic actions.

Amazing character designs and spot-on voiceovers

Have plenty of unique and amazing characters featured in the game, each with its own charms. Follow CJ as he explores the cities and their notorious criminals. Make friends, and foes, and get ready to intertwine your own adventures into theirs.

The epic character designs and acting make the in-game experiences absolutely amazing. Not to mention that the impressive voice actors have also made the in-game interactions a lot more engaging and realistic.

Endless activities and thrills in the open-world city

Have access to many exciting activities and thrills that you can have in the open-world city of GTA San Andreas. Feel free to run around and randomly hit strangers on the streets. Drive your supercars along the beach or get on the epic vehicles to roam around and cause mayhems. Explore the different city locations, each enabling different activities that you can engage into.

Exciting missions and epic gangster actions

After that, feel free to come back to the exciting gangster missions to follow the in-game stories. Have all the epic main missions that are story-driven and well executed. And at the same time, exciting side missions are always available if you want to further explore the cities and their characters. Enjoy different missions with plenty of approaches, gameplay, and executions.

Recruit members to your gang

One of the great mechanics of the game is that it allows gamers to recruit gang members to their ‘hoods’. Have as many gang members as long as your level permits. Unlock the maximum of seven notorious companions, so you can ready yourself for the upcoming challenges. Take your gangster friends on missions and enjoy epic pieces of shooting actions on the go.

Take on others in epic gang wars

And speaking of which, it’s time to initiate your epic gang wars in GTA San Andreas. Here, the areas are all up for grabs, gamers can take on other gangs in their quests for city dominations. Provoke a gang war and make sure you’re ready for it. Or engage in missions to defend your hoods from unfriendly enemies. Tons of fast-paced actions and epic gang interactions will be available in the game. Prepare your health, armor, and arsenals, since your enemies will come at you with everything they have.

Have six beautiful girlfriends available

And of course, along with the actions, GTA San Andreas is also one of the first RPG games that allow gamers to have the Romance features. Here, you can have your own girlfriend in the hoods with Denise Robinson, Millie Perkins, Michelle Cannes, Barbara Schternvart, Helena Wankstein, and Katie Zhan available. Each character is with their own personality and various interactions that you can enjoy. Unlock certain perks and relationship goals in the game.

Improve skills with schools

Even gangsters need to study to make themselves more capable. Here in GTA San Andreas, you can take on different schools that accommodate various skills. Learn biking from the Bike School. Find out how you can drive the canoes in Boat School. Improve your driving and drifting skills in the Driving School. And strengthen your fists in the Fight School. The list goes on.

Inspired by many famous gangster films

GTA San Andreas gamers will find their journeys quite nostalgic and engaging in certain ways. This is all thanks to the different cameos and movie-inspired scenes in GTA San Andreas. Here, you can find yourself reliving certain moments in famous movies of Training Day, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, To Live and Die in L.A., Pulp Fiction, Easy Rider, Boyz n the Hood, and more.


Time to dive in and have the most fun with the famous gangster adventures in GTA San Andreas. Relive the epic 90s criminal worlds, displayed in the palm of your hands.


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