Idle Heroes MOD APK 1.33.0 (VIP 13)

Idle Heroes MOD APK 1.33.0 (VIP 13)

May 24, 2024

Role Playing

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VIP 13 (Private server)

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Idle Heroes is a survival game for the Android operating system. This game is produced and developed by a very famous game company DHGAMES. You can be completely assured of the quality and attraction of this game because they are very popular today with 30 million players globally.

Before participating in this game, you need to play the role of available characters that you can choose from. Lots of character lines for you to choose the one you like best. Your mission is to defeat other players or the dark army as you have immersed in the light. You will have interchangeable costumes, characters, weapons, and heroes. In the game Idle Heroes, players have an army of their own depending on your choice, the tasks for you will be different in accordance with the features of the character you have chosen. While you are away, there are still heroes that you have trained to perform quests and fight on your behalf.

What are you waiting for without immediately downloading the Idle Heroes to your phone to conquer the challenges and fight to defeat the forces in the game? You will become an extremely great warrior if you want to. Please download this game through this link.

General Information

Idle Heroes is an attractive and inspirational first role-playing game released by DHGAMES. They were born quite a long time ago and created new success for hot games on the market today such as ROS, PUBG. The gamers around the world love this game with over millions of downloads on Google Play.

Idle Heroes is an online mobile game with eye-catching 3D graphics. The interface of this online game is no less thrilling and fun. The battle of life and death in the game will join you in challenging. In addition, there is an extremely diverse arsenal of applications that are not inferior to the types of role-playing games available on the market. There are countless attractive game modes as well as a variety of characters for you to choose from and role-play. You are completely free to choose the character that best suits you.

Around the world, Idle Heroes has a fairly loyal fan base, although there are many other famous games nowadays. For that reason, DHGAMES constantly releases great updates to this game. In order not to be outdated compared to other types of role-playing games, Idle Heroes upgrade the game in stages, the game becomes increasingly customer-friendly, helping you play in the most comfortable way.

This new game mode needs players to play the role of the chosen character, defeat the entire army of darkness to be able to survive to the end. Facing the dangers of enemies, this game will provide you with very professional weapons to easily defeat the enemy. The costumes of each character are very beautiful and interesting to the player.

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Background Story

Gamers regularly follow DHGAMES products, the name Idle Heroes has been quite famous for 2 years with exciting journeys, great gameplay, and beautiful graphics. With an interesting role-playing style and extremely simple combat, Idle Heroes has created a huge attraction in the gaming community, despite the heat from PUBG today.

Until now, the super RPG still maintains a large fan base. The main reason for DHGAMES always looking for and creating new updates with excellent content for players. It is surprising that the developments of this game always bring players interesting in new things.

The game was officially released many years ago, but to fix and fix bugs, it will not be complete until 2018. Events and quests started from there, gamers had great opportunities to face the challenges.

The special thing that DHGAMES for Google Play is that the game will be completely free to download, similar to the games released recently. You can safely download the game and get started with the fun in the game. This game requires you to have more than 1GB of free memory available. Hopefully in the coming time manufacturers can reduce the amount of more players can download. We recommend not to miss the Idle Heroes game because the gameplay is very engaging and the graphics are stunning. Or more simply, it’s free for you. It’s great and worth a try.

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Gameplay Instructions

Idle Heroes will be a worthy choice to consider when players are passionate about how games on smartphones, especially strategy games. The visual effects of the game are 3D, extremely realistic, and sharp. Each character in the game for you to choose from has an extremely funny shape, personality, many colors, and great fighting ability.

Players will have to choose the character they want to be able to play. There are more than 200 heroes from other factions that will constantly flock. You need to equip the most amazing weapons and costumes, have full power with your teammates destroying the enemy. Combat units are endless. In addition, Idle Heroes allows players to join any team such as monster PvP, guilds, or extremely fierce battles.

In the new model from the producer, the player along with his teammates must wholeheartedly defeat the opponents at all costs. You need to survive to the end and destroy all enemies.

In the face of the danger of the enemy, Idle Heroes will specialize in providing players with many specialized powerful weapons. You can adjust weapons according to your preference. A huge arsenal will help you win absolutely. Your opponents will have to fear your extraordinary strength. The graphics of the hero are very beautiful, adding more inspiration to the players.

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Overall Evaluation

Currently, the world has a very large installed base for Android devices, so a good quality game, free to download, is very noticeable and wants to give it a try. It is very convenient to appear on your phone without any problems.

The traffic of the game is increasing but the manufacturer has yet to find the best way to control the system, in the game there will be limits that make you uncomfortable when playing online. Until now the manufacturer has not overcome this drawback. But DHGAMES still strives every day and is committed to perfecting it on the mobile front.

