Grimvalor MOD APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Grimvalor MOD APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Direlight Unlimited Money/Unlocked

Grimvalor is a mobile action role-playing game that combines intense combat, clever puzzles, and a dark, immersive world.


Take up arms and join the adventure of a female hero through the hardship of the post-apocalyptic Vallaris. Enjoy the exciting hack n’ slash platformer gameplay in this epic game from Direlight. Find out more about Grimvalor with our reviews.


Long has the darkness reigned over the forgotten kingdom of Vallaris, its civilizations and humanity are already forgotten, cast into the flow of time. However, there have been some malicious activities happening across the borders. It is suspected that the evils are attempting another attack on the human’s realm.

Being a prominent warrior, you’re tasked to investigate the incidents as well as the fate of the lost king of Vallaris. Before you know it, you’re caught into conflicts with the forces of darkness whom you were never a friend of.

Thus begin your journey through the realm of darkness, pick up your swords and blast off everything that stands in your way. Venture the lands of Vallaris as you slowly discover more and more secrets.


The game lets you immerse into to the exciting and thrilling hack n’ slash gameplay where you can go against bunches of approaching enemies. Make uses of your incredible jumping and dodging skills to evade their attacks. And at the same time, perform epic combos to release powerful attacks at the enemies. Find out more about its amazing features here:

1 single purchase for all the accessible contents

To be able to enjoy all the exciting gameplay of Grimvalor, players are only required to make a single purchase for all the accessible content. After that, you can enjoy your favorite game without being disturbed by in-app purchase or whatsoever.

Experience a total of 5 exciting acts which consist of epic combats, rewarding missions, thrilling actions, and lots of discoverable elements.

Optimized touch controls

To make the game suitable for the touch-screen control, the creators at Direlight have introduced a combined gesture and touch control allowing gamers to totally immerse themselves into the experiences.

On top of that, for those who’re still unsatisfied with the current setup, there are also the customizable touch controls which allow you to position the buttons and reset the controls to your liking.

Enjoy convenient experiences with your gamepad

Still, if you think that the touchscreen isn’t enough to satisfy your need for action. The game also features support for Android game controllers. That being said, whenever you want to enjoy Grimvalor, it will take only a few seconds for you to connect to your gamepad.

Take on giant monsters

To make the game more interesting, you’ll be going against some of the toughest and most devious monsters. It would require time and skill for you to able to pull things off. In additions, there are also giant bosses at the end of the stages which aren’t to be taken lightly. Make sure you have what it takes to deal with these epic bosses.

Power up your character

As you progress further into the game, you’ll have to deal with larger and more powerful monsters which require you to be more capable to deal with. In Grimvalor, there are two ways to make your character more capable. Either you have to improve your skills and be more responsive to the gameplay or you’ll have to enhance the strengths of your character, making her more powerful.

With each monster being slain, you’ll earn experiences and money. Use the experiences to level up your character and power up her skills. This would allow you to release more devastating attacks to the enemies.

In additions, you can use the earned money to purchase new items and gears from the merchant – your only friend in this dark world. Use the equipment to boost your stats.

Never lose your progress

For most players, we tend to forget about saving our games while we’re playing, especially with this amazing game of Grimvalor. That being said, you can lose your whole game progress if you don’t remember to save your game.

To aid gamers with this, the creators at Direlight have also introduced the reminder feature which would tell you to save every once in a while. On top of that, you can turn on the Play Saved Games feature to upload your saves to your online drive and play between different devices.

Play the game without the Internet connection

We’re not always able to have access to the Internet while we’re playing our games. And even if we do, spending your expensive data just to play some online games don’t seem like a good option.

With Grimvalor, you can download the whole game and enjoy the exciting gameplay completely offline. Hence, you can play your game whenever you’re outside and doesn’t have a good internet connection, perfect for commutes.

Enjoy the first act for free

And not like those game publishers that require users to purchase their products first before they could experience it. Grimvalor allows players to download and install the game at a completely free cost. In additions, you can play the first act without having to pay anything.

And if you decide that you like the game and want to continue enjoying it, you can then purchase the next acts with a single purchase for all the available contents.

But if the game isn’t what you’ve expected, you can choose to delete it and forget about buying the rest of the game. No harm has been done.

Visual and sound quality


For those who’re looking for a realistic and beautiful 3D platformer, Grimvalor is certainly a great choice. Stunning graphics with impressive visual effects, combined with the simple and intuitive side-scrolling gameplay, you’ll have a great time enjoying the stages of Grimvalor.

Each level is carefully designed with lots of exciting elements. You’ll find the monsters and enemies extremely responsive and active, not like most other half-made titles where you’re left with dull character designs.


In additions, the powerful soundtracks also add up to your experiences as they enhance your moods, allowing you to truly immersed into the world of Grimvalor. Enjoy fighting large monsters, jumping and dashing around while releasing powerful attacks. The accurate sound effects would make you feel like you’re playing the game in real life.

Final verdict

For the platformer fans who’re looking for a worthy title that they could play on their Android devices whenever they’re out, Grimvalor is probably an incredible game that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Great stories involving a forgotten land, mysterious characters, lots of monsters, what more can you expect from a simple hack n’ slash title.

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Mohammad Rafi Momin's gravatar

It stuck on fragments. When we able to upgrade aur weapons

Charlie's gravatar

Pls is act 2 now available

Refuza's gravatar

It cant go to act 2 or 3 and other, when i play it in new game in act one smooth af until i meet the boss and the fragment isnt there.. then stuck at act one.. well.. hopelly you fix it

Neill's gravatar

It is not unlimited money

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