RAID Shadow Legends MOD APK 8.60.1 (Menu MOD)

RAID Shadow Legends MOD APK 8.60.1 (Menu MOD)

June 21, 2024

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The world of Teleria is desperate of a hero to save it from the emerging evils. It’s time to be the hero and save the world in RAID Shadow Legends.


For those of you who are interested in the epic and addictive gameplay of massive online multiplayer RPGs, this amazing game of RAID Shadow Legends will offer everything that you wanted and more. Have fun exploring the awesome mobile title and its many features, as you dive into the dying worlds of Teleria and try to save it from the forces of evil.

Have fun playing the simple, addictive, and enjoyable gameplay of RPG actions with ever-expanding elements, escalating challenges, and endless gameplay. Never find yourself getting bored of your RPG adventures in RAID Shadow Legends, thanks to its many single player and multiplayer challenges, which you can enjoy on the go.

Find out more about this awesome mobile title from Plarium Global and all of its amazing features with our complete reviews.


Here in RAID Shadow Legends, Android gamers will have themselves the simple and enjoyable gameplay of turn-based tactics, dynamic actions, RPG progressions, and endless adventures. All of which will allow you to enjoy the game in your own ways. Simply dive into the worlds of Teleria and strive to become its saviors from the forces of evils.

Enjoy the fun and interesting gameplay of tactics and actions with its varying elements. Explore the exciting RPG game with many champions to play with, each having their own skills and abilities. Unlock the many upgrades and power-ups to have them ready for the upcoming fights. Have access to the massive PvE campaign map where you’ll enjoy your many adventures.

Explore the cool and awesome in-game fights, featuring the varying tactic and action mechanics. Unlock awesome PvP challenges in the Arena where you can fight with real players. Embark on many missions, challenges, and quests with different objectives in the game. The list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive tactical actions mechanics

To start with, RAID Shadow Legends gamers will have no trouble playing the simple and intuitive gameplay of turn-based tactics and actions on their mobile devices. Thanks to the straightforward gameplay and simple mechanics. All you need is to prepare the fights, gear up your roosters, and make uses of their varying abilities to challenge different opponents. Make uses of the simple turn-based mechanics to plan your moves and accurate attacks. And always enjoy the escalating challenges whenever you’re in the game.

RAID Shadow Legends screen 1

Powerful champions to play with

For those of you who are interested, you can now make use of the many powerful champions in RAID Shadow Legends, each allowing you to enjoy the game in your own ways. Have no troubles using the 650+ heroes from 14 different factions, each having their own powers and abilities, so you can have unique approaches and fighting mechanics in the game.

Build your perfect roster consisting of powerful sorcerers, knights, elves, orc fighters, and more. Each allowing you to strengthen your squad and have better chances of winning against your different enemies. Make uses of their many powers, interesting synergies, and awesome mechanics to always enjoy the game to the fullest.

Power up your heroes with different upgrades

Here in RAID Shadow Legends, Android gamers will have themselves the most amazing game of RPG actions and strategy, using the incredible upgrades and power-ups. Feel free to equip your certain champions with powerful artifacts to highlight their different powers and abilities. Rank up your heroes to improve their stats and attributes. Make use of unique boosters and power-ups so you can enhance your heroes during battles. The list goes on. The different power options will provide you with varying tactics when playing the game.

RAID Shadow Legends screen 3

Explore the massive PvE campaigns

For those of you who are interested, you can now explore the massive PvE campaign map in RAID Shadow Legends, which will introduce Android gamers to many exciting adventures and interesting quests. Find yourself fully immersed in the storyline, thanks to the amazing adventures across the realm. With 12 locations and hundreds of PvE action challenges, you can always enjoy the game to the fullest.

Engage in awesome fights with epic bosses

Throughout the game, mobile gamers will find themselves challenging many different enemy bosses, each having their own unique powers and varying fighting mechanics. Thus, allowing them to enjoy the addictive PvE actions to the fullest. Have fun taking on the Fire Knight, Magma Dragon, Ice Golem, Eternal Dragon, and more. The different enemies with varying powers and mechanics will make the turn-based tactic battles a lot more fun and exciting. Not to mention that you can also collect amazing loots by defeating them.

