Heroes Charge MOD APK 2.1.410 (Unlimited Money)

Heroes Charge MOD APK 2.1.410 (Unlimited Money)

May 23, 2024

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Heroes Charge poster

Heroes Charge comes with 2D images in a cartoon style and many colors, character images designed toward Chibi are funny and lovely. Thanks to that, the game easily attracts gamers with just the first look. Besides, the game challenges are diverse, with many tracks suitable for each situation.

The matches in Heroes Charge take place on the same screen display. They allow players to choose the automatic mode or use the skill of each character. Also, players can immediately end the match that they have ever experienced.

You can use this mode to increase experience points and earn more gold and useful items. Players in Heroes Charge also have some other features like current role-playing games such as PvE and PVP.

The highlight and attraction of Heroes Charge lie in the general equipment upgrade system. When the player earns enough character costumes, you can upgrade the hero with better stats than the original. With this system, you will not have to waste the outdated outfits but can completely reuse them to upgrade characters.

It collects your primary tasks, summons, and trains heroes. Also, you can gather teammates, power up your heroes, and destroy enemies in thrilling and fast-paced games. More than a hundred quests on the main storyline are waiting for you to conquer. Which heroes will you choose?

General Information

Hero Charge is a mobile game with a unique horizontal screen turn-based gameplay. At first glance, the heroes in the game are fighting in the form of auto-fighting. But later, the game’s strategy will be clear when the outcome of the match depends entirely on the player’s mindset.

Upon entering the game next to Admiral, it will provide players with two other default heroes Emberstar and Leaves Shadow from the original two free chests. After the first moves and completing the rookie quest sequence, two heroes Chaplain and Lightning Master will join the roster. These five basic heroes will accompany gamers until they open a chest worth 288 diamonds.

The first stage in Heroes Charge is relatively easy. Some primary stages require the player to need a bit of calculating reasonable skill if they want to reach three stars. Hero Admiral will be the major key in the original basic squad with his skill to stun and destroy the enemy’s skills.

With this lineup, players should focus on raising skills for heroes with AoE skills like Emberstar, Lightning Master, or Admiral to overcome easily. Besides, Chaplain is useful with his whole squad healing skill, which is an impressive skill that made Chaplain favored by many players until later. As for Leaves Shadow, he is a strong late hero. He focuses on raising skill number two with the ability to slow opponents and a high crit rate.

Upon completion of chapter two, gamers switch to the Elite map. It is a special sub-version with the heroes identical to the normal version but it significantly increases their strength. With this add-on, the player will spend more than twice but will receive the Hero’s Soul. It is the material used to upgrade the hero and recruit new heroes. Also, the quest chain from Elite will help players upgrade Leaves Shadow to two stars with precious Soul rewards.

How to Play Heroes Charge?

Thanks to the character design based on the generals in Dota and cleverly combined with the hot action role-playing genre on mobile devices, Heroes Charge is turning into a phenomenon on both Android and iOS in recent times. If you are a huge fan of Dota, Heroes Charge will be a splendid choice to relax after intense battles that require intense concentration.

Heroes Charge is very suitable for entertainment during breaks and free time. However, you can play the game online, so there is also a lot of content for players to explore, and indispensable for ratings. The following section will show some tips to help gamers play Heroes Charge more efficiently, even though they have little time.

Heroes Charge screen 0

The first stage: focusing on the squad level up

If you are a newbie in action or role-playing games, many players always wonder a lot of things like how to level up fast? How to upgrade the strength of the character? Where to make money? Which one to focus on first? In Heroes Charge, the thing to focus on and from the beginning is to level up.

They divide Heroes Charge into two types of levels, level of the character and level of the squad. What you need to focus on is the level of the lineup. Every time your squad levels up, you will get a lot of benefits such as increasing potency limit and increasing the character’s level limit.

By reaching a certain level, you will open some features to plow money and items much faster. At least when you focus on leveling up the squad to 30, you can open the Crusade feature, which is the largest gold mine in Heroes Charge.

Daily Event is priority

So how do you level up for a fast squad? The answer is to prioritize daily events. You do not have to work hard to plow. If you have a little time to play, focus on doing daily tasks. These goals are almost limitless and will be self-completed each time we pass a certain level.

Daily Events are something worth considering when playing. These events bring a lot of experience to the squad. They are easy and quick to complete. So, priority stamina for daily tasks.

There is one thing to note in Heroes Charge, you can get stamina every time you level up your squad or get free from the Daily Event. But sometimes your client’s stamina is still full. So the question posed is, will the stamina you win only reach the limit, and do you lose the excess stamina? Many players will try to play until they almost run out of stamina and then get 60 stamina for free to avoid losing unjustly the excess stamina, but it’s unnecessary. If the stamina after being increased exceeds the limit, you will still receive enough, only the stamina will not heal.

Completing Elite levels to get the reward

After completing the daily quests and you still have enough stamina, continue with the next priority for the Elite levels. We can only play each level in the Elite three times per day. Each time costs up to 12 stamina, which is not a small number. So, focus on the gameplay with rewards is the soul fragments of the hero.

In Heroes Charge, there are two ways to summon a hero, open chest, or collect soul fragments. And the ability to open chests to generals is very low. So be patient to collect soul fragments every day. This job is very arduous because on average, with three elite levels, you only get one soul fragment.

The stronger hero requires more summoned souls. The lowest is 10 shards, and the highest is 80. Also, each Elite screen gives the soul of a different hero, so you cannot ramble. Just focus on the champion that customers need for your squad.

