Guitar Girl MOD APK 5.7.1 (No Ads)

Guitar Girl MOD APK 5.7.1 (No Ads)

February 20, 2024


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If you ever find yourself getting bored by the demanding games with strong languages and violent graphics, and is looking for a way to relax and casually enjoy your mobile gaming sessions, then Guitar Girl is certainly a great mobile title for you. Get ready to engage yourself in the exciting and soothing music gameplay where you can freely express your love to music and also encourage your social interactions.

Help your guitar girl by introducing her passions with music to the world. Grow your social influences and start getting famous by simply playing your melodic guitars. Engage in many social interactions and promote inner growths, both for the girl and you. Guitar Girl gamers will then find themselves exploring new guitar experiences and also get more confident in real life. The unique and helpful gameplay in Guitar Girl will certainly impress most gamers.

Learn more about this awesome mobile title from NEOWIZ with our in-depth reviews.


Here in Guitar Girl, Android gamers will have their chances to follow an amazing girl’s journey to fame and confidence. Start the game with your humble beginning, in which your girl starts streaming her guitar performances in a small bedroom. Grow into a big star and online influencer, as you develop your talents and collect fans from all over the world. And during the process, also help your beautiful and talented girl to become more confident and more charismatic. You’ll also find yourself getting better by the day in real life. Thus, making Guitar Girl an extremely helpful game for Android gamers.

The game adapts the famous casual gameplay of clicker but features a much more soothing and relaxing nature to it. Thus, allowing gamers to enjoy both the carefree experiences from a clicker title while also relaxing with the beautiful music. Here, you can freely set up the backgrounds for your girl to play guitar using many interesting items and décors. Upgrade your looks so that others will be more willing to watch your streams. Unlock new skills and abilities for the girl so she can play multiple songs. And enjoy playing with many interesting events. In addition, the awesome in-game stories will make sure that you are completely engaged in your Guitar Girl journeys.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Beautiful game with soothing music

Right off the bat, Android gamers in Guitar Girl will immediately find themselves immersed in the beautiful atmosphere and enjoy perfect guitar music from the talented girl. The beautiful environments and soothing sounds will make sure that you are completely relaxed. Thus, making the game a great title for any of you who are looking for a healing session. Not to mention that the accessible gameplay will make sure that you can all enjoy Guitar Girl.

Intuitive and accessible gameplay for all gamers

And speaking of which, new gamers will have no trouble discovering and enjoying the exciting gameplay of Guitar Girl. Here, you can have fun playing your guitar by simply tapping on the screen. The faster you tap; the more fans our Guitar Girl will receive. But even when you don’t wish to tap, the idle clicker mechanics will still be active. Thus, allowing you to get fans even when you’re not playing the game. Hence, you only need to open the game to enjoy the relaxing music and admire the beautiful girls.

Have fun with many social media elements

Here in Guitar Girl, gamers will have the opportunities to explore the interesting social media elements, in which you can unlock many online interactions during your streaming sessions. Pick up as many “Likes” as possible so that your guitar girl can become more popular on social media. This will encourage and help here to grow her channel. Also, as you become famous on the Internet, Guitar Girl will enable new features for Android gamers to discover and enjoy within the game.

Grow your fanbase and get more interactions

For those of you who are interested, you can now grow your fanbase in Guitar Girl and unlock many interesting interactions. Get replies and messages from your fans, which will motivate you to work harder. Become famous with friends and the neighborhood, as you unlock new in-game elements. And even get your own shows in Guitar Girl.

Express your styles and moods with awesome customizations

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers are allowed to work on their styles and show their moods through many room décors and character customizations. Feel free to try out cute decors, as they allow you to customize your rooms and create awesome backgrounds for your guitar streaming sessions. Enjoy playing with many available clothes and accessories, as you unlock new costumes for your guitar girl. Express your moods and show off your styles to create many special online interactions.

Improve her guitar skills with many upgrades

And during each guitar session, gamers can attempt to make upgrades, which will allow our guitar girls to unlock new skills and many special guitar performances. Use these to attract more fans and allow your guitar girl to quickly become famous.

Interact with classmates and other characters

And throughout the game, Android gamers will also have their chances to interact with many interesting in-game characters, each having their own impacts on our Guitar Girl’s stories. Have fun playing the game and interact with your classmates, neighbors, and fans. Attempt to unlock your own in-game stories and enjoy many captivating experiences.

Interesting in-game events to discover

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy many interesting in-game events from Guitar Girl, each offering its own unique gameplay. Feel free to choose your interesting in-game events, which will allow you to discover new experiences and also unlock interesting rewards.

Complete many achievements and get awesome rewards

Throughout the game, you will have the opportunities to unlock many special achievements, each offering its own gameplay for you to enjoy. Not to mention that the special rewards will make sure that you can always enjoy the game.

Offline gameplay for all gamers

To make sure that all Android gamers can enjoy their Guitar Girl experiences, NEOWIZ also offers their offline gameplay with many accessible features. Now, there is no need to look for active Wi-Fi connections or spend your cellular data to enjoy your mobile game. Simply open up your Guitar Girl game and get ready to be relaxed.

Free to play

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free gameplay of Guitar Girl on the Google Play Store without having to pay for anything. However, just keep in mind that there will be ads and in-app purchases to bother you.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay with our mod

If you don’t wish to pay for the unlockable content, we also offer the modified version of Guitar Girl on our website, which feature the full gameplay for you to enjoy for free. All you need is to download the Guitar Girl Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


With awesome in-game graphics, Guitar Girl will make sure that all gamers are immediately impressed by the beautiful anime-style visuals. Feel free to engage yourself in the exciting game while having fun watching your amazing anime girl playing guitar. The relaxing environments and beautiful graphics will certainly improve the relaxing effects.

Sound & Music

Together with the beautiful visuals, the ASMR audio, especially the amazing guitar performances with high-quality audio outputs will certainly impress most gamers. Combined with the amazing guitar tracks and amazing voices from our character, gamers will have their chances to totally immerse in the awesome world of Guitar Girl.

Final thoughts

Thanks to the soothing and accessible gameplay, Guitar Girl will make sure that all Android gamers are completely relaxed during their in-game sessions. From enjoying the beautiful guitar tracks to having fun with many in-game interactions, Guitar Girl will promote many helpful benefits for its gamers. And thanks to the free and unlocked version of the game on our website, you’ll certainly find the game a lot more enjoyable.

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