Brave Nine MOD APK 2.56.21 (Battles Speed x20)

Brave Nine MOD APK 2.56.21 (Battles Speed x20)

June 17, 2024

Role Playing

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155.55 MB
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- Battles Speed x20
- Always able to auto-repeat battle

Brave Nine Tactical RPG poster

Released by Neowiz around the beginning of 2019, Brown Dust is one of the few RPGs with seriously invested visuals that capture the hearts of the gaming community. If you are too tired of the turn-based games, Brown Dust is a unique choice to get sympathy thanks to the storyline and the tactical opening mechanism. An alternative version of this game called Brave Nine is still being warmly welcomed by the community.

General Information

Brave Nine is an RPG strategy hit by Korean publisher Neowiz that will be released globally for free on March 7, 2019, on iOS and Android. Pre-registration on Android has already begun, giving players the chance to experience Brave Nine outside of Asia. Brave Nine’s success in Asia, reaching over three million downloads so far and attracting countless gamers around the world, is considered a modest success.

After the assassination of Emperor Altair II in the rebellion by God, they split the empire into four kingdoms. Beginning in Brave Nine, the player plays the role of Fabian’s son, tasked with replacing his father and forming his army of Mercenaries to bring peace to the divided Brown Dust land. They must find the cause behind their father’s betrayal and push the world into constant war. Easy to play but hard to comprehend, Brave Nine combines classic turn-based combat, engaging storytelling, and cartoon-inspired graphics to deliver the ultimate mobile strategy game experience.

Brave Nine Tactical RPG screen 1

Background Story

The salient features in Brown Dust include over 300 Mercenary to collect, over 1200 unique and challenging battle and storyline missions. There are hundreds of ways to customize and power up your Mercenary Season Guild War PVP (Seasonal Guild War), Dungeon, World Boss, and Co-op Raid. Battles will take place on a 3×6 map and are usually in a 9vs9 format. The goal is nothing more than to knock down enemies through staging battles for warriors, combining moves, and calculating attack range, effects, and even considering the attack sequence of the opponent.

There are over 300 Mercenaries in Brave Nine and we divide them into four categories of Warrior, Defender, Supporter, and Magician. The player can experience leveling up, strengthening, and awakening the potential of Mercenaries to help them maximize their abilities. Some mercenaries are more helpful for a Set Effect. So, the player can attempt to collect different Mercenaries for a Set Effect.

Brave Nine Tactical RPG screen 2

Key Features

Brave Nine has a pretty delightful story and is well-invested. Fabian is the most talented and respected lord of the empire, suddenly standing up to carry out a rebellion. The betrayal of this man, who was more loyal to his country than anyone else, shook the entire empire. Although inferior to the imperial army in force, the rebel army with six guards of Fabian is completely powerful enough to change the outcome alone and kill the Altair II.

After the war, the empire collapsed and was divided into many independent territories. As the imperial army and the lords’ forces gradually weakened because of internal conflict, it highly sought mercenary organizations after. However, they did not know that Fabian’s son. With a false identity, he was on his way to form the most powerful mercenary organization. And it is the character that the player will incarnate in the game.

In Brave Nine, players experience their story and see its vast world through their own eyes. Gamers will build their mercenary organization and take part in battles with other players or complete the storyline. Overall, Neowiz has done a good job of telling you about the game’s plot. The cutouts and pictures used to describe the history are made prominently, along with pretty good storytelling and evocative. At the end of the cut-scene, players will be given their character’s name (only one character) and walk to the tutorial.

The manufacturer has also done well in guiding you through the basics of the game, from deploying mercenaries to the points to note when arranging the lineup. However, although the navigation menus are very intuitive and very thorough explanations and go from easy to difficult, you will also take a lot of time if you want to understand the gameplay in the game.

Brave Nine Tactical RPG screen 3

Overall Assessments

Brave Nine is a classic turn-based mobile game, meaning that players only need to care about pure tactics, with no action or role-playing elements affecting the gameplay. It is an old game that is still very popular with players, especially when Brave Nine adopts a chessboard battle screen system, which has appeared in turn-based games before.

The graphics that Brave Nine brings are simple, but there is something new that gamers have never seen before because it is typical Korean graphics with a flexible drawing. Also, players when experiencing Brave Nine feel even more special because of the smooth, smooth combat of the characters in the game.

The game is rated as having a variety of gameplay, or more accurately, diversity in strategy. It is easy for Brave Nine to prove his ability thanks to a diverse character system, also known as the Mercenaries. Brave Nine currently owns over 300 different mercenaries, diverse classes, attributes, and skills, allowing players to assemble and explore.

One more thing that makes players feel excited when experiencing Brave Nine is that besides owning many Mercenaries. Brave Nine also allows all characters to be upgraded to max level. It means any character has its strengths or weaknesses and is suitable for each type of team. Unlike other games, the original characters are often quite weak and only present in the form of enough.

Besides, Brave Nine also owns many typical game modes of the turn-based game series that help players experience their world such as Story (storyline), Temple of Rune (the version where the player receives the stone Character upgrades), Demon’s Castle (Devil’s Castle brings valuable ancient coins) or PVP features. And the Guild War allows players to try out versus other players.

Brave Nine Tactical RPG screen 4

Summoners War Sky Arena is a pretty good turn-based strategy game from Com2uS. The game has an irresistible attraction for players because of its beautiful graphics, many characters, the ability to connect with the community, and especially with multiple language support.

The game has a variety of daily missions, including 11 different tasks such as sending gifts to friends, challenging opponents, collecting gems, or summoning monsters. If you work hard every day, you will collect a lot of Manas, Crystal Mana, and XP to help level up and open more powerful monsters to help you defeat your opponent easily.

However, quite a few gamers are struggling in finding these gems. Each Rune rank in the respective maps of 1-2 stars will appear on monster maps, 2-3-4 stars on more difficult maps, and golem dungeons, dragons, or hell type monsters. And the highest 5-star rune will only appear when you hit a hell-type boss. If you are afraid of plowing, you can spend money to own these gems in the store, but the cost will be quite expensive.

Final Words

Bringing the traditional spirit of the RPG series, Brave Nine is a traditional role-playing game combining turn-based play developed and published by the Korean game company Neowiz. Brave Nine is an old-style, but still very popular with gamers today, especially when Brave Nine adopts the chessboard battle screen system. It has appeared in turn-based games before. Brave Nine is a game with old gameplay but still very popular with gamers, especially when Brown Dust adopts a chessboard battle screen system.

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