Brave Frontier MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Brave Frontier MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

April 27, 2022

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Unlimited Money

Brave Frontier poster

Brave Frontier is an MMORPG that combines classic console RPG battle with an exciting card collecting game. All of these elements create an epic that entices both normal and hardcore gamers.

Brave Frontier will take you to the world of Grand Gaia where you can release your summoning power to build up the badass squad from more than 200 epic heroes and monsters. This game is ideal for killing your time thanks to its tons of content and different missions.

General information

Brave Frontier introduces the turn-based RPG combats once again on iOS, Android, PC, and Kindle Fire. Everything occurs on the planet of Grand Gia where all gamers have to summon the greatest Gods to join them in the war against the darkness and of course, bad guys.

With a mixture of the traditional console-based RPG battles and exciting card collecting, the game somewhat reminds us of the Final Fantasy series and Monster Strike. You will love the versatility of choosing characters, leveling them up, and creating teams. Sure enough, Brave Frontier won’t need you to pay to win, and there’s nothing to purchase for you to get ahead in the story or the PvP mode.

Though the game probably makes you feel overwhelmed at the first try, you will be addicted to this Japanese RPG faster than what you simply say “attack”! No matter if you’re seeking an advantage over other rivals in combat or are catching up with your allies, all you must do is moving forwards and slaying beasts in Grand Gaia.

By setting itself apart from the traditional turn-based battle of classic JRPGs, Brave Frontier recommends a time-based feature (Spark) to every gamer this time. It helps the players to time their combo attacks to strike against the targets at the same time. Better than that, you can bring over 5 units in each stage with one friend unit in Quest mode. Well, everything about this game is fantastic, from the Quests to the Lore.

If you’re searching for an action-packed RPG with summoning stuff like Summoners War, then Brave Frontier  won’t disappoint you. Throughout the game, you freely utilize the most suitable elements from Water, Fire, or Lightning for your head-start in any combat. The foes with weaker elements only inflict less damage to the units.

Go to battle as a team in real-time combat with three users! You need to knock down the boss with other summoners by availing different tactics. Interestingly, the players have a chance to fight against others in the area to hunt for the unique arena’s sole rewards.

Overall assessments

People love Brave Frontier almost get addicted to it, especially when it becomes better and better every time. They have so much fun playing the game over the years. It offers them a lot of things to do: Fight in real-time battles with the turn-based system, summon and gain beasts to attack enemies, combat with other players in arena for rewards, and many more.

However, there are still many bugs showing up while you’re downloading data, and even some issues when you try to log in the game. You’re sometimes kicked out after that. Aside from these, Brave Frontier is a good game with tons of stuff to do. The plot is alluring with characters that look so refreshed every time.

More than this, the game interface has so much detail and gives you so much to learn that keeps you playing for hours. As for the character designs, they look fantastic with special and satisfying abilities. You get to select your favorite characters to accompany you throughout the adventure. The best part here is that these characters grow on you chapter by chapter, and the players can learn further about their past.

Though Brave Frontier is worth playing, it’s undeniable that minor issues annoy you at times. The loading screen takes a bit longer to go, but worse than that is you can’t take control over the whole units in the arena. For this reason, you won’t just use Brave Bursts once having them, and you’re attacked by the rival team’s Brave Bursts.


Brave Frontier is a free-to-play Japanese Mobile RPG that you can’t miss if you’re a fan of turn-based combats. Its super fun card collection system coming with the epic combo of mechanics are sure to have you playing without tiredness. In the game, you’re taken to the world of Grand Gaia, a place ravaged by the war between humans and Gods and this occurred several years ago.

As the story goes, four fall Gods has betrayed others, engulfing the whole land when they tried to conquer every bit of it. And the players are the ones who act as the newfound or the summoners in that world join the Imperial Army of Randall to end all of this chaos for eternity.

During the fights in any stage of Quest, your units will achieve “Brave Burst” power-up that will fill up the Brave Burst bar in the game. These resemble the bluish prisms, which you can find on the screen.

Note that once the Brave Burst bar of the unit is full, let’s hold your finger on your unit before swiping up to release a great attack. Also, there’s another tactic for this: Save those Bursts for your last battle with the boss, which makes the fight easier than ever. Besides, as you’ve chosen a foe to strike, you might see a red/blue sword appearing next to the element of your unit.

Red sword means the extra damage you inflict while a blue sword means less damage you inflict on the enemies. This elemental feature works both ways, which means that the foes with weaker elements will also inflict less damage on your team.

More excitingly, you’re able to avail gems gained from the daily login bonus. Once winning the battles and achieve notoriety, units will love to join your squad.

Fusing and evolving the units would be smoother once you’ve got the gems. Spending one of them to give ̀ slots to the Max Unit Capacity. In the similar way, it’s possible to have the item capacity upgraded so that you can make more space for more useful things, like the Potions for example.


Not to mention how amazingly divine the entire game graphics looks, Brave Frontier Mod Apk’s animation and art style can make you addicted.

Literally, this is what helps the game stand out while keeping its fans so excited about playing it. The core of the game includes the new “Units” and the summoning power via the eye-catching illustrations and pixel art animations that allow you to perform robust attacks.

Final words

A new adventure still awaits you in Brave Frontier Mod APK. Download the game to enjoy all traditional RPG battles and join the units to combat the others in arena.

After each level-up, your characters become stronger, and they also own certain elements featuring their strengths and weaknesses. Items would be what you need to gain for added benefit to earn a head-start in every battle. Simple tap the mountain, river, or tree for more handy materials and items for free.

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