Heroic Magic Duel APK 2.1.7

Heroic Magic Duel APK 2.1.7

April 29, 2021


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Heroic Magic Duel is a real-time online strategy game where you try to destroy your opponent’s main house with multiple units of troops and powerful spells. The opponent will try to do the same with your main house, so a balanced formation between attack and defense is of utmost importance. Heroic Magic Duel takes you to a fantasy world filled with weird monsters and powerful magic.

It divides battlefields in Heroic Magic Duel into three major roads for you to deploy your army. As in Heroic Magic Duel and other games in this genre, a card represents each of your units with a certain number of mana points. The stronger your unit is, the more mana it will take to cast it.

In Heroic Magic Duel, you can unlock over 20 different creatures. Each feature comes with its state of health, strength, attack, speed, and more. You can also add to these values ​​by leveling up with champion shards you collect while playing. Besides collecting and improving your units, you can also unlock more heroes.

Each of these heroes has a skill set with unique spells, opening up a multitude of possibilities in combat thanks to them. Heroic Magic Duel is a strategy game with fast gameplay and fun graphics. It also has great graphics and tons of units, heroes, and spells to unlock and level up.

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General Information

Heroic Magic Duel is a real-time strategy game developed by Nordeus, which is famous for Top Eleven soccer simulation games. This game will fascinate you with stunning fantasy-style graphics, a breathtaking arena, and a comprehensive collection of heroes, minions, and magic.

The villain Azuhul has awakened and kidnapped one of our heroes. You will enter the dungeon to prepare weapons, practice skills, then team up with your clan to capture the last boss holding Alayna captive. In the game, you need to collect, upgrade, and grow your Minions and spells army to increase your hero’s attack power when taking part in the harsh PVP battles of Heroic Magic Duel.

Discover and unlock new characters throughout the journey. Each feature comes with its unique skills and powers. Choose the warrior that best suits your style of play so you can defeat all opponents around the world. In Heroic Magic Duel, players can master their favorite heroes or challenge all diverse characters.

There are three units you can place on the battlefield. First are minions. They are a group of relatively weak units. Then, there are many powerful heroes and finally are the spells that you can use to inflict massive damage on your opponents. In each match, gamers will learn new things about gameplay, like how to use spells, upgrade units, unlock new heroes, and minions. It divides spells and effects into five groups, classified according to the properties of spells and heroes.

Warriors in the game Heroic Magic Duel including Ruul, Valen, Terrin Rhu, Noella, and Alayna. Each of them represents a distinct form of magic and possesses unique skills and characteristics. When you win, you will unlock additional features to help your heroes grow stronger.

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How to Play Heroic Magic Duel?

Heroic Magic Duel is a great real-time multiplayer strategy game. Your goal is to destroy your opponent’s principal home with massive combat force and powerful magic. Heroic Magic Duel is a fierce PVP strategy game for those who like thrills and immerse themselves in the competition. The game is also suitable for those who are not afraid to face difficulties but also feel excited when a new challenge comes out.

As noted above, each player’s goal in the game is to destroy the opponent’s main house first. Therefore, the balance between attack and defense is very important. Protect your main house while pulling troops to destroy the enemy base. It divides the battlefield in Heroic Magic Duel into three main lanes for players to deploy their soldiers.

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Like Clash Royale and every other game of the same genre, each hero has his skills and fighting style. You will recruit, upgrade, and strengthen magic and mighty Minions. Then, build a deck to match your playing style and climb the leaderboards as you crush each enemy’s main house straight. Finally, you will proceed to the legendary arena.

But do not forget to create or join a guild, as even the most powerful heroes cannot raid epic bosses alone. Get rewards from PVE events to power your heroes and bring invincible armies to PVP battles. Finally, do not let Heroic Magic Duels stunning graphics fool you.

It is not art, but absolute chaos. Use the cards wisely. Combine decks of Minions with extraordinary shields. And choose high damage Minions and power them up with Fury or apply your unique tactics. It all depends on the player’s choice. Overcome your opponents in dramatic three-minute battles. Get ready to enjoy the sound of crashing as your opponent’s main house is destroyed.

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AFK Arena is a card role-playing game set in the ancient kingdom of Esperia bearing the mark of Celtic mythology. Transformed into a medieval hero, you will embark on a journey to destroy the devil with the companionship of characters from many classes. As the AFK Arena description states, you just hang up and your squad is still working hard to fight, kill monsters and bring back many rewards, even new generals.

AFK Arena has 65 generals from seven factions including Celestials – Gods, Hypogeans – Hells, Lightbringer – Lightbearers, Maulers – Beasts, Wilders – Foresters, Graveborn – Mummies and Dimensionals – Heroes Dimensional. There is a similar law among the factions, which is the Mummy carving the Light-Bearer, the Light-bearer carving the Beast-Man, the Beast-Man carving the Forest-Man and the Forest-Man carved the Mummy. And the two Divine factions are mutually compatible. Any faction will not affect dimension Heroes.

They divide the generals into three levels, including ascending, legendary, and often. At the ascension level, the generals will hold one of five roles of Tank, Warrior, Archer, Mage, and Support. On legendary and normal levels, champions will hold two secondary and primary roles: Continuous Damage, Explosive Damage, Area of ​​Effect, Control, Tank, Support, Regeneration, and Support Reduction.

Each level will have a sweep feature, the heroes will continuously fight monsters in that level and collect items, gold coins, diamonds, and many valuable rewards. It can gain players after a while, even when offline. Gold and diamonds earned from in-game activities are used to purchase equipment, upgrade items, or summon new generals at Upper Liquor Pub.

To destroy demons is difficult, players need to upgrade their generals, especially the ascended generals. Then collect rare equipment for the general. For each level 11, 41, and 61 that a champion reaches, you will receive a new skill.


Do you think you have the qualities and skills to be a hero? Let’s prove it in the new and most attractive strategy game on Google Play with Heroic Magic Duel MOD APK. Each hero in Heroic Magic Duel possesses a unique set of magic.

You can upgrade them during gameplay. From the meteors, the magic hammer to the stiff wind, choose your favorite destructive way to create dreadful havoc in clashing enemies. Finally, master each hero or all of them.

There are many ways to prove you are a hero. Conquer the rankings of friends, local and global by winning every fight and dominating many tournaments. Defeat the opponent with tremendous damage that every attack counts.

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