DRAGON SLAYER MOD APK 1.1.2 (Unlimited Money)

DRAGON SLAYER MOD APK 1.1.2 (Unlimited Money)

August 8, 2020


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Dragon Slayer belongs to the category of a spectacular fighting game with the help of magic. In particular, the player will have to fight and collect a series of dangerous dragon epic maps. You will experience lively sound effects and epic storylines. Dragon Slayer will offer players amazing experiences throughout the fascinating dragon hunt.

In particular, they shape Dragon Slayer in an anime style that is the strength of X-Legend. The game content will easily penetrate the hearts of players, including the Aura Kingdom and Eden Eternal have achieved success thanks to the trend.

It has a unique design and exciting gameplay. Dragon Slayer will take players into a world with the existence of dragons, one of the dominant animals in the game, with their strength. The characters will have to complete challenging beasts and bring about attractive rewards.

General Information

After the Eden Eternal game’s success and, most recently, Aura Kingdom, Taiwanese NSX – X-Legend has just revealed five new projects for 2014. The first two are in the game client category. The other three products follow the free game movement.

The representative of X-Legend said that the company would continue to maintain the pure game-manga style, X-Legend’s opening project called Dragon Slayer. This product focuses on the PvE feature. Taking part, players may choose from dozens of weapons in their journey with a companion named “Pupuri”. Like the pet in the MMORPG series, Pupuri has the function of collecting items, setting traps, attacks, and many other support skills.

Dragon Slayer has many similarities with Monster Hunter Online. First, the monsters in the game are giant. To defeat monsters, the player must climb on their heads or backs, launching fatal attacks before being knocked down. Second, after each monster hunt, the reward comprises the NPC’s fragments, skin, and bones, which can be put into weapons like Monster Hunter.

Unlike the earlier Dragon Slayer, the second product from the X-Legend house has the alias Project E. Apart from the haphazard project name. Project E has revealed nothing other than pet image formats.

For the remaining three mobile game products, the information is even more obscure than X-Legend with only three colorful posters. Although the structure of this 5-game series is still unclear, the world players are entirely satisfied and have high hopes for the X-Legend game’s Japanese style.


The Gameplay of Dragon Slayer

Main Tasks

Last summer, publisher X-Legend Entertainment officially opened Alpha Test for its new online game called Dragon Slayer. The gameplay in Dragon Slayer is like Capcom Monster Hunter’s famous offline game series when focusing on PvE elements.

Discovering unknown lands, destroying monsters to gain experience, gold coins, and especially materials to make items can be considered the primary activity in the game. Through taking quests from the NPCs scattered around the city, players will move to specific locations to kill monsters.

Quests are accepted at different NPCs and distributed based on time. At each different timeline, players will receive various missions. The auto-find feature is built in so that players can hurry to the task’s location, but there will be no auto-hit feature that players will have to control the character directly.


Character Controls

The fighting style in Dragon Slayer goes towards pure non-target action. The cute chibi-style character design that comes with the Dragon Slayer action genre may make players think of the famous game Dragon Nest. But it has improved this game with additional features and graphics.

Besides launching hotkey skills, the character can perform other moves such as dodging, jumping, and jumping twice to get over the terrain. These movements make Dragon Slayer’s gameplay more exciting and funny.

After leveling up, players will receive skill and potential points. Players will add points as they like. In particular, at each different time, gamers can reset their scoreboard to increase as they want for strength indicators such as Str, HP, Def, and Crit.


Extra Items

As mentioned above, the hunt for monsters helps the character collect rare items depending on the monster’s difficulty.

The items that can be collected include materials to make equipment, gemstones to be encrusted, empowering stuff, or even eggs that players can pet, and play by themselves.

Besides, after destroying each type of monster, the player will own that pet as their mount.

Special Features

Player’s Reviews

Let’s listen to the reviewer’s small talk about this new game. Although GLU games are still relatively anticipated, game companies are too special to not focus on exploring new game models.

The complete game looks like a dragon version of the glory of blood. Turn the previous fighting objects into various dragons. Even the operation is the same. However, the 3D buying point of game companies is beyond the reach of some game companies. The 3D effect picture card of this song game is perfect for you. It may be a plus point.

The player has no intention of complaining about it but has expressed the voice of many mobile game parties. To say that playing a game is always a mode, this is nothing to expect from this game company.

Sound and Effects

This game has more mainstream virtual operation now, and the player does not have too many buttons in it. It is just watching the dragon’s reaction and making corresponding actions to resist.

Players and friends can complete continuous attacks by quickly swiping the screen whenever they make an effective dodge action. Yoxi will give players different levels of rewards after the battle. They are mainly based on rubies and battle potions. However, after the trial, we feel that it limits the game in difficulty. We believe the players proficient in this play can quickly deal with it.

The content page of the game is relatively simple. There are two settings of “protective cover” and “raid” in the play. The protective cover can resist fresh attacks of the dragon. But there is a specific time limit; a surprise attack can force players and friends to enter the continuous attack mode, causing a lot of damage to the dragon.