RAID Shadow Legends screen 2

Enjoy the epic PvP challenges

Get ready to enjoy the epic PvP challenges in RAID Shadow Legends, as the game lets you engage in many incredible battles with real-life gamers. Have no troubles competing with each other in real-time matchups in the PvP Arena, where you can put all your skills and abilities to the test. Challenge the best gamers with your powerful hero squad. Defeat them to earn loot and climb higher on the arena tiers. Or have more fun playing in the team battles, where you can multiply your PvP fun with multiple players in one match.

Many missions and quests with unique objectives

Throughout the game, RAID Shadow Legends gamers will have their chances to enjoy many exciting missions and quests, where they can explore the many unique adventures and challenges. With varying objectives, fun adventures, interesting stories, and addictive actions, together with the bountiful loot, the in-game missions will always keep you hooked to the challenges.

RAID Shadow Legends screen 4

Interesting events with unique gameplay

For those of you who are interested, you can now engage in many exciting events with cool stories and unique gameplay in RAID Shadow Legends. Have no troubles joining these limited-time challenges, have fun, and get your exclusive rewards whenever you’re in the game.

Have more fun with the Clan mode

And to make the online game a lot more fun and exciting, RAID Shadow Legends gamers can enjoy the awesome Clan mode, which allows them to engage in more game modes and exclusive Clan gameplay. Feel free to make friends with your clanmates and join each other in epic battles in Clan Boss challenges. And take on many Clan quests to earn rewards while also building your stronger organization.

Build and manage your great bastions

Here in RAID Shadow Legends, Android gamers are allowed to construct and upgrade their own personal fortress, where all the heroes rest and prepare for the next battles. Make uses of the different bastion upgrades so you can have access to more content in the game and further advance through the stories.

Enjoy the hassle-free Autoplay feature

To make the game more convenient, RAID Shadow Legends gamers can make uses of the convenient Autoplay feature, which will allow them to freely explore the in-game worlds and enjoy the battles with little hassles. All you need is to activate the Autoplay feature so RAID Shadow Legends can automatically execute the battles while you work on other businesses. Enjoy better grinding and leveling up experiences with the hassle-free RPG gameplay of RAID Shadow Legends whenever you want.

Communicate via online chats

For those of you who are interested, you can now freely communicate with other online gamers via the simple chat options. Here, the game lets you look for your friends and others to initiate private chats. Join the group chat if you want to communicate with your party. Contact with clan members and clan mates via the Clan chat. And join the World chat to send messages to other worldwide gamers.

Available in many languages

With the game being available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, and Portuguese, mobile gamers will have no trouble playing the game in their native languages. Always find yourself enjoying the more immersive and addictive RPG adventures in RAID Shadow Legends.

Free to play

For those of you who are interested, you can enjoy the free game of RAID Shadow Legends on any of your mobile devices. Simply dive into the game and start exploring your RPG adventures without paying anything. Just keep in mind that the freemium game will require gamers to pay for in-game purchases if they wish to make quick progress without grinding.

Have access to our amazing mods

And speaking of which, to enjoy the full gameplay of RAID Shadow Legends without having to pay, RAID Shadow Legends gamers might want to consider the modded version of the game on our website instead. Here, we offer the modified game with unlimited features and money, which you can enjoy for absolutely free. Simply download the RAID Shadow Legends Mod APK, follow the provided instructions, and you’re ready to go.

Visual and sound quality


Similar to Brave Nine and Blade Bound, thanks to the incredible 3D graphics and majestic artworks, RAID Shadow Legends will allow Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in the game. Have fun exploring the beautiful in-game worlds with stunning details, amazing 3D landscapes, cool visual effects, epic fighting animations, and more. All of which will make the actions and adventures a lot more immersive. And thanks to the amazing story arts, RAID Shadow Legends gamers can always have fun exploring their in-game animations and storytelling experiences.

Sound & Music

To make the game more exciting, RAID Shadow Legends also offers powerful sound effects and epic soundtracks, which you can enjoy throughout your in-game adventures. And the fully-voiced story campaign with amazing character voiced overs and storytelling will always keep you hooked to the in-game adventures.

Final thoughts

With amazing 3D graphics, incredible turn-based actions, awesome 3D actions, and captivating stories, RAID Shadow Legends has everything it takes to become a great mobile RPG title. And with the online game being available, you can now have so much more fun with the game.

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