The game Idle Heroes brought to Google Play is a game-oriented precisely for multiplayer but the gameplay is not too complicated. This game contains a variety of missions and objectives, you can prepare well for the situations before starting the match.

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Graphics and Designs

When it comes to Idle Heroes’ graphics and design, the client is very proud and there are no negative reviews. From the perspective of customers and manufacturers, this game genre has an eye-catching design, beautiful 3D graphics, making each character in the game more interesting and colorful. The human movement is very flexible, the field of view is wide and can change weapons rapidly.

Despite having 3D graphics, the game has a fairly small size, sharpness and images are still guaranteed. Configuration for the experience will not require too much, mid-range devices can also be suitable. You can fight unlimitedly, the width version can be carefully monitored. Besides, the sound of the game makes the most comfortable for players. You can change the mood by joining new guilds or challenging yourself with new battles.

Operating Systems

In this game, there will be flexible operating systems for moving and changing the player’s weapon. The player can change the weapon they have equipped from the ground, move, run, and jump. The gyroscope can also be managed to suit your gameplay, with no trouble handling them.

This game is pretty much downloaded for online players. The way to log in is extremely simple, you can use your Facebook login information. This will take your time, however, or it might not be a problem.

After completing the login step, you can choose to enter the match you want. There are many areas for you to unleash your talent and build your own strength. The arenas will provide a quest, you need to overcome it to bring victory. You have instant access to choose your team and defeat the army of darkness and other players.

Virtual Simulations

The characters in the game bring a sense of fun and care to the player. The industrial sector makes the game incredibly perfect. Colorful, smooth graphics, designed in a fun and outstanding cartoon style. Idle Heroes will bring players a lot of fun on a mobile phone and highly entertaining. This game is like a stress reliever.

DHGAMES has many new changes in token choice or resolves issues that can affect online quality while playing games. But it can be said that what players have today is an almost complete and beautiful product. The control systems they equip the game with are very efficient and equally perfect. There’s no denying that when playing the game, all the action is really fun. Surely the next updates will be even greater to help players have a very great experience.


No matter how perfect the game is, there are certain limitations to it. The most important issue mentioned here is that when you want to have more advanced weapons or costumes, you have to pay for this. Costumes and weapons for the hero will bring a lot of benefits when playing the game, the opponent will be defeated the fastest and admire you. Besides, when you use these things will have more interesting experiences. However, not everyone has the conditions to pay for this. A lot of players gave up on Idle Heroes because they felt unable to put their hands in their wallets.

Light ads will usually be available at the end of a match. It might cause problems for some people. Fortunately, DHGAMES are gradually improving this now. New additions to players increasingly more, such as easily changing weapons while playing or being able to upgrade outfits. The best alternative is always suggested.

Sound Effects

To add more fun to the game, the producer cannot forget the sound of the game. Each match will have a vivid sound effect, increasing the inspiration for the player. You will be completely fascinated by this sound. When you win, lose or enter the match, there are separate sounds. This is extremely important in the game because it makes players immersed in the game. Most customer reviews liked this sound effect. Not only excites you but also adds inspiration when playing the game.

Great Features

Despite the above limitations, the great features that the game brings are worth the challenge for gamers. You can access Google Play and then download games without losing any cost.

Experience great features through the game Idle Heroes will never make you regret. However, since it is a free game, you should not expect and ask too much about it. You can invite friends, or colleagues to enjoy this interesting game.

Can not help but text the great strategy from the game. With just a few simple steps, you can combine costumes with tactics to enjoy a fiery and thrilling match. You can fight with friends, colleagues or join the arena, players around the world are always ready to challenge you.

The good rating of the game is mostly based on character graphics, rich gameplay, beautiful interface, and innovative weapons. Not only that, but the publisher continues to perfect the game to suit most of the needs of players around the world.

Final Words

For those who love the new action, shooting, animation, and self-game arena on Google Play, the Idle Heroes Mod APK will be the perfect fit. This online game is contracted by the Android operating system, so you can rest assured. Promises to be very interesting.

Enjoyable gameplay and depth, Idle Heroes Mod Apk is definitely one of the best games worth enjoying on mobile devices. Not only the gameplay and graphics are amazing, but the game is also engaging and interesting.

As you have read in the description, this game will make you excited and satisfied. Are you ready to start a fiery match with the characters in the game? There are many quests and goals for you to complete and practice your gaming skills. You will become a formidable warrior when you try out this game.

The producer promises to improve the character, costumes, and weapons to suit the players more.

Thank you for reading!

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