Note that these soul fragments are used to strengthen, and with each evolution, the champion gains one star. Prioritize soul civets to champions already in the roster and champions that need to be. A little suggestion is that you can find souls of Ice Mage, Savage One, Lightning Elemental, and Wind Master. Those are the generals with very strong skills.

Each hero in Heroes Charge has six item slots. When you promote all this equipment fully, you can promote it to the hero. However, someone will wonder if the equipment is enchanting. Each time, the character promotes stronger when you do not enhance the equipment. The answer is no.

If we enhance the item after promoting, we will still lose the item. But it will compensate you as a sum for the enhancement of the item. However, this compensation will not be equal to the cost when you enchant the items.

Heroes Charge screen 2

PVP mode

You can compete with other players in the Arena. With each winning match, they will promote you. And depending on the rank jump, you will get a fair amount of gems. Also, each day, the system will award an honorable reward based on the current rank.

There is only one little trick in selecting opponents, which is to find out which opponent has a high rank but low power score. The balance between these two factors, if you win, the rank will rise quite a lot.

Special Features

Equipment upgrades

Here, you can upgrade your equipment stats by sacrificing unused items. Denote that when promoted, we add only base stats of the new item to the hero, and they do not add upgraded stats. So, when you first play, do not waste money and gear to upgrade equipment, save them for the time needed.

Heroes Charge screen 3


When joining the guild, there will be many activities you need to pay attention to such as playing side raids to get rare equipment, honoring the clan to get more meat, or buying at the state store. You can hire a member of your clan every day.

It is a tremendous advantage to complement the lack of a squad, helping you get through the game’s tough gates more easily. So, try to hire the strongest and best match for your squad. You can also let other members hire your hero to make more money.

In a guild, there is a guarding feature. You can put two of your generals in a guard position to earn money based on the hero’s stats and watch time. Also, other people in the guild can hire your guard to assist them in the fighting.

Denote that the others cannot hire a hero with a level higher than their team level. So, if you want to make money, please pay attention to the level of the hero you want to hire is equal to or lower than the team level of the common ground in the guild. Commonly, hired generals are mostly tankers such as Brute, Warchief, and Death Knight. Also, fully upgrade the skills and equipment for the hired general.

Knight’s information

It contains all information about the champions possessing and summoning. Clicking on a champion will give you specific stats, skill information, equipment, and the ability to promote stars. Clicking on each skill will appear in describing the effect of that skill. We should pay attention to those items with insufficient grafting components. You can press the element directly to know where to find it.

Heroes Charge screen 1

Warehouse equipment

A place to gather information about all equipment, items, and the spirit. You also need to go here if you want to use the exp for the hero. Used to pair complete equipment components, like in DotA style. This function is unnecessary because you can completely pair items in the general equipment information section.

Main mission line

It contains information about the requirements and the rewards of the main coastline. These requirements are merely in overcoming as many subs-versions as possible, having as many champions as possible, upgrading champions and items as high as possible, etc. In short, it’s just getting stronger.

There is information about the requirements and rewards of the daily quests. Every day you need to take part fully in all activities of the game if you want to receive all the daily rewards. Denote that if you do not receive the rewards, you will lose them and cannot receive them again. Also on the time frames, you will have 60 free meat. Please try to log into the game during these hours to receive rewards.

Each time you complete a submap it will reward you with a certain amount of gold beside the rewards of the main quest line and daily quests. Although the amount of gold earned from these activities is not large, try to use up your meat if possible. You will have a steady income each day.

Since its launch, Idle Heroes exploded, causing the gaming community to wobble constantly. The game was consistently in the top game with the highest revenue and defeated the opponent with the same strategy. The father of Idle Heroes is the famous game creator, DH GAMES. This breakthrough has helped manufacturers reap dozens of tremendous bargains from favorite gamers.

Idle Heroes is a tactical battle floor. With attractive graphics, the difficulty of each screen is constantly increasing, making many brothers more excited when taking part. Compared with the series of games, Idle Heroes has many unique advantages.

When you update the game version constantly, it releases many interesting events. DHGAMES’ biological developer knows very well to grasp the psychology of gamers who love their children. There are always new Heroes born with so many ideal items and gifts.

Idle Heroes provides a chat panel system to help players communicate. Not only make friends here, but you can also observe, refer to the strong and weak lineup from other pro gamers. From there, you will have more tactics and experience playing effective Idle Heroes. Rated as a diversified strategy game, Idle Heroes is a unique environment for promoting gamers’ intelligence.

Final Words

Heroes Charge is a multi-player game that differs from the canons of the battle arena genre. The fact is that in mobile applications, it would be difficult to carry out multiplayer battles in which several people could take part at the same time. Therefore, the mechanics here are slightly different, but still, involve interaction with other players.

Another difference in this design from standard MOBA games is the ability to outdo it. It comprises many areas. We can complete each of them with three, two, or one star. So, try to succeed and find out everything you can in the game itself.

You can pass the level, even if you have won a star. But you will miss many interesting points about the project. How to prevent this? For this, you need a guide. Heroes Charge is not a game in which you can describe the passage as it comprises many similar arenas where similar battles take place. But you can give some tips that will facilitate the transition for you.

Heroes Charge MOD APK cannot go through that level for you. So, if you are stuck and have tried all the possibilities, then you will have only one option. It is cheating. There are no such codes for the game, but you can download a special program that will give you an unlimited supply of gold and gems. With the help of this program, you can find a way out in any situation.

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