Polygon Fantasy MOD APK 1.8.0 (No Skill CD)

Polygon Fantasy MOD APK 1.8.0 (No Skill CD)

February 17, 2024

Role Playing

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Alda Games
129.48 MB
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No Skill CD

The exciting games of RPG actions and adventures in Polygon Fantasy will allow all mobile gamers to have the most fun with their authentic Diablo-like experiences.


For those of you who are interested in the epic games of Diablo on PCs, you’ll now have the same experiences when playing this awesome mobile title of Polygon Fantasy on your mobile devices. Have fun exploring the incredible mobile game from Alda Games as you become the hero and enjoy saving the world from evils.

Dive into the awesome in-game actions with incredible action RPG gameplay that you can enjoy on the go. Play with a host of different heroes, each having their own incredible abilities and epic powers. Dive into endless challenges as you fight against monsters and enemies of different sizes and incredible powers. Have fun playing the awesome mobile title of Polygon Fantasy with your friends.

Find out more about this awesome mobile application and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

Story & Gameplay

Long ago, the world was threatened by the immortal evils that’ve corrupted its inhabitants and almost destroyed the realms. But in the darkest hours, the mighty heroes have defeated and sealed up the enemies into a distant place called the Twisted Realm. However, with the heroes can’t completely destroy the forces of evil, these enemies still manage to sneak past the smallest cracks of the seal and continue influencing the worlds up until now.

And eventually, the forces of evils have made their comebacks. And now, the entire realm is once again threatened by the evils that once gloom their world. It’s time for new heroes to emerge and defeat the forces of evils once and for all. And you’ll have the chance to become the hero in this epic apocalyptic world. Defeat monsters and enemies of various origins and unique powers. Take on giant dragons and other dangerous creatures in your epic boss battles. And enjoy the most captivating stories while playing the game.

Enjoy enjoyable combats and exciting actions with the intuitive touch controls and optimized elements in Polygon Fantasy. Dive into the exciting and enjoyable single-player campaigns in the game. Explore the multiple heroes with incredible powers and interesting mechanics. Have your own companions to help you along the way.

Explore the different items and equipment to customize and enhance your in-game experiences. Have fun working with different weapons to customize your fighting mechanics. Enjoy crafting your items in the game. Enjoy the epic PvP actions with friends and online gamers. Explore the awesome dungeon raids and leaderboard challenges. The list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple controls and customizable UI

To start with, Polygon Fantasy gamers will find themselves having the most fun with the simple controls and exciting ARPG mechanics in the game, which will allow you to really experience the most incredible diablo-like gameplay on your mobile devices. Enjoy working with the adaptive touch controls and gesture interactions that are optimized for your in-game experiences.

Fans of the classic Diablo-like RPG games will have themselves all the great mechanics that make the franchise so exciting. Have fun fighting against hordes of enemies using your incredible abilities. Enjoy the most epic hack n’ slash mechanics. Explore the diverse characters and different items. All of which will make Polygon Fantasy a lot more exciting.

Plus, with the customizable controls now available in the game, you can always have the most fun playing Polygon Fantasy on your mobile devices. Here, the customizable elements let you change how your character behaves in the game and customize your interactions. Allow the heroes to auto target the nearest enemies and those with the lowest or highest HP. Enable or disable the auto-attack option toward the same enemies or all targets. Use the Auto-pickup feature to make sure that you won’t have to go through the troubles of selecting individual items. Have controls over your companion’s special attacks to make better uses of them.

And feel free to adjust the UI however you want, while playing the game. From disabling the helmets during cutscenes and enabling damage numbers to customizing the camera, showing FPS, and more. The various settings will allow you to have the best UI when playing the game.

Dive into the extended single-player campaign

With the epic single-player campaign being available, Polygon Fantasy gamers can now have the most fun playing their favorite ARPG game on the go. With 4 different story acts that will take you through many adventures and endless actions, together with the vast and diverse environments, the game will keep you hooked to your in-game experiences for hours on end. Find yourself traveling the lands to explore the lush forests, take on the deep dungeon challenges, venture through the deserts, and even into the forbidden realm of the twisted. Always enjoy the senses of adventures in the game.

Captivating stories to enjoy

And to make sure that you can enjoy your in-game campaigns, Polygon Fantasy will feature its captivating storyline with incredible twists and unexpected progressions. Find yourself exploring the lands of Polygon Fantasy and its epic stories that are being toll. Discover the many charming characters, each having their own roles in the stories. Here, the interesting dialogues and cool cutscenes will keep you hooked to your in-game experiences for hours on end.

Unique heroes with interesting playstyles

And as mentioned, the game will allow you to play with a variety of different heroes, each having their own unique traits and abilities. Have fun exploring their many skills and in-game mechanics, which will allow you to enjoy different play styles and interesting in-game interactions. Here, with 10 different heroes that can rival the likes of Blade Bound and RAID Shadow Legends, Polygon Fantasy gamers can have fun playing the ARPG gameplay in many ways.

