Epic Fantasy MOD APK 1.73.2 (Menu MOD)

Epic Fantasy MOD APK 1.73.2 (Menu MOD)

December 18, 2023

Role Playing

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Menu MOD
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You are a person who likes adventure. And you’re also looking for a game that is using anime graphics. Epic Fantasy will be a great choice for you. Epic Fantasy is an adventure role-playing game with a unique plot and nice anime graphics for both single player and multiplayer. In the game, you will combat with a lot of weird creatures. Therefore, you will need good strategies to defeat them. This will bring interesting and attractive experiences for you. Let’s start to explore Epic Fantasy now.

Graphic, Sound and Languages

Epic Fantasy is one of the games that has been built and published by Cravemob. Cravemob is a game development studio in Seoul, Republic of Korean that has been established since 2011. Epic Fantasy is available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon. Therefore, you can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android or iOS Operating Systems. Epic Fantasy is also supported on tablets such as Samsung Tab, iPad, … And the game is completely free to download. However, the players will need to connect to the Internet to be able to play Epic Fantasy.

Besides, the sound of the game is very vivid. You can enjoy the pretty song or listen to the exciting soundtrack while you combat strange creatures. In addition, 3D anime graphics are smooth, sharp and colorful. This will take you to a real world with dramatic battles. The characters are carefully designed with wonderful and separate appearance. It makes your experiences better. Moreover, dozens of different light effects will make the battles more lively. Also, the publisher also allows you to set up Push Notifications and Vibrating Alert. On or Off. It will depend on you.

In particular, there are up to 12 languages in Epic Fantasy. Those languages are English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Catalan, German and Russian. They will help a lot of players to understand the plot of the game and how to play more easily. To change another language, you need to open the settings and choose the language to display in the Languages section.

Characters and your own deck

When starting to play Epic Fantasy, the players will choose the character that will represent themselves. Chacha, Galard and Lancelot are three first characters in the game that you can select. Each character will have their own skills and strength. For example, Chacha will have Flame Strike and Midair Fire skills. But Lancelot will own Poke and Lift skill. In addition, there are over 150 heroes that you can collect in Epic Fantasy. And the quantity of the hero will increase gradually in the future. So you will have many choices to build a formation.

You can go out to battle with 5 heroes at one time. Each hero will have their own property that will create a battle full of drama. Light, Water, Dark, Earth and Fire are five main properties in the game. They can support each other. But sometimes they can affect each other. This makes the game more interesting and attractive. Besides, each character also will have three basic indicators: Attack, Defense and Support. The higher these indicators are, the stronger the character is. The strong characters with unique skills help you to create your own deck and army. Furthermore, the players also can combine with monsters such as Smile, rabbit, bears, or even humans … to create their own formation.

Combat with the Boss and other players

In Epic Fantasy, the Boss will have the strongest competitor. Moreover, a huge world boss also is threatening the world. And the world needs your help who is willing to risk your life. So you will need to own many strong characters. At the same time, a good strategy also helps you to win the bosses and the battle. Besides, you can take part in arenas and compete with a lot of players in the world to take the throne of the Arena. All arenas were designed quite elaborate and detailed. Each arena will take you to a separate world with its own creatures. In particular, Epic Fantasy also allows you to make friends with your friends and other players. At once, the game supports the Chat feature so that you and other players can text messages to each other. It will create new relationships that make your life happier.

In addition, the reward of each arena will always surprise you. It can help you to level up your characters and buy new weapons such as swords, armours, shields, or bows, shoes and so on to increase the characters’ fighting strength or protect them better. Moreover, the players are able to conquer dozens of Dungeons and Towers in Epic Fantasy to get rare equipment. But you need to overcome a certain stage to be able to unlock new areas.

Simple gameplay but full of strategies

The gameplay of Epic Fantasy hinges on the ability to build combat formation. And you will need good thinking skills to be able to build the suitable strategies with each battle and defeat many monsters and bosses. Therefore, Epic Fantasy will be suitable for the players that like to build the strategies. In addition, an Idle system also helps you to grow the characters easily and fast. It will save your time and make your hero stronger. So don’t stress about running out of time.

Besides, you can save your process by signing in to Google or Facebook accounts. This also allows you to play Epic Fantasy on many different devices without worrying about the items or characters that you owned. Thanks to the things above, Epic Fantasy has had over 1 million downloads on Google Play. And at the same time, they have made Epic Fantasy become the favorite game of many players. Let’s install Epic Fantasy now, defeat the monsters, the bosses, compete with other players and become the strongest person in Epic Fantasy.

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