Vampire’s Fall MOD APK 1.17.170 (Free Shopping)

Vampire’s Fall MOD APK 1.17.170 (Free Shopping)

November 3, 2023

Role Playing

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A vampire is a creature that usually bites living people and drinks their blood. And have you ever thought about what you will do if you become a vampire? If not, Vampire’s Fall will help you to know what the vampire can do. Vampire’s Fall is a game of the role playing genre. The game’s full name is Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG. In the game, you wandered over in a village, raised by a powerful family, and think you had the stuff to save us all. Because there is a dangerous person that is using a dark influence to destroy the village. Let’s install Vampire’s Fall now and do anything to protect the village.

Support on many different platforms

Vampire’s Fall is one of the games that has been built and developed by Early Morning Studio. Early Morning Studio was founded by Kristian Andersson and Emir Kuljanin while they were still in university in Sweden. The desire to create their own games and worlds grew. Vampire’s Fall is available on Nintendo, Microsoft Store, Steam, Google Play and App Store. So you can install the game on mobile devices and tablets that run on Operating Systems such as Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. Vampire’s Fall is also supported on computers. Vampire’s Fall is completely free on Google Play and App Store. But on Nintendo, Microsoft Store and Steam, you will have to spend less money to buy and install the game.

Besides, old – school 2D graphics are drawn completely by hand very smoothly. From villages, cities to weapons. In particular, characters are designed extremely detailed. This will bring realistic experiences for you. Moreover, the color of the game is overcast and is Medieval European style. In addition, the sound of the game is so lively. In Vampire’s Fall, you can hear the song of birds. The sound of each weapon, each method is also done extremely realistic. Furthermore, light background music is always turned on while you are playing. This will help the game to become more interesting. But if you are in a public place and you don’t disturb others, you can turn up or down sound effects and music.

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Start to fight and protect your village

Vampire’s Fall is an epic RPG that will drop the players into a full attractive open-world adventure and lets them create a name for themselves. So in the game, you can venture into enchanted forests, abandoned villages, spooky mines and prepare for battles. There are many dangers around you. A lot of monsters are waiting for you in these evil lands. They just need you to be careless, they will kill you. So think carefully when choosing between fighting with many new skills of the character or leaving when your character’s skill is quite weak. Besides, top skills and strong weapons will help you to defeat many more monsters. But you need to complete a certain mission to unlock a new skill or weapon. You also can upgrade your skills and weapons to make them stronger instead of buying a new, good weapon, but expensive.

In addition, you can customize your character’s bloodline attributes through 3 different skill trees (Control, Instinct and Might) and 14 abilities in Vampire’s Fall. Smash through shields, throw lightning bolts or perform battlefield acrobatics. You will decide everything. Create your own unique fighting style, play your way and show your skill and strength in the challenging RPG battles. In particular, you can talk to many characters in the game such as esteemed generals, random farmers and dark feared wizards. This will make your adventure more realistic.

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Special features in Vampire’s Fall

Each game will have its own features. And Vampire’s Fall also has some special features to attract and support the players. The first feature is to customize your character’s appearance. In the game, you can change 6 elements on the character. Gender, Face, Hairstyle, Hair color, Skin color and Eye color. There are a lot of options in each element. They will help you to create a unique character for yourself. Besides, the game also allows you to choose the human lineage for the character. There are 4 human lineages in Vampire’s Fall that you can choose. Nosferatu, Magistrav, Ranjeni, and Equides. Each human lineage will have their own rules. For example, the Nosferatu family are known for their power and cruelty. They take pride in being feared and will destroy anyone who threatens them. But the Ranjeni family are masters of deception. In battle, they often pretend to be wounded before attacking with full force. Results matter, the truth doesn’t. After you have completed creating your character and choosing the human lineage, you will name your character. A good name will help you to impress other players.

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In addition, there are up to 24 languages in Vampire’s Fall. These include English, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Ukrainian, Czech, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Arabic, Hindi, Romanian, Hungarian, Filipino, Vietnamese and Greek. They can help a lot of players in the world to understand and complete the missions of the game more quickly. You also can learn many new words through conversation with the characters. This will be very interesting. To change another language, open the Settings and select the language that you want to use. This is the second feature in the game – Support many languages.

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Two game modes

To make Vampire’s Fall more interesting, the publisher has created two game modes for you. The first mode is Offline mode. In this mode, you will perform the missions that the game has provided. The second mode is RPG Online. To play this mode, your device needs to connect to the Internet. With the RPG Online mode, you can play with other players. This allows you to meet many people from different countries in the world and even your friends. Besides, you also can make friends with them and build good relationships. In particular, the publisher also designed a Global Chat function in the game. Thanks to this function, you can talk, chat with the players in the world. Because of the things above, Vampire’s Fall has attracted a lot of players. Let’s play Vampire’s Fall, fight the evil lands and experience the surprising things that the game will bring.

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