Choose your Necromancer if you wish to play with the undead. Unlock the Rogue to have fun attacking the enemies with bows and guns. Make uses of the awesome Warrior so you can enjoy charging into the enemies. Play as the Wizard to unlock incredible spells to blast the enemies and heal your allies. Have fun with your shapeshifting experiences as the Twisted One. The list goes on.

Always enjoy the most diverse and flexible gameplay of Polygon Fantasy with your heroes. And even have yourself more customizations as you progress in the game. Thanks to the available character upgrades and items.

Have your companions along the way

For those of you who are interested, you can now have your trusted companions joining you in your journeys. Never find yourself being alone in your Polygon Fantasy adventures, as you’re now accompanied by bands of heroes, each having their own abilities and powers that can assist you in your quests. Thus, making the RPG actions a lot more dynamic and exciting.

Awesome items to loot and equip

And to make the game more interesting, Polygon Fantasy will now feature many awesome items that you can simply loot and equip on your heroes. Make the most of the powerful armors and shields to protect yourself from enemy attacks. Use the swift boots to speed up your movements. And unlock other items and accessories with their various utilities. Not to mention that the exciting mobile title will feature items with different rarities. Thus, motivating you to look for those of the highest tiers to equip on your characters.

Different weapons for various fighting styles

For those of you who are interested, you can enjoy working with the different weapons with various fighting styles in Polygon Fantasy. Feel free to explore the game and get yourself new weapons. Equip them on your characters so you can start exploring different fighting styles and have the most fun with the in-game actions.

Many enemies with varying mechanics

Along with the various characters and gameplay elements, Polygon Fantasy will also offer different enemies with varying traits and stats to keep you engaged in the experiences. Have fun playing the action gameplay where you can take on beasts, monsters, humanoids, demons, and dragons of all sizes and difficulties. Thus, allowing you to always have the most fun with your in-game experiences.

Enjoy the epic crafting system

Along with the looting system, Polygon Fantasy also provides the awesome crafting system, in which Polygon Fantasy gamers can enjoy crafting their own items and weapons that they can then equip. Have fun exploring the awesome mobile title and having fun with your crafts to make the most of the in-game experiences.

Epic dungeon raids and leaderboard challenges

For those of you who are interested, you can also enjoy the endless dungeon raids and exciting leaderboard challenges instead of only playing the campaigns. Have fun exploring the challenges and earn yourself many cool loots. And also have the chances to compete against friends and the best RPG gamers in Polygon Fantasy.

Have fun with the seasonal PvP leagues and events

At the same time, the seasonal PvP leagues will be available for the skilled gamers to compete and have more fun playing their RPG title. Here, you can show off your skills and powerful heroes to the world, as you take on awesome battles in the PvP arenas against other players. Enjoy exciting competitions and cool rewards when playing the leagues. Not to mention that the many limited-time events and rewards in the game will always impress you.

Available in many different languages

Here in Polygon Fantasy, Android gamers will have the option to play their mobile game in different languages of English, Cezch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and more. The different options make the game extremely accessible and intuitive on all your devices.

Sign in to unlock more features

Although guest accounts are supported in the game, Polygon Fantasy gamers are highly recommended to connect to their Google account for more features. Here, you can have the online saves and syncs enabled, which will allow you to connect the game on all your mobile devices without troubles.

Free to play

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free version of Polygon Fantasy on the Google Play Store without paying for their downloads. Just keep in mind that the freemium game will have forced ads and in-game purchases that might bother you.

Have access to our free mod

And last but not least, if you’re interested in the free version of Polygon Fantasy but don’t want the ads or limited features, you can always get the modified version of the game on our website instead. Here, we offer the modded gameplay of Polygon Fantasy with removed ads and No Skill CD. Thus, allow you to always have the most fun with your in-game experiences. Simply download the Polygon Fantasy Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


With Polygon Fantasy, Android gamers can enjoy the awesome in-game graphics with amazing 3D environments, beautiful characters, incredible visual effects, smooth animations, and more. Plus, the customizable settings will allow you to freely adjust your in-game graphics accordingly. Choose to work with different graphics quality in the game to match your preferences. Adjust the framerate cap, down sampling, and many other settings. All of which will allow you to have the most fun with the game.

Sound & Music

Together with interesting graphics, Polygon Fantasy also features beautiful soundtracks and immersive sound effects, which will allow you to always have the most fun with your in-game experiences.

Final thoughts

Enjoy hours of addictive and exciting ARPG gameplay in Polygon Fantasy, as you dive into the in-game worlds and have fun exploring its many elements as you progress. Discover the exciting single-player campaign, enjoy the epic PvP challenges, or have fun with the unique events. The vast experiences in Polygon Fantasy will always keep you hooked to the game for hours on end.

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