What is more innovative is the setting of “moment of rage”? Every time you successfully make an effective dodge action in the game, you will have a perfect chance to enter the “rage moment” mode. In this mode, the player’s damage to the dragon can be tons of cost.


  1. Dragon Slayer is a refreshing cutting mobile game. The game style is simple and not fancy;
  2. There are many levels in the game, and each level has its characteristics, which will never make the player feel dull and full of freshness;
  3. The difficulty of the game will escalate with the level, and this challenge also inspires players to go further, don’t give up lightly;
  4. There are various exciting props in the game, which can help players overcome danger and pass levels in times of crisis;

Overall Evaluation

Game Quality

Through the last Alpha Test, Dragon Slayer received positive feedback from the players. The game offers beautiful graphics and bold gameplay, but the number of characters is quite limited. It does not bring many choices for gamers.

Therefore, besides the four characters: Warrior, Wizard, Cleric, and Ranger, in the next version, X-Legend will add a fifth class called Samurai. The unknown figure is detailed and possesses a unique set of skills.

At level 30, he will be equipped with Tachi and Dual Halberd weapons – only for the Samurai class. Both weapons can create AOE damage and tremendous violence.

X-Legend actively invites a team of professional voice actors who have taken part in in-game projects such as Naruto, Ika Musume, Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, No No Life. Therefore, Dragon Slayer will no longer be a rough RPG game.

Besides exciting audio cut-outs, they voice NPC from there to help gamers learn the plot faster instead of reading the small words that appear on the screen. This update will be called Hunter Hero in combination with operation with Japanese servers, pushing the Closed Beta period of Dragon Slayer closer to international gamers.


Operating System

This game uses a virtual button operation method. Players and friends do not need any problematic operations in the game. They only need to observe the response of the dragon to take corresponding actions.

The whole game process feels like a replica of “Endless Sword”. Besides, there is also a “continuous attack” judgment during the game. Players and friends can complete continuous attacks by quickly swiping the screen whenever they make an effective evasion action.

After each battle, the game will randomly give different rewards based on the player’s performance. Most of the rewarded items are experience points and silver coins, but if you are lucky, you will get rubies and battle potions.

There is a “Double Now” in the battle reward interface, so they double it. However, because the game’s difficulty is minimal, I believe that players can handle it without duplicating.

Graphics and Designs

One attraction of this game is its exquisite picture quality. The dragon model in the game is gorgeous. The fierce expression and vast body are impressive. The small dragon scales on the broad wings undulate every movement of the dragon, and detail is breathtaking.

The game scene is relatively large. The snow-capped mountains and floating clouds in the sky make the scene more layered, and the visual impact is significant. The background music of the game is magnificent, and the exciting rhythm is exciting.

The sound effects of the battle are also more realistic, and the angry roar of the dragon makes people change their voices and feels very substituting. However, the shortcomings are also clear. Too repetitive and mechanical sound effects will numb people and reduce the sense of presence during a long game.


Dragon Slayer game content is not too much, the gameplay is relatively old-fashioned, but the elements are vibrant. There are two settings of “protective shield” and “raid” in the game.

The protective shield can resist the dragon’s different attack methods, but there is a specific time limit. The raid can force players and friends to enter the continuous attack mode to give the dragon Cause a lot of damage.

What is more innovative is the setting of “moment of rage”? Every time you successfully make an effective dodge action in the game, you will have a perfect chance to enter the “rage moment” mode. In this mode, the player’s damage to the dragon can be tons of cost.

App Alternative: GrimValor

If you love action role-playing games, it is easy for you to realize that the world in GrimValor has many similarities with the legendary seniors. The design style of Dark Souls, the atmosphere of Diablo 2, the platform gameplay, looks similar to Castlevania.

However, GrimValor also has unique characteristics combined to create its unique dark world.

GrimValor is an excellent action role-playing game well suited for mobile entertainment. A game worth playing, especially if you are a player who likes action-adventure games. Finnish developer Direlight sells the game on iOS for $6.99.

For Android users, you can download and play the first chapter before you have to decide whether to buy all the remaining sections. GrimValor is worth every penny you spend.

Final Words

Dragon Slayer MOD APK is a 3D online game in the MMORPG genre with a fighting theme developed by X-Legend Entertainment in Taiwan. The game has an excellent graphics platform, follows the cute Q-style, Japanese anime style combined with new gameplay content.

Dragon Slayer is a classic adventure mobile game. The dragon once again captures the princess. The brave knight will embark on the journey of slaying the dragon. It is a thrilling and exciting adventure in Dragon Slayer.

In the game, players will slide as many screens as possible to cut the dragon, but be careful of the princess who occasionally appears and doesn’t accidentally injure her. There will be various magical items in the battle to help you fight more powerfully.

The game allows people to recruit dragons or monsters as their pets. The game has opened its doors in Taiwan and has an English version for international gamers.

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